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I’m Still here & Sorry I Neglected You…

May 31, 2008

Ok, I’ve left this too long. I feel guilty. Why..? I’m pretty sure not too many have even noticed I haven’t posted. But I should. I said I would. And now I am 🙂
Work has been CRAZY! For the last 2-3 weeks, our phones have been ringing off the hook! I bet I’ve taken more calls in the last two weeks that I did in the 2 months preceding. No time to breathe between calls. I admit it makes the day pass more quickly, usually, but when most of the callers are arrogant or have an attitude, it makes me feel like I am back at ACSHell. I’m not. But still. I am losing my respect for the human race. Stupidity seems to reign. How do you come at me with an “I am God, and we’ll get along just fine as soon as you acknowledge it” attitude, and then not even be able to do something as simple as add 14.90 to 75.95..?
And what’s the deal with social security numbers..? I know it’s a bad idea to give your social security number to strangers, but let’s look at this…YOU CALLED ME! You want me to give you $1000 worth of equipment, but you don’t want to give me, someone YOU called, your social security number so I can verify who you are..? I understand the concept of not giving it, or your credit card number, or bank account info to someone who has called you, unsolicited – that would be a bad idea. But again, let me reiterate – YOU CALLED ME.
This is a utility company that you are asking to provide service to you. You know, like the gas company, the electric company or the water company..? Granted cable is still somewhat of a “luxury” utility, but we also offer phone & Internet. We are an utility company. I’m fairly certain that the person you’re talking to (in the case, me) isn’t trying to steal your identity when requesting this information from you…THINK once in a while, willya? Do you realize how you appear to be..? Can you say paranoid..? Pathetic..? Pitiful..? In need of medication..?
Sorry, didn’t mean to go there, but there I am *grin*

In other news, I’m fairly certain my car is haunted. No big surprise, or at least it shouldn’t be, considering our family has dragons (3), a spirit cat, a civil war soldier’s spirit and numerous other entities and beings floating about. Now, what would make a person think (let alone admit) their car is haunted..? Well, I’ll present my reasoning, and you can tell me what you think…

I drive a 2002 Chrysler Concorde, Limited. It was top of the line when new, and is still in good shape. Not a hoopdee by any means. Yet my headrest won’t stay down. Yes you read that right, it won’t stay down. Now, last time I checked, gravity was still an active force on the planet, and things fall down not up. If I raised the headrest, and came out to my car to find it resting on the top of the seat, instead of four inches above it, where I had left it, I would simply put it down to the-car-is-getting-older-and-I-can’t-expect-everything-to-last-forever syndrome and gone on about my business. But that isn’t the case. No, not my car, that would be too much like right.
In order to raise or lower my headrest, there is a button on the side of the “base” of it that you have to push in. It won’t move unless you push the button. I’ve tried. Hard. No movement at all. Now, I had had the car for a while before I even realized this was happening. But then it started to get warm again, and I could go without a coat. If I am not restrained by a heavy jacket, I like to put one arm up behind my head, resting on the headrest, while I’m driving. It’s a good stretch… When I did this for the first time, I realized the headrest was up higher than I usually have it. So when I parked I made it a point to lower it. (This is where I found out it doesn’t move without pushing the button.) I put it down and didn’t really think much more about it.
A couple of weeks later, I noticed it was back up – not fully “extended” but about 3″ above the seatback. I figured my Hunny had done it when he drove the car, put it back down, and promptly forgot about it again. A week later I noticed it was back up. Hunny hadn’t driven my car since I put it down. My first thought was the-car-is-getting-older-and-I-can’t-expect-everything-to-last-forever syndrome, and started messing with it to see what the problem was. There isn’t one. It’s not a bit loose. It won’t go down without pushing the button…It won’t go up without pushing the button…not a bit. Yet, when I push in the button, and lower it to the seatback (‘cuz I am a bit short through the body), I consistently come out to my car to find it back up. I put it down, drive home, it’s back up the next morning. I put it down and drive to work, it’s back up when I get ready to leave.
My next piece of evidence is radio related. I have an FM transmitter that I use to listen to my MP3 player when I am in the car. The radio has to be set to a “static” station – you know, where nothing is being broadcast. needless to say, it tends to be a bit loud when I disconnect the MP3 player and forget to turn it down first. I also use earplug thingys and listen in one ear while at work. When I go on break, and go out to the car to read & smoke, I have to turn the key on, so the radio will show the time (I’ve killed another watch…that’s a totally different story…lol) and I know when I have to go back. I also have to have the radio on because if I turn it off the time goes away. Weird, I know!
So I go out to the car, turn on the key, and turn the static all the way down (cuz I’m listening via earplug thingy). The volume turns back up. Huh..? I turned it back down. It turned itself back up…This happened on several different occasions. Then one day, I went out, turned down the volume, and it switched from radio to CD and turned up. Huh..? Ok, I figgered I’d hit the button somehow. I flipped it back to radio, turned back down, and it immediately flipped back to CD. And turned back up. No way…I musta hit the button again (even tho I KNOW it’s on the other side of the radio). Hmmmmm… So I turned it down, carefully so as not to hit any other buttons, and changed it back to radio. I then pulled my hand back quickly and watched it go back to CD. And turn BACK UP. Again. Alrighty then. After 5 minutes of arguing with whatever wanted to listen to CD, I gave up. I tried turning the radio completely off, but that didn’t work either. It just came back on. I let it stay on CD, and turned up the MP3 player in my ear. I haven’t had any radio issues since I let it play….
So, whatcha think..? IS the car haunted..? I say it is, but I’d like to hear what you think.
Ok, time to go home! WOOOHOOOO!
See ya laterzzzzzzzz!


