Crisis Averted – Conclusion

So I went to Wally World last night, and Debetta the Beta now has a new home. He also has new rocks, although I kept the hidey hole for him…Yanno I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hidey hole in with a Beta before, but he seems to really like it – you know, to hide in. I even got the Chlor-out stuff, the right one! Of course, the bowl I grabbed didn’t have a tag on it, just like all the other bowls back there, so the cashier had to call a manager. At 10:30 pm. Can you see where this is going..? Yeah, she was at the other end of the checkouts, apparently chit chatting with someone. And that’s where she stayed. For 10 minutes. As I started her way she decided it was time to respond and headed towards us. Since I was tired, I just went to the ATM, thinking I would soon be on my way home. But apparently that wasn’t to be. I walked back up to the register just in time to hear her say “Page someone in pets” Huh? IT’S 10:30. PM. There isn’t anyone in pets at 10:30 on a Thursday night! Oh Goody, I get to wait ANOTHER 15 minutes. Yeah, I said it out loud.

So we stood and waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, the manager came back

Her: “Do you know how much it is?”
Me: ”$4.97, I’ve said ten times by now…”
Her: *to cashier: “Just do an override.”

You couldn’t do that 15 minutes ago..? Or even 25 minutes ago, when you were originally called..? I mean c’mon – I read a whole magazine waiting on her! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

Oh well, such is life 🙂

So. Debetta the Beta has a new home. He seems pretty pleased about it, too – although, how would a fish show displeasure? Really? They don’t bark or yowl, they don’t bite – well most of them don’t bite…My mom had an Oscar that sat at the end of a “bar” in her dining room. Her cat would get up on the bar and torment it – or it would torment the cat – either way…She came home one day to find it flopping on the dining room floor & the top open. We assumed it got tired of the cat messing with it & jumped outta the tank trying to eat it….Needless to say, she did put a paperweight on the top of the tank.

But anywho. Debetta is all set up – see for yourself:



No more “Everything looks cloudy! OMG I’m losing my sight! I’m GOING BLIND!!!” for Debetta. I’m sure it’s a huge load off of his mind…

Not to be outdone, the crazy kitty had to make his presence felt last night. Bel seems to be under the impression that any piece of anything  dark colored is his personal hiding place. If it’s dark colored, and it can be gotten to, it’s his. The dark blue blanket on the bed. The dark blue carpet runner coming in from the garage. Never mind that laying on these things tends to get him stepped on! And it doesn’t matter how small it is – he’ll lay on a 4”X4” piece of cloth & think he’s well hidden…

My reusable Wally World bags are black. Well, some of them are. The ones I used last night…See for yourself:


Yeah, there’s a cat in that pic. You can see him if you look really close…it a cag (cat/bag) or maybe a bat – no wait there’s already a critter called a bat…


See how well he hides..? He seems to think the dark colors in the multi-colored rug hide him…You can kinda see the runner towards the top of the pic. He is blending pretty well with the bags again, tho. He was actually trying to get inside them, but gave up before I got the camera out      😦 He’s never net a small, enclosed place he didn’t like. When I bought a new printer it took all of 3 minutes for him to claim the box. Since it had a big plastic wrap thingy and styrofoam (have you ever tried to clean up styrofoam a cat has decided was too big and needed “brought down to size”? which translates to a bazillion little pieces of super-light-can’t-be-sucked-with-the-vacuum-because-the-updraft-blows-it-away-before-the-sucker-can-get-it…). I closed the lid, you know the old fold over & under thingy? 30 min later I looked up to see a cat’s rear legs & tail sticking out of the middle of the flaps on the top of the box. His front half was firmly inside – and my camera was nowhere to be found…go figger!

Anywho, I gotta go. Today & tomorrow (my 4 hour Saturday! Woohoo!) Then I’m off for 8 days. In a row. All together. I won’t know how to act! Well, I will, I’ll do laundry, clean the house, organize my closet, get the garage cleaned out (you remember – the two-car garage you can’t get even one in..?). Oh yeah, and blogging! I hope….

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!



  1. 1
    tom Says:

    Debetta looks pleased !!

    You were a huge help last night, your recipe for luck proved perfect…We may need your help for the rest of the playoffs….you were given due credit on the blog for your part…

    Next Game Sunday !!
    Anything you need darlin” just ask! I’m here for you! But I’m still not sure where to find info on those football games you keep talking about 😦

  2. 2
    Faerie♥Kat Says:

    I surely do miss having a cat around — there’s no end of mischief they can get themselves into — and coincidentally make into YOUR mischief. I was rather worried poor Debetta might do himself an injury with a fin trying to figure out if he had something in his eye or if he just had suddenly developed cataracts.

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