Yes, it was long….

I was right – it was a very looooong night. He had weird dreams all night,, and woke about every 45 minutes to an hour. Which means I woke every 45 minutes to an hour. Again. Like the night before, and the night before that. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t really sleep right and so am used to sleep deprivation.

Well, where was I..? Oh yeah, we were heading home from the baby sitter’s and I had asked the boy if he was hungry. He said no, which I found rather odd, knowing he hadn’t eaten. When I asked “Even for White Castle?” he said he guessed he could eat. He also said his belly hurt “a little.” We pulled up to White Castle and ordered, and then sat. And sat. And sat…I can’t figure out why, but that has got to be the slowest fast-food I’ve ever eaten. As we sat, he began to say that his belly was hurting more. Then said he felt like he was going to throw up. So out the door he went – or at least his upper body did. He didn’t actually get sick But he did want to go home & take some medicine rather than wait any more for his food. You have no idea how unexpected & out of character that is for my boy.

This is the same kid who refused paid medicine when he had a broken arm. Who responded “Oh, a little…” when the doc asked him if it hurt. This same kid saying his belly hurt badly enough to pass on White Castle – his favorite food in the world. Now it’s happening again. I dunno, an I over re-acting? It just seems really odd that a child that will crack his head/shin/elbow or any other body part, up to & including hard enough to bleed, and say “I’m ok,” to be in tears because his belly hurts, well, I’m not really good with having it treated like it’s nothing. Now he says his neck hurts, too. I am pretty sure he means throat…it hurts when he swallows, he says. But he is also pretty insistent that Motrin, not Pepcid, is making he belly feel better, which is, to me, even more of a reason to not be good with “Feed him Pepcid and bland food, he’ll be fine in a few days.” Or is it just me..? Comments are always welcome – I’m pretty sure I’ll be up tonight, too.   


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