What Am I Trying To Do

May 29, 2008

There’s something I’ve really been wanting to blog about, but everytime I have time to do something about it, it flies outta my head…As soon as I can remember what it is, I’ll be back…


see ya laterzzzz!

From the Grimoire of a Blond Witch

May 29, 2008
How to Turn Your Wardrobe Black

Dark sunglasses
Late at night, close all the curtains and turn off all the lights. In your bedroom, open all your drawers and closet doors. Stand in the center of your bedroom with sunglasses in your hand. Close your eyes and say:

“Hocus bogus Color out of focus!”

Carefully put on your sunglasses and open your eyes. Your wardrobe should now appear black.
*PLEASE NOTE: This spell will only last as long as it is dark.

Giggle Fits

She may already be unintelligent but the giggle fits will rid her of the finer gents And bring to notice your wit and charm. When she is in plain view, spew:

“Giggle wiggle,

Start as a gentle tickle,

Down her ribs to her belly hollow.

Tickle harder and make her holler!”

Proper Hair Removal

If the razor burns and the waxing hurts and still the mustache prevails, then chant this spell that rids all of your woeful hairy ails.

“By dungeon dust
And oxen musk,
I so here decry!
My hairy lip
And legs to slip,
Smooth of pip,
And soft to thine eye.”

Banishing Circles

Casting circles takes little effort for the well bred blond. Unfortunately, we are rarely told how to banish circles once they have set in. Covering circles with a foundation is highly discouraged because of the element of water which would make the circles reappear. To properly banish circles under the eyes, thinly slice an unused cucumber. Place a slice over both (two) eyes while lying down.


Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions/recipes on this list. It is the reader’s personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog.

Catch Up

May 28, 2008

I want to apologize to all two regular readers (I might have two…) for not updating. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, I just haven’t got any time in which to say it. Sorry.

This is just a quick note to let you know I am still here, and I really do want to post about stuffs. There have been several things I want to write about.

Monday was spent cleaning my boy’s room. I have pictures. It was almost a whole day ordeal. I really don’t care if his room is messy (I mean c’mon who am I to talk – my room was so messy as a kid my Dad finally threw ALL of my stuff out the back door to make me clean it…really!) It is his room. But when I can’t get to the dresser to put stuff up (3 steps from the door, maybe) then we have a problem… So I told him we had to do it! That was as much a chore as the actual deed. But mission was accomplished!

