Hillary Doesn’t Pay Her Bills, Either…

I am not a political person by nature. I do vote, based on what information I garner during elections and past experience (if any) with the candidates. But now we have Hillary Clinton running for president….Can I just say Ewwwwwwwww.
I lost all respect for Mrs. Clinton while her husband was in the White House. Let me start by saying that I feel whatever happens in a couples personal life should be their business, and doesn’t have any bearing on their abilities to do their jobs. So what Bill did didn’t change my opinion of his capabilities as president.
But what Hillary did has changed my opinion of her ability to run our country. If you think back to Bill’s early days, Mrs. Clinton did an interview with 60 Minutes, during which she made the comment “I’m not sitting here, some little woman standing by her man. I’m sitting here because I love him and I respect him.” The comment in and of itself raised a bit of a stink, and there was talk for a while that she had crossed a “line.” I lost a little bit of respect for her when she made the comment…Why was she referring to a song that was released in 1968 in the modernized days of the 90s? And what’s wrong with being a “Stand By Your Man” woman? Isn’t marriage a partnership, where each supports the other? I’m proud to say that I am a “Stand By Your Man” woman! Not only do I say it, but I will do (and have done) it when it becomes necessary. Just like he would stand by me (and has) if necessary. Maybe she felt she didn’t need to support her husband, that it was all about her…
And then we had the whole Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinski deal. And we still have a Mrs. Clinton…a Mrs Hillary Clinton. What?!?! But she told the world she wasn’t that type of gal…I mean c;mon, if you’re this strong, independent, feminist, I-won’t-be-walked-on-by-any-man type of woman, and you have announced this to the world, on national TV, on a heavily watched program, why are you still with this man..?
Again, let me clarify. I don’t think she should have left him because he screwed around, that’s a personal choice. But she declared in front of God and everyone that she wouldn’t tolerate that type of behavior. Yet she did.
I guess the bottom line is – do we want a lying hypocrite of a woman running our country..? A woman who has publicly made a fool of herself, repeatedly?
And, I ran across this story today. Apparently she doesn’t pay her bills, either…

    Indianapolis: Indiana University says it may have to tap into reserve funds to cover a campaign visit by Hillary Clinton.

    The New York senator and Democratic presidential candidate owes IU $55,000 from a stop at Assembly Hall. Her opponent, Senator Barack Obama, held a similar rally there, but his campaign paid up their nearly $100,000 bill….

    No, Mrs. Clinton will not get my vote. As a woman, I would love to see a female president, but Hillary Clinton is not the woman I want representing my gender to the world, because never doubt, all women will be judged by her actions…. Just my little opinion…..


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