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My Little Psychic…

April 30, 2008

I had mentioned in an earlier post, or maybe in my profile, that my boy is a bit psychic…ok, maybe more than a bit. Why do I say this, you ask? Well, there have been numerous instances during which he has made it perfectly clear. I also believe he is either unaware of it, or at least unaware that not everyone can do this.
The first true example was back in the last week of October, 2005. He wasn’t quite 3 yet. My mother-in-law had called my cell while I was at work, earlier in the week to ask if they could pick the boy up on Saturday to take him to the Pumpkin Patch. They were taking Abby, and wanted Shayne to go, too. I told her I didn’t see any reason why not, but that I needed to check with Mark & call her back. I gave my Hunny a ring on his cell, ‘cuz he was at work, too. No problem. So I called her back, said we were good to go, and that was the end of it. Hunny & I didn’t discuss it after that – why would we?
Well, Saturday rolled around, bright & sunny. At this time in his life, our boy usually slept until about 9ish. Hunny & I were both up, sitting at the dining room table (which happens so rarely, the poor table didn’t know what to do) enjoying our coffee and the beautiful morning. Honey boy came out of his room, big sleepy smile on his face (his usual morning demeanor) and asked “Are Mamaw & Papaw here yet?”
Hunny & I looked at each other, and I then asked the boy “What makes you think they would be here?” His response was “Cuz we’re going to da Punkin’ place.” Huh..? I looked at Mark.
Me: “Did you say anything to him..?”
Him: “No, it was going to be a surprise, why would I tell him..?”
Me: “Well, I didn’t say anything…”
Little Psychic: “Mommy..?”
Me: “Yes, baby?”
LP: “Are they here yet..?”
Me: “Not yet baby, they’ll be here in a little bit. How did you know they were coming?”
LP: *thinks a minute* “I dunno.”
Me: “OoooooK”
No one had mentioned it to him – Hell nobody knew but me, Mark & his parents, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t phone up the not-quite-3-year-old to tell him. He just knew.
Moving into the future, we were coming home from visiting “Christmas At The Zoo” this past December, about 9ish at night. Daddy was driving, I was riding shotgun, and our boy was in the back in his booster seat. It had been a successful visit, Santa was visited, Mrs. Claus was hugged (as were most of the females, big & small, within range *whew* he’s sumptin’), Blitzen was petted, and the dolphins had been a big hit as well.
So, as we headed up Lynhurst Ave, and neared the intersection where the Speedway is,
My Hunny says: “Tell Mommy what you saw here…”
Shayne: “Huh..?” as he looks up from something he was studying.
Hunny: “What did we see here, coming home the other day..?”
Shayne: “Oh yeah, we saw a car had hit a truck.”
Hunny: “Very Good.” He then went on to tell me they had seen a wreck coming home a few days back. From the back seat came

Him: “There was another wreck, too.”
Me: “There was..? Where”
Him: “On 70…”
Me: “What happened?” I was basically humoring him at this point, as I was sure it was something he had imagined, or seen on TV or heard about.
Him: “There was a truck & a car and a smaller truck, and it was upside down, and they all crashed together.”
Me: “I see…when did this happen?”
Him:” I dunno.”

