Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…Home At Last

Whew, what a day…Nothin’ is ever “easy” in my world…I’ve come to the conclusion that is a Universal Law, it’s right there under the one that says I can’t leave the house without forgetting something, and right above the one that says if there is a stoopid person anywhere near a telephone, and I am on the other end, they answer or dial as the case may be. It should have been a relatively simple day. Drop Shayne off, go to the doctor, go to the thrift store, go get Shayne & go to the Martial arts place. See, simple.

But no, at the doctors office, I did the test, then found out that instead of seeing my usual dr, I was seeing Dr Chris. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Dr Chris, and my boy LOOOOVES Dr. Chris. But this is another of my Things. I don’t feel that I am getting the best possible care if I don’t see the same Dr at every visit. I know they’re all good, or they wouldn’t be there. I also know they all have access to the same records. They know what meds I take, they know what tests I’ve had, and they know who I am (a VERRY good quality in Dr working in a multiple practice.) But they don’t know what was said in the conversations during prior appointments…

Then it turned out I was due for my Depo shot. I was unaware of this so didn’t get the prescription filled before I went. So I did the appointment, went to Wal-Mart down the street to get the Rx filled, should be simple, right? Nope. Not in my world. Wal-Mart pharmacy was closed for lunch…go figger. So I went to Meijers, waited 15 minutes, got it filled, drove ALL THE WAY back to the Dr’s office & got my shot. This cut into my shopping time…

I rarely get to shop without my boy, so I intended to take full, meandering advantage. Except now, instead of having 3 hours, I only had about an hour and a half. It’s a thrift store, you can’t find all the good stuff with time constraints like that…

Then it was off to get the boy. For a change, he was ready to go. He actually was standing at the door, coat in one hand, Gameboy in the other, practically dancing, waiting for me. I was tugged unceremoniously to my car, and barraged with “How far to the Karate place? How many minutes? Will Daddy be there? (he was) How much further? How many more minutes…

We did have a little fun on the way. I had all the windows down & the sunroof open, so it was rather windy in the car. He sat in back with his arms raised to the breeze, just laughing & having a good ol time 🙂

We got caught in construction…I tried to go around it like I usually do, only to find that when I got across from where the studio is, the road was closed and I couldn’t get across. Backtrack time…

But we got there with a little time to spare. He had a blast! OK, going to bed now to toss & turn, then fall asleep so I can do my nightly wake-up-every-houd-on-the-half-hour. (actually it usually on a “7” 1:47, 2:37, etc)

I will leave you with some pics from today

Lookit that foot! And he doesn’t even seem to notice it’s not in a natural position…can you do that?

He’s in his element here – not only does he get to learn Karate, he has a pretty girl to teach him…

Here he is, proud as punch in his new uniform

Here is the back of the uniform…he’s a Little Dragon…how appropriate is that..?

Ok g’night 🙂

See ya laterzzzz!



  1. 1
    Hamsa Says:

    Thanks for the comment 🙂

    Quotes & Images

  2. 2
    Amber Harris Says:

    Love the uniform. Shayne looks like he likes Karate…and it is good for him.

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