Morning Dance Video

Anyone who comes here regularly (all 3 of you…) know I have a morning routine and that, as a rule I don’t do mornings well. This morning, when I got to Yahoo, I found this waiting for me. Now pretty much everyone knows yesterday was Ostara (aka Easter) and ABC Family was showing Mary Poppins (which we watched) and The Sound of Music (which we didn’t). It seemed funny to me that I would wake up to a video of this right there but then I realized I just woke up and maybe it wasn’t so funny – it was probably planned that way, “Duh Mommy!” as my boy used to say…anyways, I am a fan of dance, anywhere, anywhen, and I think this is cool, so I will share here.

I have more to write about…my boy is still sick, though seemingly on the mend, finally – after a long miserable weekend. And we still have the wedding we attended in Kentucky to review – with pics :). I had to call in today, since Hunny stayed home with him Thursday, it was only fair that I do so today. So, with that, I will leave you with this video…Good Morning!

See ya laterzzzzzzzzz!!!!


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    tom Says:

    Love the new blog home, great video!

    Yeah, I thought so, too! To catch my attention first thing – that’s a trick! I may change up the template, don’t know yet – still considering…

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