I also had to go to the grocery store on Monday. I’ve gotten to where I dislike this chore anymore…load up the cart, wait forever to check out, rearrange the stuff the cashier puts in the bags – what kid of logic are they using anyways..? Frozen stuff in with magazines? Meat in with dry goods? I put everything on the belt the way I want it bagged, but does it get done that way..? Noooooo. I really prefer the self-scanners, then I can bag it how I want it, but the Walmart I’ve been going to doesn’t have them, grrrrrr. I’ll be glad when the one around the corner (YES! A Walmart within walking distance from home!) opens. I’ve heard June 11, and I’m counting the days.

So after doing all that, I have to load it into the cart again, now in bags, unload into the trunk, unload FROM the trunk and carry into the house, and then put it all away. Ugh. But, that mission too, was accomplished. Another supposed “day off”.

Last night at Karate, he got another band on his belt (that’s 4 ! ) and he graduated to a yellow belt! He also got a card, IN THE MAIL WOOHOOO! from one of the instructors saying what a good job he’s been doing and keep up the good work. He was thrilled that he got mail, lemme tell ya! It now has a place of honor on his bedroom wall. No pics of that yet.

Ok, I think I’ve caught you up to date. Work has been crazy, the phones haven’t stopped in two weeks, so I haven’t been able to post from there, either : (

Okay, gotta get ready for work ewwwww.

see ya laterzzzzzz!

The Banks of The Wabash – Now known as The Fairbanks Park Arts & Music Festival…

May 25, 2008

Well, yesterday was a busy day (go figger) but in a good way, rather than in a chicken-with-it’s-head-cut-off way 🙂

My hunny took my car to Uncle Mike’s early early to do the brakes for me. They were getting scary…anytime you had to slow down, you could have put a glass of milk & ice cream anywhere in the vehicle, and by the time you stopped you’d have a milkshake…the front rotors were just a little bit warped…

About 10:30ish I called him ‘cuz the boy just had to talk to Daddy. He wanted to play the new Wii, and I told him Daddy had to ok it (That’ll be another post, but apparently we aren’t selling or trading it…) So Daddy says ok, and also that the car was done. As I had said yesterday, I think it was yesterday…I planned on taking the boy the The Banks of The Wabash Festival in Terre Haute. Since my car was done, I guessed it was time to get functional (ugh) I set the boy up with the Wii, and proceeded to get ready.

I had asked a couple of different people if they wanted to go, but one had a race party to attend, and the other said she was just too broke (although I think it might have had more to do with her having to get functional before Noon…LOL) So, it was me & my boy for the first leg of the journey, and possibly the whole trip. I had in mind to call Tony & Jayme and see if they wanted to come out with the boys, but wanted to wait until I got my car.

About 11:30ish we climbed in the truck and headed West. I had to stop and get new sunglasses, since I had put mine in my purse, so I would have them, and they got broke. Sunglasses never last around me. When we got to Mike’s, Hunny was under the racecar doing something, so we had to wait a minute or two. Then he wanted me to drive my car. I sped down their road and hit the brakes. No more milkshakes! And we were off.

I called the kids, and found that Jayme had to work, but was going to try to get someone to cover for her, they’d call me when they found out. So westward we went. I stopped at Brazil to pee, and give them a call as I hadn’t heard from them, and this was where I’d hafta change route if I needed to go out there. No answer. But Tony called me back – after I was already back on the highway. And of course, they needed a ride. But there was a problem. My car will hold 3 car seats and 2 adults…we had 3 adults.

Then they were going to try to borrow Jayme’s sister’s car. No luck. So I turned around at Terre Haute and went back to Brazil, and out into the sticks, where they live. We ended up having Tony and Anakin ride with me & Shayne, and Jayme & Jordan were brought by her dad. It was a beautiful day for festivaling, and I think a good time was had by all. We ate carnival food (mmmmmmm) and drank carnival drinks. Poor Shayne was kinda restricted in what he could ride, having a broken arm, but he got to go down the big slide with Bubby, he rode the Dragons with Jayme, and the bumper cars with Bubby. He also got to ride in the helicopter – alone, we’re all too big to fit 🙂 He got a snake, some new sunglasses, and a cool looking Hot Wheels car with tracks instead of tires.

