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OMG! ! ! I finally have Live Writer back, kinda. I have a Beta version, that looks very different, but still has all my info, so we’ll see if it works. What a royal pain in the ass this has been…First the installer jacked my computer up, then Hunny got it to load, but my dvd drive wouldn’t work, and Live Writer was gone (who knows what else I haven’t found yet is going to turn up…)

Ok, DVD doesn’t work, I’ll get a new one. And I did. And I installed it. It didn’t work either….They were both in my device manager, with exclamation points next to them. When I tried to install, they told me the drivers were corrupt…So Matt, a guy I work with came by and looked at the puter. He got the drives working WOOOHOOO ! ! ! ! He got Live Writer back on the puter. WOOOHOOO! ! ! ! GO MATT! ! ! !

But when I went to get online last night, my browser wouldn’t open. Neither one. Huh???? Ok, I did a system restore, back to Dec 2nd, before all this crap started. WOOHOOO! ! ! My browsers work again ! ! ! ! Uhhhhh….my drives are gone, again, as is the Live Writer….So in disgust I undid the restore and went to bed, hoping the fix-the-computer fairies would com visit in the night. No such luck. I got up this morning, still no browser. And a birthday party to prepare for – Oh yeah, on a side note, not that I ever diverge from my topic, or anything, the in-laws did come by. At noon. The party’s at 2ish…

Anyways, back to the puter. So for lack of anything better to do, I did a restore back to Dec 2nd again. Same result – I have a browser but no drives. I undid it. Then I had a flash of genius! I re-re-restored it back to Dec 2nd, downloaded  the Firefox Setup program to a jump drive, re-undid the restore, and re-installed it from the jump drive. It worked. But there are still issues, not the least of which is this window that keeps popping upimage

Now in and of itself, this window wouldn’t really be a big issue, unless you know that I have Windows Firewall turned off. Oh yeah, it’s off. If I click on Enable Protection it takes me to HERE apparently a site to buy security software.

Now how do I know for sure the Windows Firewall is turned off? you ask.
There have been people jacking with your computer! you say.
You’re exactly right! I respond, but I’m not a complete idiot, I’m not even blonde anymore….When I go into Windows Security Center, I see this:


Well, that shows the firewall is on! you say.
Yes, yes it does make one believe that, doesn’t it? I respond….the thing is, when I go into “Manage Security Settings”  for Windows Firewall, I see this:


CLicking “yes”  leads to this:


CLosing that one, and again clicking on security settings for Windows Firewall, gives me this nifty little screen…


Which clearly shows Windows Firewall turned OFF.

I’m so confused….and really need to go get stuffs ready, people will be showing up anytime now, and I have way too much blood in my alcohol system to deal with a house full of people…..

I welcome – Hell, I’m begging for! – any suggestions as to how to remedy this…..

Gotta go for now, back soon, I hope.

Seee ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzz! ! ! !


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