Everybody has "things". Things that bug them, things that delight them, and things that have to be "just so". We all do it, don’t try to deny it, I hear you saying "I don’t have any of these things. I am a well balanced, normal individual." Whatever.

I may have more things than most…or maybe it’s just more that I admit to, not sure. My hunny has things. His are a bit off-the-wall tho

***just an observation, your things are, in your mind perfectly normal & rational. Other people’s things, on the other hand tend to be a bit "out there" if you know what I mean. I’m just saying….

I’ve also noticed that as I age, I acquire more things…and I don’t mean things like wrinkles, though I am acquiring those too…


One of my major "Things" is that I WILL NOT go ANYWHERE without my vehicle, or a vehicle I am in complete control of. I have the keys. I determine where we’re going next. I say when we’re leaving (NO I don’t have any control issues, really…why would you think that..?). I’ve tried. I have managed to allow myself to go places with my hunny, in his truck. But it’s my truck, too, right? Folks who know me are aware of this "Thing." Anytime it is suggested we (whoever we happens to be at any given time), go somewhere as a group, or couples, the subject of who is riding with who never really comes up anymore. They know I will drive. I have to. I’ll happily chauffeur however many people we can cram into my car, but I’M NOT RIDING.

Another "Thing" is that I don’t wake up well (see my typical morning HERE), This is accepted by all intelligent life forms. Well, all of them except my 5 year old (GRRRR) He wakes up disgustingly cheerful, like his father.

My towels have to be folded a certain way. (This came from my mother. How do I know..? My sister has this Thing, too) I like my Coke from a can – not a 2-liter, not a plastic bottle, a CAN. Oh, and I don’t drink Pepsi, EVER, for ANY reason. I have to have a flat pillow. I can’t stand my hair to be in my face or on my neck when I am trying to sleep (as a result of this "Thing", I have to lay down on my side, lift my head and tuck any long hairs under it, and then bury one hand in my bangs, holding them off my face. It makes for some interesting morning ‘dos, lemme tell ya). I don’t like to eat in the dark, or semi-dark. When I load the dishwasher, I want the silverware separated only one fork, knife and spoon in each compartment, ideally) I separate laundry by color, not fabric. Oh yeah, and then there’s Christmas…oh wait, I better give Christmas it’s own post…or twelve. I am definitely a Christmas person – married to the Scrooge, I might add.

These are just a few of my Things.

My hunny has Things, too, but as I said his are a bit off. He wants vacuum tracks in the carpet (like that’s gonna happen LOL) I told him if he wants vacuum tracks he is perfectly capable of making them. Have I mentioned that he’s a bit anal-retentive..? Not as bad as he used to be, but still…he wants his (yes, HIS & the boys’) shower wiped down after every use (?). His sandwiches have to be put together in a certain order (I never can remember it, he’s a big boy, he can make his own sandwich if it has to be a certain way…). He wants all the books on the bookshelf to be put in descending order by size – and the shelves above & below should go in the opposite direction. He has tilt steering on his truck, but I don’t dare adjust it if I drive it, he has it "just the way he wants it". He wants the bed made (This has got to be THE MOST USELESS piece of housework I do daily – what’s the point? You’re gonna get in it and mess it back up in 12 hours or so…)

*humming- "Favorite Things"*

I said I would post about Things, and so I have. From now on, whenever you’re stumbling through one of my ramblings, and you see something about Things, you’ll know I have revealed yet another. Thanks for playing *grin*

See ya laterz!


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