And that was the end of it…until the next morning. When I got up, I fumbled through my usual routine. As I was going through the local news on WTHR, there it was…the night before, early morning actually, about 3 or 4 am, a car had crossed the median on I-70, crashed into a semi, which in turn had sideswiped a pickup. There was a picture. It showed a mashed up little car, a minimally damaged semi, and a pickup – on it’s roof. Yeah, it gave me a bit of a chill. Hell, just typing it, thinking about it again, gave me a new chill.
The last incident was much less serious, but “spooky” just the same. Any of you who are regular readers know how my mornings go. If you aren’t a regular, you can read about them here. I don’t do morning well, and I try to shower in the evening so I don’t have to mess with it in the morning. And my morning routine is pretty well set in stone – I don’t try to function in any meaningful way until I’ve been up at minimum about an hour. Need coffee, first & foremost. Always.
But one night about a month ago, Shayne didn’t get a bath one night, and I hadn’t managed to squeeze in a shower either. The next day was one of my “early days”, and the boy was going somewhere or doing something that required squeaky cleanliness (have no idea what it was now…LOL). So as I was laying in bed, almost asleep, I decided I would get up & immediately jump in the shower with the boy. That way we could both get clean, and doing it first thing, though NEVER DONE BEFORE during Shayne’s lifetime, would (hopefully) allow us a little extra time to get everything else we needed to do done. After making my decision, I drifted off to no-dreamland (I never remember them, so I’m not convinced I have them…). I didn’t talk to my hunny (he was already out, takes him all of about 30 seconds to fall out). I just thought it and fell asleep.
The next morning, my boy comes in and snuggles up to me about 8:30ish. I looked at the clock and realized I had slept later than I should have. As I sat up in bed, my boy hopped out of it, turned around to look at me and said
Him: “Are you ready to get in the shower now Mommy?”
Me: “Huh?”
Him: “Are you ready to get in the shower now, Mommy..?”
Me: “Why would you ask me that? I’m not even out of bed yet” While thinking to myself *there he goes again*
Him: *shrugging* “I dunno, I just did…So are you?”
We did get up & shower, but how did he know? I NEVER shower straight out of bed NEVER. He’s never asked that before – or since, I might add.
These are just a few examples, there have been many more little things, things I can’t even think of right now.
OH OH OH Speaking of Things, I’ve determined another of my Things. You know how some rooms have two entrances and two light switches? Or the stairs have two top & bottom? Well, apparently it bugs me to have the switch in the “incorrect” position – you know, up and the light is off, or down when it’s on? I found myself crossing my laundry room to turn off the light, just so I could cross back – in the dark – to turn it back on and put the switch in the up position. Man I’m weird…LOL
Oh yeah, and my boy, who attended his 3rd (yes third) night of Karate class tonight, earned a red stripe on his belt already! Daddy was with him, but when I asked what it was for, he just said “I dunno, he was kicking…” Men! I’ll hafta find out Tuesday when I’m off and I can go.
Ok, I’m going to bed now, the letters on the keyboard are blurring….
See ya laterzzzzzzzz


Oh No, No Post…

April 28, 2008

Ok, I committed the cardinal sin of blogging, and didn’t post here yesterday. I’m sorry *looking apologetic* It was a loooong weekend.

Sometime about the beginning of April, my hunny starts back racing. For the season. EVERY Saturday. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t really have a problem with him doing this. Everybody has to have things they do without their “other half” or the relationship gets smothery. But on a weekend like this one, I could just scream…ARRRRGGGGHHHH.

Our boy was in fine form – just remove the “usually” and “sweet” from my description of him, and there you have it! He definitely earned the title “Monster Boy” over the past few days.

Saturday started okay…but then we had to start motorvating, so we could go see Mamaw & Papaw. He was so excited about going over there, it was the first thing out of his mouth as he came out of his room after waking up, and was again mentioned every, oh I don’t know, FIVE MINUTES. But when it came time to get ready, he wanted to hem & haw around (as usual).

Me: “Get dressed so we can go see Mamaw & Papaw.”

Him: “OK” and scurried off to room

Me: (10 minutes later) “Hey…what’re you doing in there?”

Him: (Coming out of room butt naked) “Nothing.”
Me: “Why aren’t you dressed..?”

Him: “I can’t find a shirt.” He has a HUGE drawer Full of shirts…

Me: “How can you not find a shirt..? Did you look in your drawer?”

Him: “No”

Me: “No? No? What have you been doing? Go get dressed!”

Him: “OK.”

Now you would think I would learn…apparently I was at the bottom of the class for “Learning How to Follow-up With Kids Getting Dressed.” Did I follow him into room to make sure he got a shirt? Nope. Did I check in two minutes, which is how long it should have taken? Nope. I went into my room to get dressed.

Me: (15 minutes later) “Hey kiddo, c’mon we gotta go if we’re going to get there today…”

Him: (Coming out of room still butt naked) “Huh?”

Me: “What’re you doing in there? Why aren’t you dressed? Do you want to go to see Mamaw & Papaw..?”

Him: “Yes!”


