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Wow! A Year of Our Lives Remembered!

April 7, 2009

It is simply mind-boggling to me to think I have been “blogging” for over a year! I have met some marvelous people who have taken my on exciting – & not so exciting, sometimes – adventures with them. I have chronicled the last year of my life – mostly. I admit, if I were good at this, I’d currently have 368 posts, and I don’t. In my defense, I think about blogging every day. That counts for something, right?

We’ve acquired new family members, lost teeth, been visited by fairies & fat jolly men. We’ve moved. I hated that part…We’ve had run-ins with banks & cell companies, bad drivers & stoopid people galore! I haven’t really “poured my heart out” per se, but I’ve come mightily close. Closer than I would have thought. I’m really not the heart-pouring kind, yanno.

My other blog, A Witch In Time has 318 posts – I put myself on a structured schedule over there, and if I think people are “depending” on me, I am much more likely to try to keep up. Plus it wasn’t “born” until April 21st, so hasn’t yet reached it’s first birthday…but it’s coming 🙂

My son has gone from a pre-schooler to a Kindergartener, to an almost first grader – wow! almost a first grader! Next thing you know he’ll be in high school! Our grandbabies have become grand boys. We’ve had ups & downs and even sideways’. But we’re still going strong! Hunny and I are getting ready to celebrate 10years on the 16th, and looking forward to 40 more.

I have a job I like – mostly. Well, I work with & for people I like. Life isn’t particularly easy at this point, the ends really can’t even see each other, let alone meet, but it is good. We are (mostly) healthy, we have each other, we have a home, dependable vehicles, food in the pantry, clothes in the closet, Spring is coming, and it’ll get better. The Lady looks out for her own.

Ok, that’s about it for today. Yes, I know, I still haven’t finished the whole HH Gregg story. I’m aware. I think I keep putting it off because anytime I “brag on” something, it becomes unbragworthy, if that makes sense? So I am somewhat afraid that if I finish the story, I’ll jinx any future interactions with them….we’ll hafta wait & see what happens 🙂

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!


My Blog – The Life & Times…….

March 19, 2009

Remembering my life. Chronicling it. That’s why I started this. How sad that the chronicle of my life has become a daily recitation of the puzzle I do each morning…Nothing about the temper tantrums my son has taken to having, and how tired I am of listening to him & Hunny go at each other constantly – tired to the point of tears. Nothing about the insecurities that have begun to surface as each day passes. No commentary on the struggle to get “the ends” at least within sight of each other – meeting not even an option at this point. The inability to sleep for more than an hour or two without waking up, therefore never really sleeping. The fear that the “other shoe is going to fall” because I know that despite how stressed I am, and what a struggle every day is, we still truly have it good. Trust me, I’ve had it bad, and this isn’t even close.When’s it going to happen, because it will. I’m not sure exactly what “it”  is, but I’m fairly certain it will be about as far from pleasant as white is from black.

I tell myself “People don’t want to read that crap – they have their own problems!” But really? I started this for me. For us. To have a way to go back and say “Oh yeah! That happened then ! Now I remember!” because my mind is becoming a sieve. It’s scary. For a person who has always been able to remember every little detail about everything, this is a whole new world.

Nothing about the progression, the ebb and flow, of the “magical, musical pain” as I call it. How stress makes it hurt more. How the hurt makes the stress more. I intended this to be a diary of sorts, a place where I could “let it all hang out,” so to speak. I’m the “strong” one – always have been. I don’t need your sympathy, your help, your comfort, your approval. For over 30 years that has been the me that everyone – and I do mean everyone knows. No time to call and say “hey”? So what! Too busy to go to the parent/teacher conference, good deal. Can’t be bothered to remember my birthday..? Who cares? I don’t need these things from you – no matter who you are. I actually own a t-shirt that says “Fuck You! I have enough friends.” I’ll put up a pic if I can find it… But I digress.