I got Daddy his name in vinyl for his truck (work truck) door, and a new belt, and I found an acceptable (for now) case for my phone. I also got a new dragon to add to the ones we have…

The ride home was peaceful, for the most part, as Shayne fell asleep before we hit I-70 in Terre Haute, and slept almost to Plainfield. Then he woke up crying, but wouldn’t tell me what was wrong. I kept telling him I couldn’t help if I didn’t know what the problem was, but he cried for a good five minutes before even trying to talk. Then he said he couldn’t tell me. Finally he admitted that his arm hurt – why he couldn’t tell me that I have no idea. By that point we were five minutes from home, so I told him he could take some medicine when we got home, and it would help his arm. I think that’s why he didn’t want to tell me…he doesn’t want any medicine. I think it’s the whole tough guy thing…

We got home, took some medicine (it was 8:30 or so by this time), he played the Wii for a while, (‘cuz my boy has power napping down to a science – if he sleeps 10 minutes, he’s good for at least 3 or 4 hours…imagine what an hour did for him…) Ordered pizza, watched Underdog on OnDemand, then finally about 12:30ish we snuggled down and went to sleep. (Daddy was racing so he got to snuggle in the big bed with Mommy)

All in all, it was a pretty good day. There were a few moments when I would have cheerfully hogtied my boy and thrown him over a shoulder, but hey – he’s five, he can’t be an angel all the time…

Ok, gotta go to a cookout at Uncle Mike’s.

See ya laterzzzzzzz!

Hillary Doesn’t Pay Her Bills, Either…

May 24, 2008

I am not a political person by nature. I do vote, based on what information I garner during elections and past experience (if any) with the candidates. But now we have Hillary Clinton running for president….Can I just say Ewwwwwwwww.
I lost all respect for Mrs. Clinton while her husband was in the White House. Let me start by saying that I feel whatever happens in a couples personal life should be their business, and doesn’t have any bearing on their abilities to do their jobs. So what Bill did didn’t change my opinion of his capabilities as president.
But what Hillary did has changed my opinion of her ability to run our country. If you think back to Bill’s early days, Mrs. Clinton did an interview with 60 Minutes, during which she made the comment “I’m not sitting here, some little woman standing by her man. I’m sitting here because I love him and I respect him.” The comment in and of itself raised a bit of a stink, and there was talk for a while that she had crossed a “line.” I lost a little bit of respect for her when she made the comment…Why was she referring to a song that was released in 1968 in the modernized days of the 90s? And what’s wrong with being a “Stand By Your Man” woman? Isn’t marriage a partnership, where each supports the other? I’m proud to say that I am a “Stand By Your Man” woman! Not only do I say it, but I will do (and have done) it when it becomes necessary. Just like he would stand by me (and has) if necessary. Maybe she felt she didn’t need to support her husband, that it was all about her…
And then we had the whole Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinski deal. And we still have a Mrs. Clinton…a Mrs Hillary Clinton. What?!?! But she told the world she wasn’t that type of gal…I mean c;mon, if you’re this strong, independent, feminist, I-won’t-be-walked-on-by-any-man type of woman, and you have announced this to the world, on national TV, on a heavily watched program, why are you still with this man..?
Again, let me clarify. I don’t think she should have left him because he screwed around, that’s a personal choice. But she declared in front of God and everyone that she wouldn’t tolerate that type of behavior. Yet she did.
I guess the bottom line is – do we want a lying hypocrite of a woman running our country..? A woman who has publicly made a fool of herself, repeatedly?
And, I ran across this story today. Apparently she doesn’t pay her bills, either…

    Indianapolis: Indiana University says it may have to tap into reserve funds to cover a campaign visit by Hillary Clinton.