Him: “Sheesh, you don’t hafta yell. All you hafta do is ask.”

Me: Under my breath “Mumble, mutter, ask he says…grumble, yell if I need to! &%*#*^*%$&.”

Him: (Scurrying to room and back) “Look Mom, I got clothes, can you help me get dressed?”

Me: (Still grumbling) “You’re a big boy, why do you need me to help..? *sigh* Bring ’em here.”

So I finally got him dressed and off we go. The day went downhill from there. We had tears, we had backtalk, we had yells (from both sides, if I’m being honest…), we had stubbornness. What we didn’t have was a new game or toy from the store. I can stick to my guns…sometimes….

Oh yeah, and we had sneakiness. I firmly believe he is an attorney – probably defense – in a 5 year old body. If there’s a way around it or a loophole through it, whatever IT may be, he can find it. GRRRR

On the way to the grandparents house, we had a talk during which I told him “No pestering (he’s the most persistent kid on the planet, I swear), no asking about the bike, no asking about the video game, DON’T PESTER, we’re going to visit Mamaw & Papaw, not their toys.”

That worked out real well.

When we got there, our niece Abby was visiting, she’s about a yearish younger than my boy. About 5 minutes into the visit, he looks at Papaw and says “Did Abby bring a bike for her?” My ears perked up at this, and I flashed him a warning look. Yes, he saw, he knew what he was doing, he kept looking towards me to see my reaction to his question. I said “AH AH AH AH” or some similar Mom noise. Both grandparents looked at me like I was nuts…

Me: “Hey! What did we talk about in the car? Didn’t I say NO BIKE questions”

Him: “You said not to ask about my bike”

Papaw: “Aww Abby has her bike on the porch, I’m sure he saw that and asked…”

At which point my boy rushes over to the couch, climbs up and looks out the window, seeing the bike FOR THE FIRST TIME.

Me: “He didn’t see that bike! I told him he couldn’t ask about “his” bike while we were here, so he found a way around it…”

What do you do..? He technically did what I told him, he didn’t ask about “his” bike, or if he could ride it…he asked about Abby’s bike. See? attorney in a 5 year old body. If there’s an angle, he can work it. And, Saturday was only half over…I can feel my blood pressure rising, and the gray hairs forming as I type….*sigh*

But, it was a successful visit, and fun was had by all 🙂

On a serious note, this is a problem in our household, I feel it would be BAD to stifle this in my boy, but on the other hand, it makes for some trying situations. Like I told hunny the other day, I want him to think for himself, and not follow the crowd or timidly do as he’s told all his life. Authority figures are not God/desses, and make mistakes, including us. He shouldn’t unquestioningly do what he’s told when he’s told for the rest of his life. But I can’t have him questioning us every time we ask or tell him to do something. I’m nearing my wits end, and I still have a loooong way to go on this ride…


Ah well, that’s all for now

See ya laterzzzzzz

Working For The (da, da, dum) Cable Company

April 26, 2008

It’s Saturday. Woohoo! I actually get two days in a row off! I have to pay for it by working 6 straight, but hey, what can you do? I really can’t b*tch – much. Well…I can b*ith – after all I am female, and it comes with the bumps in the shirt. But regarding my job and my employer, they just don’t give me much fodder for the old b*tchmill….

I’d have to say, the (da, da, dum) Cable Company that I work for is probably one of the best companies around to work for, all in all. Not as good as what I hear Google is, but they’re probably the exception 😉

My schedule is kinda sucky, I work 12:30-9 on Mondays & Saturdays, 11-8 on T, W & Th, and 12-8:30 on Friday. It tends to contribute a bit to my general confusedness. As far as the time of day, I’m good with it, but my hunny..? Not so good, although he has recently said that he’s become used to it. If he had his druthers, he’d druther I worked 9-5, but those hours are rare in general, and almost non-existent at my company. There are a few that do get them, but it’s mostly upper management, and the office folks. And truly, they suit me better than 9-5 ever will. I can work those hours, and I have, but if I were on my own, they wouldn’t ever be my first choice. But I’m not, I have a hunny & a (usually) sweet (monster) boy to consider as well.

