My Day Off

Yesterday was my day off – what a joke! I think I work MUCH harder on my days off than I ever do at work! Two weeks ago I made an appointment to have my car tuned up, ‘cuz she really needed it. At that time I didn’t have anything planned. Silly me, to think I could just schedule something like that and be able to do it unhindered…
Monday night, my hunny says:
Him: “You know they’re registering for Kindergarten…”
Me: “Now..? It’s May, school doesn’t start until September or at least August…”
Him: “Amy took Alec down to register yesterday.”
Me: “So, are you telling me I need register Shayne? Now..?”
Him: “Well…”
Me: “I gotta take my car down to O’Brien’s to get it tuned up tomorrow…”
Him: “Yeah, and..?”
Me: “Uhhh… O’Brien’s is in Greenwood, school is in Plainfield. And I have no idea how long it’s going to take. “
Him: “You’ll be fine.”
Me: “What all do I have to take to register him, I wonder?”
Him: “Amy said you need birth certificate, shot records and a bill in our name at this address.”
Me: “Alrighty then…”
Ok, so the plan is, I take him to Stacey (west side) then go to O’Brien’s (south side) then to Health Dept(near norteast side) to get certified copy of his birth certificate, then to Plainfield (FAR west). That’s the new plan.
Oh yeah, did I mention Tuesday is Karate..? And apparently I didn’t have enough to do, I was volunteered to handle that, too. Goody.
We got moving about 9:30ish. And that was pushing it…I need my morning wake up time. NEED. I am not fit for man nor beast without it.
OH, oh, oh! This is a great opportunity to mention the new addition to my morning routine! I found a great blog, Tom’s Hideaway where they have a trivia contest everyday! Trivia rocks! (That would be my inner geek talking – you know, the same one that does crossword puzzles to wake up..? *grin*) This has become a staple of my mornings. Go check it out – he even has a copy of (the only) picture of me as a child up on the site 🙂
Anyways, I rushed to Stacey’, then down to the car dealership. I told Jeff not to worry about the accel hesitation, as I didn’t have time to mess with it that day.
While sitting there, I gave hunny a call. It was then that he decided to mention that it was “Bring A Buddy” day at Karate, and that he had arranged for Alec to go with Shayne.
Me: “Huh? Why are you telling me this NOW..?”
Him: “I told you about it.”
Me: “No you didn’t…”
Him: “You should know what’s going on there…”
Me : “This is the first I’ve heard of it. How often do I go to Karate? Once every two weeks? How would I know that?”
Him: “I told you about it last Tuesday…”
Me: “Last Tuesday..? The day your boy broke his arm..? You think I heard something beyond “Your boy broke his arm” last Tuesday..?”
Him: *laughter*
Me: “Nice…are they bringing him, or do I hafta pick him up..?”
Him: “I imagine we ‘ll get him there.”
We. He means ME.
So let’s recap – I’ve gone 17 miles to Stacey’s, then 23 to the dealership, I have to go back to the house, 15 miles, to get shot records, either that or add a trip to the doctor’s office (north west side) to my already full day, then go to the Health Dept to get the birth certificate, 27 miles from the house, then out to Plainfield, approx 30 miles from Health Dept, to get him registered. Then back to Stacey’s to pick him up, 20 miles from school, back to pick up Alec, who by the way lives 4 HOUSES FROM OUR HOUSE, another 17 miles, and then back to Karate…
I have approx 4 hours to do this. Keep in mind, none of the above includes the time I have to sit and wait at each place, just the drive distance…
At this point, it was already almost 1:00. Karate starts at 5:45, and the only parts of this I have so far accomplished is the tune up. And a side trip to Shoe Carnival…(they had the cutest white shoes that I didn’t get last week, and I’ve been kicking myself ever since, so I stopped in to get them. And they had a Buy One, Get One 1/2 price sale going on, and I’m not one to pass up a bargain, so I figured I might as well get two pair since the second would be 1/2 price…Then hunny realized I was at Shoe Carnival and gave me the ‘ol guilt trip “I’ve been needing new tennis shoes for months” So I picked him up a pair, then I had to get another pair, ‘cuz I wasn’t gonna waste the 2nd pair half price…*grin*
He was right down the street at Kroger’s, so I picked up some Subway and headed over to meet him for lunch. Of course the shoes didn’t fit…and I got the whole spiel…
Him: “How many pairs of shoes did you buy..? Don’t you already have like 50 pairs..?”
Me: “Hey, I don’t wanna hear it – my three cost less than your one pair.”
Him: *giving a look*
Me: “I’ll be happy to show you the receipt if you want…”
Him: “Whatever…”
Me: *laughter*
We finished eating, he called Alec’s dad, and found they weren’t home yet, so despite having to go back to my house to get shot records, which is 4 houses from where he is, I can’t pick him up yet. So to the house I go. No fax yet. Alrighty. I also tried to print a map to the school where I have to go, no luck. Ok, the new printer is junk too. Great. I unplugged it, gave it 30 seconds and plugged it back in. Still no communication, according to the computer. I did it again. Still no good.
I rebooted the puter, all is well, go figger. Called the doctor’s office and asked them to refax (thanks guys!). Looked for Shayne’s birth certificate, as this was the other reason I came all the way home. I knew where it should be, in the box with the cards from his birth & stuffs. But that box was somewhere in the garage – with all the other still-unpacked-since-the-move-before-last. (In our defense, we moved 7 years worth of stuff from a 3500 sq ft area to 1250 sq ft in the-move-before-last. We now have enough room, but it’s been either cold or rainy anytime we’ve had time to do anything with it….) Scary. But I tackled it, and believe it or not, I found it in like 30 seconds…the box that is. The birth certificate was nowhere to be found, which is why I found the box in 30 seconds…
It’s now 2:30. I still hafta go to the near north side for the bc, but after calling the school, I found that they are only registering until 2:45. Great, now I’ll have to spend ANOTHER day off (*snort*) to do this. I took back hunny’s shoes, and found another pair for me at $5, went & got the bc, picked up the boy, went to the house, picked up Alec, and made it to Karate with 3 minutes to spare – damn I’m good ! ! !
So, that was my day off.
Ok, gotta work 😦
See ya laterzzzzzzzz!



  1. 1
    TOM Says:

    Holy Crap and you still had time to play trivia!!! What a day.

  2. 2
    Dawtch Says:

    Trivia has become a morning staple – like coffee & crossword puzzles. I really suck at some of the subjects (movie stuffs, sports, and apparently science. But in my defense, school was a loooooooong time ago…
    Thanks for coming by!

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