Oh Goodie! ! ! !

Well, aren’t I the lucky one..? Now I get to fuc**ng MOVE again. We thought we were all good…when we rented the house we made it clear we didn’t want to move anytime soon, the lady we rented from was all good with that. No problem, renewal is good, rent won’t go up…then she sold the house. It seemed all was still good. We met with buyers, seemed like decent folk, basically, although quite honestly, I didn’t trust her as far as I could throw her, but hey, what could I do? She now owned my house.
We should’ve known it wouldn’t be quite so good when we tried to get back the money we had spent to put screens in a couple of the windows, since none of the windows had screens when we moved in. Now mind you I’m not talking hundreds of dollars – we’re talking about $30. Like pulling teeth. Nevermind they had indicated in our initial meeting that they were going to a) replace the nasty carpet, b) fix all the holes in the walls, c) replace all the interior doors that likewise have holes in them, d) replace the board over the garage door that is rotting away, etc., etc., etc. Guess how many of those things they’ve done..? You got it – not a one! Yet they want to raise the rent. Mind – I had expected it to go up a bit – maybe $50 a month – even $75, but $125..? No, I don’t think so. If they had replaced the carpet through out, yeah, ok. Replaced the doors with holes in them, sure. But having done nothing to the place..? Not happening. So we get to move. Again. I HATE moving.
I swear I just can’t win for losing! Ever! For any reason! And I’m about over it! Every time I start to think it might – just maybe – be getting better, BAM here we go again! You know, I try to be a good person. I don’t abuse children or elderly people. I don’t talk bad about people behind their backs & pretend to be their friend to their face. I help people in need, whenever I can. I have come a long ways in controlling my attitude & my angry impulses and tendencies to leap before I look…usually ON someone. I rarely drink. I don’t do drugs that aren’t prescribed to me. I don’t lie. Ever. About ANYTHING. I don’t steal. So, WTF..? Why is it that no matter how I try, I get royally skewered everytime I turn around?
I guess if I didn’t know people who deserve to be skewered, and aren’t it wouldn’t be so bad…oh well, no point snivelling. I’m just so tired. Not just tired so much as tired of…
Well back to work.
See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


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