Lack-o-posts, moved

Sorry folks, it may be a while until I get anything put up here…we moved this past weekend, and as of yet have no internet service at the new house. You would think that being an employee of da…da…DUM The Cable Company, that there would be advantages, like not waiting for installation. Nope, just the opposite. I am held hostage to the woman in accounting who sets up employee accounts as part of her job. Setting up employee accounts..? Not quite the top of her list. I don’t think it is even CLOSE to the top of the list. (Last move, I requested the transfer 2 weeks BEFORE actually moving, it was still a full week AFTER we moved…) So, I wait. In the meantime, I will try to pop in here when I can and hopefully we’ll be back on track soon. Did I mention everything hurts..? Have you ever seen anyone bruise the PALM of their hand. Yep, sure did. And the insides of all my fingers, my legs are bruised, my hands a swollen badly, I could barely hold a coffee cup this morning, and that’s bad. No crossword to wake me up. No news. No trivia – well I can go do that from work, but that doesn’t help my morning…No comics, no horoscope, NO BLOGGING. Let’s just say any readers who don’t have to deal with me in person should be thanking all the Gods & Goddesses in existence for that blessing. Morning is bad enough as is, add all that..? Just UGLY.
OK, gotta go.
See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! ! ! ! !


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    thevinylvillage Says:

    I think Ive bruised my palms everytime Ive moved…furniture DIGS in when you’re trying to lift it.
    Glad you’re getting settled into the new place!

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