Yeah, Yeah, I know, it’s the next day. But hey – I had a buncha shit to do! I got the boy’s pants made, but they really aren’t going to work, as they need an extra piece of material at the crotch to allow for ease of movement *sigh* I can’t seem to find a pattern for actual "Gi" pants, so I guess I’ll hafta break down and buy them. But on the bright side, I found a website where I can buy just the pants (or just the jacket) and I can get two pairs (including shipping) for less than the dojo wants for a new uniform (can’t buy the pieces separately from them…).

I really am on limited time, gotta do the whole "work" thing…ewwwww. But hey, gotta pay the bills somehow 😦

Now, where was I..? Oh yeah, Hunny needed a trim, too. Don’t get me wrong, I like my hunny to accompany me on outings, but…..he’s a guy. Guys want to go, get done & get back. While that sounds good in theory, the reality kinda sucks! Plus, him going meant we had to take the truck, ‘cuz my car was trashed (and I do mean trashed! I’m not sure how it happens, but I can never keep the damn thing clean!) Well, taking the truck made it kinda hard to get my oil changed, now didn’t it..? He also has an aversion to stores. All stores. When he needed a new axe for camping, I had to go to Lowes and get it. You would think a guy would love the opportunity to go wander a Lowes, but not my Hunny, nope, not happening! What that translated to was, we probably weren’t going to make it to Walgreen’s for Rx either.

So, we got the guys’ hair cut, I goy my watch adjusted, I got a new Aveeno (which by the way SUCKS! I am taking it back. I got some Biore, which seems to be a better choice, but that’s for a different post…), and looked at video games, for the Wii & the PS2. We ended up getting one for the boy, for the PS2.

Damn! Gotta go to work! will try to pick up from there, if we aren’t swarmed with phone calls….

See ya laterzzzzzzzzz!


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