Well, alrighty then…I love computer toys…looky I got pretty letters & pretty words! Hee-hee (yes I know, I am easily amused…what’s you’re point..?)

I have today off, Okay, that’s not really accurate, today I get to work for no pay…that’s better…no wait, not exactly right either, ‘cuz I get paid in hugs & kisses & "Mommy…guess what?  What?  I love you!" all day long. I have to do laundry, go to the grocery store, unload/reload the dishwasher, probably should vacuum, and keep one very busy 5 year old occupied…and this is actually a rather slow "day off". I also had a doctor’s appointment to do an Ansar Test (woohoo! Looky there…I did a link thingy that clicks to address without showing the address! ! ! Yes, I know, again with the easily amused…) to try to determine what’s causing the pain I’ve been having. Not just pain, but mobile pain…one day in my hips, one day in my calves, one day in my shoulders, etc. Kinda frustrating, but oh well, life goes on.

I canceled my Dr appt…actually rescheduled, cuz I really don’t feel well, sniffly & sneezy & coughy, and don’t want to drive all the way up there with the boy in tow…huh, the only person on the planet that cancels a Dr appt because they’re sick…

So me & my boy are going to spend the day together. He’s eating his breakfast PB&J and watching Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitty’s (or something like that) while I type away. I get ten minutes of no questions. Doesn’t happen often…the boy has a question for everything! I know, I know, this is a good thing, but sheesh! sometimes he makes my brain hurt coming up with answers. ‘Cuz they hafta be the right ones…the child retains EVERYTHING..he doesn’t always access it at the proper times, but it’s there…and if he has asked before you better By God give the same answer.

Example: HE was four years old, and because he was four "4" was HIS number (he’s fascinated with numbers…). So, I come in from work at about 8:30ish, kiss the boy, drop the mail on the counter, and head into the front room to give my hunny a kiss. From the kitchen I hear "Look Mom, a four!" Apparently one of the envelopes had a four on it, and he spotted it. I headed back towards the kitchen and said

"What honey?"

He said "Look Mommy, a four…that’s how old I am!"

Now bear in mind I had just spent 8 hours listening to the yahoo clientele of (da da dum) The Cable Company, and I was tired both physically and mentally. I walked toward the closet to hang up my coat, and the boy started towards the front room. Over my shoulder I threw "Yeah baby, it’s a 4, that’s how old you am"

He stopped, turned back to me, and in his best teacher voice said "Are, Mom" and proceeded to go into the other room. I picked my jaw up off the floor and thought "Huh, I just had my grammar corrected…by a four year old". His teachers will have their hands full, I’m telling ya, and by Goddess, if he gets in trouble for correcting one of them, and he’s right, well, let’s just say there’ll be scrapping goin on!

So you see…it’s all THERE! Don’t change the answer, cuz he’ll know, and that will start a whole new barrage of questions…my poor tired brain…

OK, enough for now…I’m off to try to get everything accomplished before zero hour (you know, when Daddy gets home, and all "accomplishing" stops…) Have a great day y’all, and I may be back later 🙂


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