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Hunny’s Got Tats Too!!!!

May 2, 2009

Here is Hunny’s new piece, wanted to get it up, more to come later.

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To see more of our artist’s work, you can go to the pics on his MySpace page. Ok gotta go run errands (ewwwww….) Be back later – at least that’s the plan…LOL

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!


Is She Awesome or what..?

April 16, 2009

She’s as good with a hoop as I am with a pole and/or blanket…well, almost 🙂 And I DIG those boots! If only they had heels…

[livevideo id=7F62FC446CD34717B9D7EBF6845DBD68]

Morning Dance Video

April 13, 2009

Anyone who comes here regularly (all 3 of you…) know I have a morning routine and that, as a rule I don’t do mornings well. This morning, when I got to Yahoo, I found this waiting for me. Now pretty much everyone knows yesterday was Ostara (aka Easter) and ABC Family was showing Mary Poppins (which we watched) and The Sound of Music (which we didn’t). It seemed funny to me that I would wake up to a video of this right there but then I realized I just woke up and maybe it wasn’t so funny – it was probably planned that way, “Duh Mommy!” as my boy used to say…anyways, I am a fan of dance, anywhere, anywhen, and I think this is cool, so I will share here.

I have more to write about…my boy is still sick, though seemingly on the mend, finally – after a long miserable weekend. And we still have the wedding we attended in Kentucky to review – with pics :). I had to call in today, since Hunny stayed home with him Thursday, it was only fair that I do so today. So, with that, I will leave you with this video…Good Morning!

See ya laterzzzzzzzzz!!!!

My New Blog Template

September 2, 2008

Well, as you can see if you look around, I changed my template. OK so you see it right away – hope no one thought they were at the wrong place and left…I really liked the other one, pretty much, except for the sidebar stuffs. I could never figure out how to make it as big as the stuff I put in it. I felt it looked kinda cheezy and tacky, but just didn’t have the time to do anything about it. Sure, I could have just thrown any ole template up here, but as I am sure most of you, being fellow bloggers, know, there is more to it than just changing it. To start with, you lose all of your widgets. Or at least I do. If there’s a way to change template and not lose them, I’d love to know about it!
So, today I decided it was time to do something about it. I spent several hours going through different free template sites, but found very little that appealed to me. This (obviously) was the winner. You’ll find I am a VERY Christmassy person – and before any of you fellow pagans out there go on a binge about how it is YULE NOT CHRISTMAS let me just say BITE ME! I know it’s Yule, I know the history, I have done my research on this and many Pagan/Christian holiday correlations, and you know what..?BITE ME! It’s been “Christmas” for me for 41 years, and it will be Christmas for the next however many I have. Do Christians celebrate their Christ Mass at the same time we celebrate Yule? Yep. So really, the Pagans came out ahead. Our holidays stayed the same, the dates not only unchanged but still honored. I mean really – history is written by the winners, and do you think if the ancient Christians had “won”, so to speak, that we would know of the existence of those holidays, let alone see them celebrated world wide..?
Besides, if you take offense to the word “Christmas” how are you any better than any other narrow minded bigot who believes their way is the only way?
So, I settled on a Christmas themed blog, and I’m pretty happy with it. I’ve been known to have Christmas stuff out before Halloween (don’t go there either…) I also changed the picture that is part of my profile. I found a really cool website that will take a picture you upload and transform it in different ways – as infant, child, teen, senior, as well as offering things like “as a Boticelli painting.” The one on my sidebar is what I would look like drawn by Mucha. Pretty cool, huh? I’ve added a link to the sidebar called “Face of the Future. Go check it out when you have time. No, really, when you have time on your hands – you’ll probably be there a while. Here are some of the others I ended up as:

Me as drawn by Boticelli
Me as an anime character

My Hunny as an anime character
My boy as an anime character

Do you like the new set up? Let me know what you think good, bad or indifferent  🙂
See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Illustration Friday

April 26, 2008

If you’re paying attention (not that I have any reason to think that you are…) There is a new link over on the sidebar under “Stuffs.” I stumbled on a cool website that is geared toward amateur artists (hey – my world remember? I can be an artist if I wanna be an artist). They pick a subject, then you draw your interpretation of that subject. No pressure, no judging, no winners or losers, but if you are an artist it would be a good place to get your stuff seen. They also pick one random drawing each week and “showcase” it.
I’ve been told that I can draw, but I’m not so sure…but I do enjoy it. It is a soothing, calming activity that I don’t do nearly enough. So I may give this a go. There’s no requirement that you have to submit on a regular basis, so I can when I have time and not when I don’t. But it might be the impetus I need to pick up pencil & paper again…
Ok enough for now.
See ya laterzzzzzzz!