The pay really isn’t that great, the low end of the scale for similar positions around the country. But the benefits rock, which makes up for the pay being low. The benefits really rock.

The people, and the company’s attitude towards employees, are great! In most companies, you’re just another cog on the wheel, and that’s the way you are treated by everyone from your immediate supervisor on up. Many companies claim an “open door policy” but woe to he who dares to walk up to that door, let alone through it. Pretty much the kiss of death. Many companies also claim to care about their employees, and by extension their employees” families, but don’t try being sick, or Goddess forbid, have a sick child. They give you sick days & penalize you for using them. They give you vacation time, but when you ask to use it you have to jump through 15 hoops to even get it considered. I could go on and on, but any of you in the work force, and those who live with someone in the work force know what I’m talking about.

But not at this company. In my experience, employees are truly encouraged to make use of their open door policy. And when you do, management listens to what you have to say, then asks you for assistance from you (if possible) in correcting your issues. If you are sick, or your child is sick, and you have available time (given at a rate of 6.66 hours per month, that’s 10 days a year) you don’t get a hard time or the 3rd degree for calling in. Also (and this may seem like a small, insignificant thing, but it really isn’t) when you return, folks ask how you/your child are.

The president of our division(?) started out as an installer. The lady over the whole Customer Service department, started out as a rep. They listen to your concerns, they try to address any issues, and fix whatever may be “broken.” These are things you don’t often find in today’s companies, and I am thankful to be working at a place that encompasses all of these things.

Hmmmm…that’s not the post I had in mind when I sat down here, but I guess it’s the one I was supposed to write..*grin*

See ya laterzzzzzz!

Illustration Friday

April 26, 2008

If you’re paying attention (not that I have any reason to think that you are…) There is a new link over on the sidebar under “Stuffs.” I stumbled on a cool website that is geared toward amateur artists (hey – my world remember? I can be an artist if I wanna be an artist). They pick a subject, then you draw your interpretation of that subject. No pressure, no judging, no winners or losers, but if you are an artist it would be a good place to get your stuff seen. They also pick one random drawing each week and “showcase” it.
I’ve been told that I can draw, but I’m not so sure…but I do enjoy it. It is a soothing, calming activity that I don’t do nearly enough. So I may give this a go. There’s no requirement that you have to submit on a regular basis, so I can when I have time and not when I don’t. But it might be the impetus I need to pick up pencil & paper again…
Ok enough for now.
See ya laterzzzzzzz!

