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June 30, 2009

Yes, I know, I’ve been slacking, and I apologize to those who have come here to find the same thing, day after day…Let’s see, where do I start..? The new phone of the previous post has been replaced by an HTC Touch Pro – the Mogul is cool, but a little bulkier than what I was wanting. Any Sprint customers out there looking for a new phone? Well, phone & pocket pc. It does about a bazillion cool things, and I’m selling it.
I have been working (for me…) a jacked up shift of 8-5. Have I mentioned I’m not a morning person? Oh yeah…once or twice. In order for me to be at work by 8, and not killing anyone & everyone, I have to get up at 4:30. Yep, you read that right – 4:30…in the morning…nothing like going to bed while it’s still daylight to mess your world all up!
So I haven’t been doing much of nothing beyond work, sleep, and driving from the place I do one to the place I do the other. I haven’t even been following my favorite blogs 😦 Hopefully now that I’m almost back to normal hours (volunteered for 9:00-6:30 on Friday) I’ll be able to do a little more stuffs.
My boy has finally lost his other front tooth. From the looks of the one that has grown in, he’s been cursed with my big teeth, but it looks like the (huge, horrible, almost unavoidable) family (as in damn near every cousin from my Mom’s side of the family) overbite. So I’m hoping…
Ok work calls, will try to get back here sooner…


Cool Website :)

June 6, 2009

Today I got a new phone – well okay, new TO ME, but still – technicalities…

Anyway WOOOHOOOO!!!! I got a new toy! It’s an HTC Mogul 6800, essentially a little computer. It has windows mobile, most of the Office suite, and a whole bunch of other cool shit! We also transferred Hunny’s stuff to my old (if you can call something that is 2 months old "old"..)phone, which is a Motorola Renegade – really not anything to shake a stick at itself 🙂

So, new phone means needs personalization – wallpapers, ringtones, pictures, etc. Which leads me to the reason for this post…as I was cruising the Sprint (yeah I know, but I’m trapped for another year…) website looking for new stuffs, I started to get disgusted. $5.99 for a "theme" – essentially 3 screens. $2.99 for a ringtone. And on top of that, adding insult to injury, they’re censored…I can understand OFFERING censored ringtones, I’m not stoopid, I know a lot of kids have cell phones, and not all music is appropriate for all kids, but censored as the only option..? That sucks. They do have some decent themes – and yes, I broke down and bought ONE. I’d have bought several at $2 a piece…Hell, I’d probably have spent more than I did, but at 6 bucks a piece, I am limiting myself to one. Here’s the winner… Sun & Moon Tattoo Theme.

But I didn’t boot up the old Windows Live Writer to brag (is it bragging when your just sharing your excitement..?) about my new phone. Once I was thoroughly disgusted with the pricing, I thought "Why can’t I just MAKE myself some ringtones..?"

"Because, while you aren’t really technologically challenged, you have no idea how to do it…" was the obvious answer. So, I told the answering party to shut the Hell up and did a Google search on making ringtones – surely there were instructions somewhere on the big. bad web. I have audio players, it can’t be that hard, right..?

Well my friends, lemme tell ya. It is WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY easier than I ever imagined! Simply click on Make Ringtones, upload a music file -any music file – from your computer, put the little arrow marker thingys where you want the ringtone to start & end, and click on "Make A Ringtone" Then you download it to your computer & transfer it to the ringtone folder on the phone. How easy is that..?

I am aware I am sometimes woefully behind on things, so if you already were aware of this, or a similar, site all I have to say is WHY DIDN’T YOU SHARE….???? Pffffffffffffffftttttttttttttttt!!!!!


OK, I’ve shared, now I’m gonna go make me some more – uncensored – ringtones 🙂

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!