Okeedokee, I am back up, kinda sorta, I hope…have had computer issues since the dude who installed the HSD back active downloaded some crap on to it…but I’ll get to that later. RIght now I want to update you real quick like.
We’re in the new house – I don’t have pics yet, but we did add another new family member…you remember, Jingles joined us a couple of months ago..?

Well, we got moved, and found another wandering around our yard. I stooped down to pet him, and he just curled up under my coat and around my feet like he belonged there. But I didn’t take him in right away. I put out food & water, and told Hunny about him. He said he’d take him in when he got home (what a wonderful Hunny I have…) but he wasn’t around when Hunny got home. I figgered someone else beat us to it. I saw the neighbors next morning, turns out her sister had brought him to her as a “gift” and they already had 2 big dogs….they were going to take him to a farm and drop him off, but I offered to take him so…meet Bel
I have some more pics I wanna share, like the one showing how a redneck fixes his car door handle – aww shit – I better just put it up while I’m here…
Or maybe they’re just trying to keep the cold air out..? Hey VV – this was in a Wal_mart parking lot, I think that makes me the winner of the Wal-mart Bingo…
Ok, gotta go, the boy is hollering he wants a jelly sammich, and we gotta get ready to head out.
See ya laterzzzzzzzzzz!



  1. 1
    EuroYank Says:

    For a bitch that is a witch what is this with all these millions of kitty blogs? Is it because all you women are pussies?

  2. 2
    Dawtch Says:

    What in the world does that mean..? Could you repeat it in understandable terminology please?

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