Doctor Follow-up

-I’d like to thank The Vinyl Villager for this post. I started to reply to the comment he left on yesterday’s post and about the time I got to *** I realized I wasn’t “commenting” I was essentially writing a post…LOL

Here’s his comment:

Hope you all have a clean bill of health! I friggin hate going to the doctor…

Unfortunately for me, I have several "ongoing issues" – the fibromyalgia, and headaches that apparently have no basis in anything any kind of test can find, but that essentially never go away :(. I do however take a medication that, for a short time, make them ALMOST gone…of it’s a narcotic, and despite having taken it for almost 20 years now, but NONE while pregnant with the boy 🙂 – when I move from Terre Haute to Indy it took a while to find a doctor who believed I wasn’t a drug addict. When he moved about 7 years ago, it took another two years, maybe three, to find my current doc, and we had several run-ins before I finally convinced him I wasn’t hooked on it or abusing it. It took me not taking any for two months (confirmed by blood tests), and me almost (and really, really, realllllly wanting to) literally coming to blows with one of the other providers in the office to do it (that incident may be an upcoming post, actually…). Wow, that was more than you were looking for, huh..? Anywhoooo, he added a high blood pressure med for me (no idea why my blood pressure would be high…) and refilled all the other crap I needed (I take about 8 or 9 different meds).

Hunny, on the other hand, not so good*** (a bit much for a “comment, huh..? although I have left longer ones…*grin*). For those who don’t know Hunny is diabetic. This is a recent discovery (about a year & a half ago, when he went for his DOT physical, his sugar was high, so they refused to ‘stamp’ it & sent him to the doctor. The test they do to determine what the average has been for like the last 2-3 months, called an A1C That’s A one C) came back at like 10% or 11% . According to Diabetes Health “The normal level of A1C in people without diabetes is approximately 4% to 6%. In 1994, the ADA began recommending specific A1C treatment goals based on the results of the DCCT. From that time on, the goal for most people with diabetes has been less than 7%. Each 1% change in A1C represents a change of approximately 35 mg/dl in average blood glucose. Not good. He was started on Janumet & Actos, changed his diet, and was doing very well. His blood sugar readings were running between 85 and 140ish – not GREAT but not really bad either. But then, shit happened, and happened some more, and of course, much most of the rest of the general population, we are having the regular how-the-Hell-do-I-pay-all-these-bills-with-this little-bit-of-money? stuff going on. They’ve cut hime back to about 40 to 45 hours a week (Hunny is your atypical, 1950’s sorta guy. Even though I work, and we have more of a partnership than most in a lot of ways, in his head it’s still his responsibility to not only pay all the bills, but also support me in the style I’d like to become accustomed to…) SO, the stress went up, and his attention to his health went down….He finally decided to start checking his sugars again MONDAY – ‘cuz we had doctor appointments on Wednesday. The first reading..? 465!!!  For those who have no clue what that means, an average person’s sugars run 80 – 90 on average. See a problem here..? So he now has another medication, and a bunch more stress. Stress raises blood sugar. Vicious cycle. Why stress..? Well, to begin with HE COULD DIE FROM THIS. In addition (‘cuz yanno that’s not enough…) if he has to start taking insulin shots, he could lose his job. The Federal government say that if you are diabetic, and you take insulin shots, you can’t hold a CDL…although there is a small glimmer. It seems that if you don’t go out of state/over the road (he doesn’t) you can get a waiver. “That’s Wonderful” you say. Did I mention that the waiver has an associated cost (because what government related anything doesn’t?) $2700 a year. Every year. Where’s my bailout..?

*sigh* why do all my “pots of gold at the end of the rainbow” turn out to be filled with coal..? Oh well, such is life. Either we’ll get by or we won’t : )

There’s more…the boy got a Z pack & a blood draw (still waiting on results), and seems to be doing much better, as I said, more to come : )

Gotta go, the boy gets off the bus in about 10 minutes & I’m sitting here in my underwear, letting the new ink air out *grin*

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!   



  1. 1

    You’re right; we’re weirdly connected. I’ll have to blog my own medical confession tonight. Been boo-hoo-ing about it since Tuesday; maybe “talking” will help. Sigh.

  2. well if I may turn a comment into a post of its own…here goes.
    Speaking of pain meds….

    you might recall that Ive passed, since October, six kidney stones. In February, after the fifth one, I went back to my urologist. He did a scan, found seven more. Gave me a prescription for 20 high strength narcotic pain killers, telling me to “cut em in half if I didnt need a whole one”
    Now, I didnt know there was such a thing as a pill cutter, because thankfully I dont hardly ever take medicine.
    So I try to chop one in half with a knife. the first two just turn to dust. So I said screw it and took a whole pill. It knocked out the pain, but also knocked ME out. Next time I needed one, I get it sort of in half, but because one end is all jagged I gag the thing back up (and it was a soggy mess then, so I tossed it and took the other half–gagging it down in the process)
    Frustrated, I called his office (this was two weeks after getting the prescription–I had only needed the pain medicine the handful of times I outlined above) and explained that one whole pill was more than I needed–and cutting them in half was a disaster, could they not just prescribe me a lower dose or something.
    So they do–16 pills of a half of the former dosage. Next time I needed one, took it, worked great–knocked the pain out almost completely, but I could still function. So I tossed the large dose ones he had initially given me–thinking, if Im hurting bad enough to take those, my ass is going to t he hospital instead.
    Fast forward to last week.
    Im in pain, take a pill. Stone, as has happened before, gets “stuck” in my bladder for two days–resulting in a constant stabbing/have to pee feeling. Take a few more over the next two days til stone passes. Realize I only have 2 of the original 16 left.
    Call for a refill.
    Call the pharmacy several times that day to see if its been called in…nope.
    call docs office back the next morning…nurse says he WON’T refill it. Now, I get there are people who will try to get all the pills they can–but 16 over a period of 2.5 months hardly makes me a junky, right? Par-tic-ularly when I had called in to have the original dose LOWERED.
    Anyhow, it pissed me off. He did call in some non-narcotic pain reliever that seems to work just as well, if not better, so I guess I should get over it, but damn!

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