Morning is a horrible thing….I hate waking up….when my eyes first peep open I know how this guy

must feel…my mouth tastes horrible, my eyes don’t want to open, my bladder is screaming at me (which is usually what wakes me up), and pretty much everything hurts. Although truthfully, the pain has been much less for the last few weeks, thank Goddess, either due to new meds or just a ‘remission’ type thingy.

But then there’s my boy. Most days when I wake up, he is snuggled in next to me…what a great feeling! He never really has been one to sleep with us, unless it storms, but once Daddy leaves, about 3:30ish am, he has taken to crawling in our bed and snuggling. There is NO BETTER WAY to wake up than to a warm, snuggly 5 year old. And, he, like his father, is a morning person…a species unto itself….

**side note: when I still worked in the bar until 3 am, I used to come home and wait up for my hunny to wake so I could see him for a bit before he went to work. I have seen this man LITERALLY come out of the bedroom, DANCING to the music of the alarm….DANCING…at 4:30 AM…there is just something sooooo wrong about that…

SO, I have a snuggly, smiling, happy, ready to face the day 5 yr old to deal with when I feel barely human. Truth be told, it makes the morning easier to deal with 🙂

Where was I going with this..? I really don’t remember….

Oh well, it’s 8:45 am, the child is bathed, and Mommy has to get ready for work…guess I just needed to ramble a little this morning…Thanks for lettin’ me 🙂 I’m sure I’ll be back later, I’ll even try to make sense…uhhh, TRY being the key word here…


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