    The New York senator and Democratic presidential candidate owes IU $55,000 from a stop at Assembly Hall. Her opponent, Senator Barack Obama, held a similar rally there, but his campaign paid up their nearly $100,000 bill….

    No, Mrs. Clinton will not get my vote. As a woman, I would love to see a female president, but Hillary Clinton is not the woman I want representing my gender to the world, because never doubt, all women will be judged by her actions…. Just my little opinion…..

Mommy, Mommy, I Have A Loose Tooth…

May 23, 2008

Is what I heard coming up the stairs a few minutes ago. Yes, we officially have our first loose tooth!

Him: “Mommy, Mommy, I have a loose tooth!”
Me: “You do? Lemme see.”
Him: *opening mouth and placing forefinger on tooth to wiggle back and forth “Ight ere ooo ooo eee iiii?”
e: “Well, move your finger and let me look.”
Him: *moves finger* “Do you see it?
Me: “I can’t look when your talking…”
Him: “Oh” and opens mouth.

I gingerly placed my finger on the tooth he indicated and sure enough, it moves…I wonder what he did…

Me: “What’d you do to make that happen?”
Him: “I just opened my mouth and bit my tooth and bang it was loose”
Me: “Oh really..? You weren’t messing around?”
Him: “Nope, I was eating my cheese.”
Me: “Welp, it looks like you’re going to lose your first tooth.”
Him: *jumping up and down & wiggling with excitement “Wow, it’s my final first loose tooth!’ (he made a similar statement about his arm – “It’s my final first broken arm”)
Him: “Why is my tooth loose?”
Me: “Because your baby teeth will fall out and you’ll get grown up teeth.”
Him: “Do I hafta keep my mouth open so the Tooth Fairy can come get it?”
Me: ??? “No, it’ll fall out on it’s own, then we’ll put it up, and that night we’ll stick it under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy.”
Him: “Why can’t we just go to the dentist and have him pull it out?”
Me: “Nah, I don’t think we need a dentist, it’ll come out by itself.”
Him: “OK”

And off he went to watch some more Diego.

So, we are now awaiting the big moment – when it actually comes out. I’ve told him to leave it be, it’ll work itself out, but somehow I just don’t see that happening….

Gotta go to work!
See ya laterzzzzzzzz!

Update Your Crap ! ! !

May 22, 2008

Again, (still..?) I’m trolling through the blogsphere, and I find myself increasingly disappointed with the available offerings. Can I just say – EITHER UPDATE YOUR BLOG MORE THAN ONCE A YEAR, OR REMOVE IT FROM BLOGEXPLOSION & BLOG SOLDIERS!!!!!!
I really enjoy reviewing the available blogs, when they are current. Blog Soldiers has a blog up that says they have reached 9000 blogs. So why do I keep getting the same 75 or so blogs ( and that’s a generous exagerration…) Many of which haven’t been updated for months, some for years.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been known to go a few days with no post, usually because I’m sick. But weeks…months…YEARS..? C’mon! Either update it or delete it, or at the very least, take it out of rotation…If I understand the process correctly, one has to accumulate “credits” of one kind or another to stay in rotation. That tells me they are still about, racking up credits, but not bothering to update. Is it just lazy..?
I dunno. I’d like to think that if I were to quit posting I would have the common courtesy, towards all the other folks out there, to remove my stuff from the rotations…
Ok, done ranting for the moment, *climbing off the soapbox*
Gotta go finish working (ewwww)
see ya laterzzzzz!!!!

