So, I’m trolling BlogExplosion gathering credits for some future use I haven’t quite determined yet

**side note – if anyone reading this has any idea how BlogExplosion is supposed to work, please let me know. I have been awaiting approval for about 2 weeks, and have posted in different forums trying to get banner help & a blog review. I got nuttin’. No response of any kind, from any quarter…I don’t even know what the credits are for…

and I came across this one Free Stuffs! This place lists all kinds of free stuff available on the internet. I haven’t found anything that looks like a scam yet, and not a single link has taken to a place asking for money! Most do want an email addy so they can send you lotsa junk email, but I have a seperate email address created for just that purpose (sneaky, aren’t I..?)

Anywho, just wanted to share. Have a great night!



  1. 1
    EuroYank Says:

    I was active in blog explosion for many years. You will find out that people there do not read blogs but only collect points to play game. The administration is whacky, and they have been trying to sell it for years and never succeeded. So you may be waiting a long time etc.

  2. 2
    Tom Evans Says:

    The admin did sell it recently and the new admin are trying to catch up on the spectacular backlog of sites waiting to join.

    I’m actually an official site approver, but I can’t fast track yours since my power is limited to considering them in order on a list. I can tell you that right now there are 1620 to be approved and that we’re currently on 12th February, so if you applied soon after then you might be in luck soon!

    Thanks for visiting my site the other day, I hope you do come back and enjoy it!

  3. 3
    Tom Evans Says:

    Update: I misread the queue – the queue is up to 3rd April! Not far behind at all. Just shows how many people apply that they’ve had 1600 in less than three weeks!

  4. 4
    Amber Harris Says:

    Thanks for the message. I love your blog. Kids amaze me and it sounds like you have a womanizer on your hands. He’s cute and knows how to play the game. Hope he is enjoying learning how to “fight” as I am sure those moves will be used to impress the girls as well.

  5. 5
    TheVinylVillager Says:

    I signed up there, and it took about three weeks or so. Ive been surfing blogs, but basically for every two blogs I go to, I get one visit back. Im not sure if it helped me a great deal or not…but I have enjoyed finding a few others out there, and maybe a few found me that way too?

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