Do It Again…

My boy and I spent a (mostly) relaxing day at home today, just the two of us. My hunny spent the day doing racecar stuffs, much like every Saturday, from April to October…
The sweet boy had a low fever and was sniffly & coughy when I got home last night, and it was a little worse today. Not enough to really slow him down, that almost never happens. That child has a reserve of full-speed-ahead energy that is apparently limitless. He was up bright and early, as usual
*side note-I truly don’t think he sleeps much…he’ll fall out about 9:30ish, but 4 days out of 5 he is already up when Dad gets up for work at 3:30am. By up, I mean he is in his room, either playing the Gameboy or he has turned his tv on, amusing himself while we sleep. Granted, he usually comes & snuggles with me after Dad clears out of his place, and goes back to sleep for a bit, but really..! And, he’s still usually awake before I am, sitting in the bed with me, Gameboy turned all the way down, playing games til I wake up.

So, back to today…my hunny left shortly after I stumbled through the bathroom/coffee pot/computer morning ritual, and we were off. It was a pretty uneventful day, but there were some high points. My favorite was when he came to me at the computer, with kisses & hugs “just ‘cuz”. I had wrapped an arm around him for the hugging part, and he lingered with his head on my shoulder (I was sitting, he was standing…). In a totally Shayne move, he backed from the chair a step and started to turn in a slow circle. I had an arm still around him, and started to walk my fingers around his middle as he spun.
Him: “Hey!”
Me: “Hey what?”
Him: “*Giggle* That tickled!”
Me: “Did it now..?”
Him: “Uh-huh!”
And with that declaration he started turning again, with a demand to “do it again”. So, I did.
Him: “*Giggle* That’s cool, can we do it some more..?”
Me: *shurg* “Sure.”
At this point he decides spinning would be better than just turning, and proceeds to quickly spin around about 4 or 5 times, as I “walk” around his tummy and he steadily giggled. Then stopped abruptly…
Him: “Hey (between giggles) That made me a little dizzy…”
Me: “Yeah, that’ll happen when you spin around…”
Him: “Let’s do it – 2 more times?!?”
And starts spinning again. This time he went about 10 rounds before he stopped, wobbling in place, with that ‘everything is spinning’ look on his face. (I’m sure you’ve seen it, or experienced it…you know that effect you get when you’ve had two too many and then try to lay down..? Yeah, THAT look)
Still giggling he wants to go again. Meanwhile I’m having visions of my alreadystartingtocomedownwithsomethingkid spinning & giggling himself into a trip to worshipping at The Altar of the Porcelain God…but he was having such a good time, I let him go once more, then in an effort to get him to settle back down, pled tired hand and brought an end to it.
We also snuggled in Mommy’s bed and watched The Fairly Odd Parents, (that’s an odd little show…), the beginning of Narnia, some Tom & Jerry (how funny that he watches the same cartoons I watched 30 years ago!) and (of course) Sponge Bob (dat boy loves him some Sponge Bob).
All in all, it was a good day. We bumped heads (and wills) a couple of times, but the engagements were short-lived, and forgotten almost as quickly as they began.
I know that soon, this will be over, he’ll be a Big Boy and silly games won’t appeal so much, nor will he require Mommy Snuggles to feel better, but until that day, I’m gonna take all I can get! 🙂


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