Police Wives Blogathon

The Blogathon is On!

The date for the Police Wives Online blogathon is set for Saturday April 25. It will officially start at 9AM Saturday morning and end at 9AM on Sunday. Bloggers will mainly consist of members of Police Wives Online, but I am willing to allow for sign-ups of any interested bloggers, provided all donation are made either through this blog or through the main donation page on Police Wives Online. Donations will benefit the many programs at Police Wives Online including the H.U.G.S. (Helping Uplift Grieving Survivors) program and a newly created scholarship fund for law enforcement families.
Here are the many ways you can help out:……. For more on this, or to donate, go to Police Wives Online

No I’m not a police wife – I’m a redneck, truck driver wife *grin* But I am a police friend & police sister-in-law. I found this by clicking a link in a comment on The Vinyl Villager ( a daily requirement!) which took me to Note To Self (how funny is that…my last post was a “note to self” what a cowinkydink!), which took me to the blog-a-thon. Since I am way broke today (and tomorrow & the next day…) I can’t donate right now, but I can make sure all three of my readers know about it, and give them a chance to go visit & maybe donate to a good cause 🙂

PWO Blogathon Button Comp

Go on! Check it  out! What are you waiting for..?

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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  1. well after spending a friggin fortune to get my almost brand new car in safe running order again, I couldnt contribute any coin to the very worthy cause either. But I hope they were able to meet their goals…

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