The Banks of The Wabash – Now known as The Fairbanks Park Arts & Music Festival…

Well, yesterday was a busy day (go figger) but in a good way, rather than in a chicken-with-it’s-head-cut-off way 🙂

My hunny took my car to Uncle Mike’s early early to do the brakes for me. They were getting scary…anytime you had to slow down, you could have put a glass of milk & ice cream anywhere in the vehicle, and by the time you stopped you’d have a milkshake…the front rotors were just a little bit warped…

About 10:30ish I called him ‘cuz the boy just had to talk to Daddy. He wanted to play the new Wii, and I told him Daddy had to ok it (That’ll be another post, but apparently we aren’t selling or trading it…) So Daddy says ok, and also that the car was done. As I had said yesterday, I think it was yesterday…I planned on taking the boy the The Banks of The Wabash Festival in Terre Haute. Since my car was done, I guessed it was time to get functional (ugh) I set the boy up with the Wii, and proceeded to get ready.

I had asked a couple of different people if they wanted to go, but one had a race party to attend, and the other said she was just too broke (although I think it might have had more to do with her having to get functional before Noon…LOL) So, it was me & my boy for the first leg of the journey, and possibly the whole trip. I had in mind to call Tony & Jayme and see if they wanted to come out with the boys, but wanted to wait until I got my car.

About 11:30ish we climbed in the truck and headed West. I had to stop and get new sunglasses, since I had put mine in my purse, so I would have them, and they got broke. Sunglasses never last around me. When we got to Mike’s, Hunny was under the racecar doing something, so we had to wait a minute or two. Then he wanted me to drive my car. I sped down their road and hit the brakes. No more milkshakes! And we were off.

I called the kids, and found that Jayme had to work, but was going to try to get someone to cover for her, they’d call me when they found out. So westward we went. I stopped at Brazil to pee, and give them a call as I hadn’t heard from them, and this was where I’d hafta change route if I needed to go out there. No answer. But Tony called me back – after I was already back on the highway. And of course, they needed a ride. But there was a problem. My car will hold 3 car seats and 2 adults…we had 3 adults.

Then they were going to try to borrow Jayme’s sister’s car. No luck. So I turned around at Terre Haute and went back to Brazil, and out into the sticks, where they live. We ended up having Tony and Anakin ride with me & Shayne, and Jayme & Jordan were brought by her dad. It was a beautiful day for festivaling, and I think a good time was had by all. We ate carnival food (mmmmmmm) and drank carnival drinks. Poor Shayne was kinda restricted in what he could ride, having a broken arm, but he got to go down the big slide with Bubby, he rode the Dragons with Jayme, and the bumper cars with Bubby. He also got to ride in the helicopter – alone, we’re all too big to fit 🙂 He got a snake, some new sunglasses, and a cool looking Hot Wheels car with tracks instead of tires.

I got Daddy his name in vinyl for his truck (work truck) door, and a new belt, and I found an acceptable (for now) case for my phone. I also got a new dragon to add to the ones we have…

The ride home was peaceful, for the most part, as Shayne fell asleep before we hit I-70 in Terre Haute, and slept almost to Plainfield. Then he woke up crying, but wouldn’t tell me what was wrong. I kept telling him I couldn’t help if I didn’t know what the problem was, but he cried for a good five minutes before even trying to talk. Then he said he couldn’t tell me. Finally he admitted that his arm hurt – why he couldn’t tell me that I have no idea. By that point we were five minutes from home, so I told him he could take some medicine when we got home, and it would help his arm. I think that’s why he didn’t want to tell me…he doesn’t want any medicine. I think it’s the whole tough guy thing…

We got home, took some medicine (it was 8:30 or so by this time), he played the Wii for a while, (‘cuz my boy has power napping down to a science – if he sleeps 10 minutes, he’s good for at least 3 or 4 hours…imagine what an hour did for him…) Ordered pizza, watched Underdog on OnDemand, then finally about 12:30ish we snuggled down and went to sleep. (Daddy was racing so he got to snuggle in the big bed with Mommy)

All in all, it was a pretty good day. There were a few moments when I would have cheerfully hogtied my boy and thrown him over a shoulder, but hey – he’s five, he can’t be an angel all the time…

Ok, gotta go to a cookout at Uncle Mike’s.

See ya laterzzzzzzz!


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