Daily (At Least In My Head) Traffic B**ch

April 25, 2008

Ok, let me preface this with a few questions…Why did you buy a sports car if you’re never going to take it above 30 mph? You don’t look that good in it…Why is Grandma on the interstate with a mini-van FULL OF KIDS going 75mph…and then 50mph…then 75mph? Why did you feel a need to jump into the fast lane in front of me and then SLOW DOWN TO 50mph? Can I just say GRRRRRRRRRRR!
Now I wouldn’t label myself an aggressive driver, but I definitely wouldn’t fall into the timid category, either. I like to drive. I like the feel of all that POWER under me, that I have FULL control of. I like to go fast. (insert Tim Allen grunts here). Will I run a yellow light? You betcha – providing the guy turning left from the other direction doesn’t have the same idea. Do I speed? No, I would NEVER do something like that…..(whatever). I have no problem jumping into a space I just fit into to go around the idiots other drivers that are going 20 mph under the speed limit – and that’s another thing…why is it that when you’re in a hurry, you always get BEHIND the person who feels a need to go 10mph UNDER the legal speed limit?
Now keep in mind that I have different driving styles, dependant upon who is in the vehicle with me. If I have my boy in the car with me, I am a totally different driver. I don’t speed. I don’t run yellow lights. I am responsible for him as well as myself, and while I am (in my humble opinion, and exceptional driver – I’ve had 2 accidents in 24 years, and both times someone ran a red light at an intersection and hit ME) I still won’t do it. I also have in the back of my mind that kids learn what they see much more permanently than what they are told. Speaking from personal experience I can tell you that “Do as I say and not as I do” doesn’t work *grin.* So I want to try to teach him good, safe driving habits by example. (Hey, it’s my fantasy, it can be whatever I want…)
If my hunny is in the car, well let’s just say that something about him being in the car turns me into the stereotypical female driver. I do all kinds of stoopid sh*t that never, ever happens when I am alone, or even when I have my boy. I didn’t have this problem in the early years of our relationship, but now..? I just don’t know. However, I have decided to let him drive, if at all possible, anytime we have to be in a vehicle together 🙂
Anyways, back to my original subject (I do ramble a bit, don’t I?) In my mind, there is something just wrong about a Jaguar being passed by a Chrysler…don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my car – she’s sleek, she’s fast & responsive, she has the G 3.5L SFI HO motor (found in only 28% of 2002 Chrysler Concordes) (more Tim Allen grunts here) – but she’s NOT Jaguar quality. And yet, on a nice straight stretch of new pavement, the Jag allowed me to pass it. Not once, but TWICE (I got caught behind a semi). Now please don’t think I was insinuating that there was a drag race taking place. This was normal driving. I’m just saying if I’m driving a Jaguar, I’m gonna be in front…(can you tell I’m kinda “feminine challenged” in the car department. This is one of the areas where my “excess testosterone” tends to rear it’s ugly little head *grin*). Not only did it allow me to pass it, at (for me) normal speeds, it stayed behind me for about 12 miles. Not falling behind, which would indicate a timid driver, but just tooling along on my tail. IT’S A JAGUAR! DRIVE IT LIKE IT DESERVES TO BE DRIVEN – OUT IN FRONT!
Ahem…sorry, didn’t mean to get overly emotional there…
It just aggravates me to NO END to see these beautiful, powerful, well-oiled machines, not just Jags, but any well-made sports car, being driven by people who have obviously bought them in an attempt to improve their standing or impress someone. It is an insult to these beautiful machines. Drive them the way they’re made to be driven – fast take-offs, out in front of the lesser vehicles (I will follow a Jag any day, but I’m not going to slow down to do it… *grin*).
Ok, rant done.
Oh by the way, if any of you now feel a need to give your “being improperly driven” sports car to someone who will respect it and drive it with all the speed it was meant to be driven with, just leave a comment with contact info, I’d be happy to take it off your hands.

  • Looking innocent*

See ya laterzzzz!

April 24, 2008

It’s been pretty much the same ol same ol lately. The test at the doctor’s office came back pretty normal, so we are still in search of the underlying cause of the “Musical Pains”. My boy is going to his 2nd Karate class tonight. The classes are Tues & Thurs at 5:45. That sucks, ‘cuz I don’t get to go 😦
That rocks ‘cuz it gives Shayne & Daddy something to do together on a regular basis. And Daddy was told “No coaching from the sidelines.” I think he may have problems with this….but he’ll be ok, I’m sure, I mean seriously, those folks are fully capable of putting him in his place – they teach Karate! I like that they have something positive to do together that, while my hunny is involved, he’s not really involved.
I love my hunny, and he’s a great dad, I would never say, or even think, otherwise, but in the discipline department he has a bit of a “drill instructor” mentality. In his defense, before our boy came along, he had never been truly exposed to kids. He has one sister, no nieces or nephews, well we have a neice now but that doesn’t really count, because she came after. It’s been a long time since he was a kid. He doesn’t understand that kids hafta run, jump, yell, talk, ask questions, try not to go to bed, etc. They don’t have any choice in it, it’s in their nature…and our boy is unstoppable. He has more energy than a lot of kids, truly he does. He sleeps little – 6-7 hours a day. I know he should need more, but how do you force a kid that isn’t tired to sleep? You can put him in bed, and he will lay there awake for hours. Every time. It worries me a bit, but I’ve told his doctor, and he doesn’t seem concerned, so…
Anyways, Daddy will be the one taking him to & from most classes. I may get every other Tues, when I’m off, we’ll see.
In other news *grin* I have been given a new med for the pain. It’s called Lyrica – anyone out there that is familiar with it, I’d appreciate info on how it affected you. It makes me a bit loopy for a while after I take it, but then I get tired.
Oh, oh, oh – I actually slept ALL NIGHT the first night I took it! Woohoo! I didn’t last night, but we’ll see what transpires 🙂
Ok, that’s all for now – gotta work ewwww!
See ya laterzzzzz!