Just Another Day…

May 22, 2008

Well, here I am, with a little time on my hands, and not much to write about. Oh wait…I did win a Wii at work. That’s pretty cool! I was kinda bumming ‘cuz I didn’t win race tickets (hunny would have enjoyed that) when one of my bosses came to my cubicle holding a Wii. I was on a call, so didn’t notice her right away, but then I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, and there she was. Apparently I sold the most HBO/Cinemax for week 5 of the contest. I wasn’t really trying – I mean c’mon, we have an Xbox, a PS2, a Vsmile, 3 DVD players, 2 VCRs, a computer and four TVs, what do we need another game for? But hey, the only thing better than cheap is free! Hunny has said he’d rather have an Xbox360, so we may try to exchange one for the other.
In other news, I’m gonna take my boy to The Banks of The Wabash (ok, it’s called “The Fairbanks Park Arts and Music Festival” now, but it’s been the Banks of The Wabash for 25 years in my world, and that’s what it’ll stay…) this weekend, I think. It’s pretty cool for a cheesy little carnival. They offer kiddie rides & have a pretty decent flea market area. I’ve actually gotten quite a few decent things there over the years. It’s been kind of a ritual for the past 15-20 years. Wow…did I just say 15-20 years..? Huh I guess I did, and it’s right..! Goddess I’m getting old.
It seems like all that stoopid shit I did as a kid was just yesterday, or the day before – and when I say stoopid, I mean STOOPID. I won’t go into great detail here, but it included things like sleeping on the beach of Lake Michigan, and drinking from dawn to dusk and back to dawn again. But when I stop and think, that shit happened almost 30 years ago! Oh my.
It’s funny how your perspective affects your “view” What I mean by that is, thinking about things done as a kid seems as recent as yesterday, or at last month, but on the other hand, thinking about all the things I’ve done and said and been, it seems like I haven’t lived enough years to have done all that. Perspective, it’s a funny thing.
Go figger…I’ve sat here the better part of the day, just trolling the blogsphere, pretty much uninterrupted, but let me try to add something here, and BAM! every line lights up and we have 14 people holding…
Ok, gotta go work 😦
See ya laterzzzzzzz!

