New Tattoo!!! Well, ok, a start on a new tattoo/cover up


Here is what we are starting with…



Here is just the basic outline…about 45 minutes in



Here is the black work – the part that is cover-up, the rest will follow in the next sitting, maybe…



Here is where I had had enough for one sitting…this is about the 2.5 – 3 hour mark. Now, I wait for healing ( 2 – 4 weeks), and time for another sitting, to go on to the next stage.

Cool, huh..?!?!?


I will continue to post pics from future sittings. Hunny is getting a new one tomorrow…

Ok, going to bed, I’m whupped. Doc put me on high blood pressure meds, and they boy has been given a Z-pack, in liquid form. I didn’t know they made such a critter! Hunny’s blood-sugar is ridiculous )running between 300-450, his urine had over 2000 parts(?) Am going to bed now.

See  ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!


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  1. why the cover up? Its pretty amazing how they can cover up something so “heavy” and not have it look like just a big blob.
    I’ve wondered when I would get this question…the piece being covered looks pretty “ok” in the pic. I’m not sure how that works out, but in the real world it looked horrible! I started with a unicorn head there about 20 years ago. That faded, and was less than stellar quality, so I started to have it covered with Poseidon in a charriot being pulled by horses…never got finished. About 12 years ago, I had Billy (who is doing the cover up) start doing a couple (Lord & Lady) looking into each others eyes, in shadow. Shit happened, and we lost touch. We are back in contact finally (he’s always been a good friend, just not always “within reach” if you know what I mean) and he agreed that it wasn’t doing his professional reputation any good to have that walking around on my hip…lol. I was originally was going to put a Greenman there but we decided that will go better over a different piece I want covered…I’ll get that post up, eventually, too LOL. So he’s doing the dragon, incorporating it into the tear out piece already there & helping me to “get rid” of some “young, dumb and fulla – well, you know” 🙂 mistakes & poor quality work.

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