My "Little Dragon"

April 24, 2008

I just have to share this here…My boy started Karate Training on Tues. He’s tickled pink! But, the funny thing, to me, is that he is in a group called “Little Dragons”… is that appropriate or what *grin*

Here’s a few pics:

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Cool Blog

April 23, 2008

Hey y’all! I just wanted to jump in here to suggest a quick blog I found enjoyable. It is Quotes & Images @

hmmmmmm…. I hate posting from work, where I don’t have my live writer 😦
Anyways, gotta go for now, but I may be back 🙂
see ya laterzzzzzz!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…Home At Last

April 23, 2008

Whew, what a day…Nothin’ is ever “easy” in my world…I’ve come to the conclusion that is a Universal Law, it’s right there under the one that says I can’t leave the house without forgetting something, and right above the one that says if there is a stoopid person anywhere near a telephone, and I am on the other end, they answer or dial as the case may be. It should have been a relatively simple day. Drop Shayne off, go to the doctor, go to the thrift store, go get Shayne & go to the Martial arts place. See, simple.

But no, at the doctors office, I did the test, then found out that instead of seeing my usual dr, I was seeing Dr Chris. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Dr Chris, and my boy LOOOOVES Dr. Chris. But this is another of my Things. I don’t feel that I am getting the best possible care if I don’t see the same Dr at every visit. I know they’re all good, or they wouldn’t be there. I also know they all have access to the same records. They know what meds I take, they know what tests I’ve had, and they know who I am (a VERRY good quality in Dr working in a multiple practice.) But they don’t know what was said in the conversations during prior appointments…

Then it turned out I was due for my Depo shot. I was unaware of this so didn’t get the prescription filled before I went. So I did the appointment, went to Wal-Mart down the street to get the Rx filled, should be simple, right? Nope. Not in my world. Wal-Mart pharmacy was closed for lunch…go figger. So I went to Meijers, waited 15 minutes, got it filled, drove ALL THE WAY back to the Dr’s office & got my shot. This cut into my shopping time…

I rarely get to shop without my boy, so I intended to take full, meandering advantage. Except now, instead of having 3 hours, I only had about an hour and a half. It’s a thrift store, you can’t find all the good stuff with time constraints like that…

Then it was off to get the boy. For a change, he was ready to go. He actually was standing at the door, coat in one hand, Gameboy in the other, practically dancing, waiting for me. I was tugged unceremoniously to my car, and barraged with “How far to the Karate place? How many minutes? Will Daddy be there? (he was) How much further? How many more minutes…

We did have a little fun on the way. I had all the windows down & the sunroof open, so it was rather windy in the car. He sat in back with his arms raised to the breeze, just laughing & having a good ol time 🙂

We got caught in construction…I tried to go around it like I usually do, only to find that when I got across from where the studio is, the road was closed and I couldn’t get across. Backtrack time…

But we got there with a little time to spare. He had a blast! OK, going to bed now to toss & turn, then fall asleep so I can do my nightly wake-up-every-houd-on-the-half-hour. (actually it usually on a “7” 1:47, 2:37, etc)

I will leave you with some pics from today

Lookit that foot! And he doesn’t even seem to notice it’s not in a natural position…can you do that?

He’s in his element here – not only does he get to learn Karate, he has a pretty girl to teach him…

Here he is, proud as punch in his new uniform

Here is the back of the uniform…he’s a Little Dragon…how appropriate is that..?

Ok g’night 🙂

See ya laterzzzz!

Popping In

April 22, 2008

Hey! I just wanted to pop in and let anyone who cares know that I haven’t disappeared into a wallow of self-pity…that’ll never happen 🙂 I have had a really busy day today – don’t know why it’s called a day off – and about a million and one things to do, but I will try to put up a REAL post later on. Maybe I’ll have the results of the latest test, and some idea of what the problem might be…
Anywho, gotta fly (‘cuz I’m a witch, and that’s what we do *grin*…)
See ya laterzzzzz!