Help ?!?!?!

Look! Two days in a row! Must be some kinda record! Or maybe not, because I really haven’t time to post anything meaningful…I’m not yet convinced I will stay here…I uploaded the pic I used on blogger, and it said it would “start showing up all over wordpress soon!” but when I post a comment there is still this funky looking icon thingy showing up 😦 No clue how to make it work. Also, the available widgets seem very limited compared to Blogger…again, not sure if the options are truly that limited, or if I just have no clue how to access additional option. And what help files I have found aren’t very detailed…or helpful…

How do I get my blog list on my sidebar? How do I get my links on my sidebar? How do I get my pics on my sidebar..? How do I get rid of that funky looking icon thingy & get my pic to show instead..? Where do I get assistance???

How do I get the person who can answer these questions to visit my blog,l read the questions, and then answer them for me..? ARGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!


see ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!


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  1. Im not sure how to get pics on your sidebar…but from your control panel there should be a widget for blogroll and links? Its been a long time…give me a shout and Ill dig around if you need help (warning–I am a computer moron)

    This is the shit! I like the whole reply individually, ‘cuz yanno I just get sooooooooo many comments…..I tried the blogroll widget, it just threw up links for wordpress, and when I tried to edit it – to add my own – it told me no edit options available for this widget…

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