My Day Off

May 21, 2008

Yesterday was my day off – what a joke! I think I work MUCH harder on my days off than I ever do at work! Two weeks ago I made an appointment to have my car tuned up, ‘cuz she really needed it. At that time I didn’t have anything planned. Silly me, to think I could just schedule something like that and be able to do it unhindered…
Monday night, my hunny says:
Him: “You know they’re registering for Kindergarten…”
Me: “Now..? It’s May, school doesn’t start until September or at least August…”
Him: “Amy took Alec down to register yesterday.”
Me: “So, are you telling me I need register Shayne? Now..?”
Him: “Well…”
Me: “I gotta take my car down to O’Brien’s to get it tuned up tomorrow…”
Him: “Yeah, and..?”
Me: “Uhhh… O’Brien’s is in Greenwood, school is in Plainfield. And I have no idea how long it’s going to take. “
Him: “You’ll be fine.”
Me: “What all do I have to take to register him, I wonder?”
Him: “Amy said you need birth certificate, shot records and a bill in our name at this address.”
Me: “Alrighty then…”
Ok, so the plan is, I take him to Stacey (west side) then go to O’Brien’s (south side) then to Health Dept(near norteast side) to get certified copy of his birth certificate, then to Plainfield (FAR west). That’s the new plan.
Oh yeah, did I mention Tuesday is Karate..? And apparently I didn’t have enough to do, I was volunteered to handle that, too. Goody.
We got moving about 9:30ish. And that was pushing it…I need my morning wake up time. NEED. I am not fit for man nor beast without it.
OH, oh, oh! This is a great opportunity to mention the new addition to my morning routine! I found a great blog, Tom’s Hideaway where they have a trivia contest everyday! Trivia rocks! (That would be my inner geek talking – you know, the same one that does crossword puzzles to wake up..? *grin*) This has become a staple of my mornings. Go check it out – he even has a copy of (the only) picture of me as a child up on the site 🙂
Anyways, I rushed to Stacey’, then down to the car dealership. I told Jeff not to worry about the accel hesitation, as I didn’t have time to mess with it that day.
While sitting there, I gave hunny a call. It was then that he decided to mention that it was “Bring A Buddy” day at Karate, and that he had arranged for Alec to go with Shayne.
Me: “Huh? Why are you telling me this NOW..?”
Him: “I told you about it.”
Me: “No you didn’t…”
Him: “You should know what’s going on there…”
Me : “This is the first I’ve heard of it. How often do I go to Karate? Once every two weeks? How would I know that?”
Him: “I told you about it last Tuesday…”
Me: “Last Tuesday..? The day your boy broke his arm..? You think I heard something beyond “Your boy broke his arm” last Tuesday..?”
Him: *laughter*
Me: “Nice…are they bringing him, or do I hafta pick him up..?”
Him: “I imagine we ‘ll get him there.”
We. He means ME.
So let’s recap – I’ve gone 17 miles to Stacey’s, then 23 to the dealership, I have to go back to the house, 15 miles, to get shot records, either that or add a trip to the doctor’s office (north west side) to my already full day, then go to the Health Dept to get the birth certificate, 27 miles from the house, then out to Plainfield, approx 30 miles from Health Dept, to get him registered. Then back to Stacey’s to pick him up, 20 miles from school, back to pick up Alec, who by the way lives 4 HOUSES FROM OUR HOUSE, another 17 miles, and then back to Karate…
I have approx 4 hours to do this. Keep in mind, none of the above includes the time I have to sit and wait at each place, just the drive distance…
At this point, it was already almost 1:00. Karate starts at 5:45, and the only parts of this I have so far accomplished is the tune up. And a side trip to Shoe Carnival…(they had the cutest white shoes that I didn’t get last week, and I’ve been kicking myself ever since, so I stopped in to get them. And they had a Buy One, Get One 1/2 price sale going on, and I’m not one to pass up a bargain, so I figured I might as well get two pair since the second would be 1/2 price…Then hunny realized I was at Shoe Carnival and gave me the ‘ol guilt trip “I’ve been needing new tennis shoes for months” So I picked him up a pair, then I had to get another pair, ‘cuz I wasn’t gonna waste the 2nd pair half price…*grin*
He was right down the street at Kroger’s, so I picked up some Subway and headed over to meet him for lunch. Of course the shoes didn’t fit…and I got the whole spiel…
Him: “How many pairs of shoes did you buy..? Don’t you already have like 50 pairs..?”
Me: “Hey, I don’t wanna hear it – my three cost less than your one pair.”
Him: *giving a look*
Me: “I’ll be happy to show you the receipt if you want…”
Him: “Whatever…”
Me: *laughter*
We finished eating, he called Alec’s dad, and found they weren’t home yet, so despite having to go back to my house to get shot records, which is 4 houses from where he is, I can’t pick him up yet. So to the house I go. No fax yet. Alrighty. I also tried to print a map to the school where I have to go, no luck. Ok, the new printer is junk too. Great. I unplugged it, gave it 30 seconds and plugged it back in. Still no communication, according to the computer. I did it again. Still no good.
I rebooted the puter, all is well, go figger. Called the doctor’s office and asked them to refax (thanks guys!). Looked for Shayne’s birth certificate, as this was the other reason I came all the way home. I knew where it should be, in the box with the cards from his birth & stuffs. But that box was somewhere in the garage – with all the other still-unpacked-since-the-move-before-last. (In our defense, we moved 7 years worth of stuff from a 3500 sq ft area to 1250 sq ft in the-move-before-last. We now have enough room, but it’s been either cold or rainy anytime we’ve had time to do anything with it….) Scary. But I tackled it, and believe it or not, I found it in like 30 seconds…the box that is. The birth certificate was nowhere to be found, which is why I found the box in 30 seconds…
It’s now 2:30. I still hafta go to the near north side for the bc, but after calling the school, I found that they are only registering until 2:45. Great, now I’ll have to spend ANOTHER day off (*snort*) to do this. I took back hunny’s shoes, and found another pair for me at $5, went & got the bc, picked up the boy, went to the house, picked up Alec, and made it to Karate with 3 minutes to spare – damn I’m good ! ! !
So, that was my day off.
Ok, gotta work 😦
See ya laterzzzzzzzz!