I created this “place” so I could not be that person. So I could be insecure, and afraid, and lonely, and even occasionally needy. A place where I could be the one getting comfort instead of giving. Crying instead of embracing with support. I also wanted to record important, and not important things as they happened, so in my busy world, they didn’t get thrown into that horrid “someday” file that seems to be infinite in size, yet inaccessible when there are a few free moments to review the contents within. Yet my world seems to have become “someday.” At least, everything important has. Someday we’ll go to the zoo. Someday we’ll take a vacation, Someday…And I’m so afraid someday will never come, for one reason or another. Yet how do I change it? I don’t see a way around doing each day the way I’m doing it -  I can’t not work, we barely make the bills as it is – feast or famine. I can’t even change my hours because I’m being held hostage by a school bus.

If I see my husband an hour a day, I consider myself lucky – seeing him sleep really doesn’t count as “seeing” him. My boy is asleep when I get home. In the mornings, he’s acting like a teenager in a 6 year old body. When your child is smart enough to find a loophole in every situation, and has the attitude of a teen, what do you do? I can’t really respond as I would to a teen – while he is intelligent he’s still a six year old emotionally, and he still follows six year old logic – he just uses college level words to do it…

Wow, I don’t even know what I’m doing here…apparently sleep deprivation tends to make one ramble – because anyone who is familiar with me knows I always stick right to my subject, and never wander from it….

Ok, going to go lay down and not sleep soundly. G’night!

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! And oh yeah – I haven’t forgotten HH Gregg – I will get there, eventually….:)

In Praise of HH Gregg

February 23, 2009

Yes, I’m aware I’ve been woefully negligent regarding posting here. But really there haven’t been many blog worthy moments in my life lately. The notable exception was the breakage and (eventual) repair of my washer. I always buy the warranty. I know better than not to. . .my luck with things mechanical, expensive, or badly wanted before gotten is shall we say not the best..? Better yet, let’s just say it like it is – horrible. And this isn’t a new occurrence, it’s been going on for years…

Back in 1999, my Firebird got wrecked, again (neither time my doing, I’d like to add) and I decided it was time to replace her. She’d seen better days. I ended up selling her to my sister-in-law. I went to the dealership and found a nice little 1997 Pontiac Sunfire. Only two years old, and less than 30,000 miles! It was the newest car I had even owned. After a week, I noticed the stereo controls on the steering wheel were getting hot. VERY hot. Almost to the point of blistering you if you touched them. I took it to the dealer, found it need not just new steering controls, but a whole new stereo. Two weeks to order in parts, so into a rental car I went. When the kid showed up with the rental car, I think I may have frightened him a bit…I have been told that I am a bit intimidating on the best of days. That wasn’t a “best” day…I had worked 8 hours, had sat at the dealership for 2 more hours, waiting on a diagnosis for the car I had bought ONE WEEK ago – hadn’t even made the first payment on it! and the kid from Enterprise showed up in a roller skate. Yeah, you read the right, a roller skate –

geo-metro I’ll leave the actual conversation to your imagination, suffice it to say, when the kid came back with a real car, he brought 3 others with him…

So, two weeks later I got my new car back. I drove all of 1/2 a block and found the front was wobbling & clunking. I turned around and went back to the dealership, just to have some redneck mechanic *****try to tell me that it was caused by tar on my tires. ?! Are you serious..? Now I know I have bumps in my shirt and so couldn’t possibly have any kind of mechanical knowledge, but really? TAR? On the TIRES? of a car that has been sitting at your dealership for the last two weeks? That wasn’t doing it when I left it..? Ok, for the sake possible, I took it home, let Hunny drive it. I checked the tires for possible tar…uhhhh, no tar. But definitely clunking & wobbling. The next day back to the dealership I went. To sit. And wait. Again.
And again I got the redneck-talking-slowly-to-a-person-with-bumps-in-the-shirt spiel about tar on the tires. Now I’m pretty tolerant (what..? I AM!) and pretty well blew it off the first time. However, not happening twice.

Redneck: Yeah, that there wobble would be from where you done run it over some freshly repaired road & picked up a little bit of tar on the tires.”
Me: “Really? You think that’s what it is..?”
Redneck: ”Oh yeah, I’m sure of it! See it all the time!”
Me: “Wow, that’s funny, because it’s been HERE for the last two weeks while you repaired the stereo.”
Redneck: “Well, you musta picked it up after you left.”
Me: “I went 1/2 mile down that road (pointing to the NOT RECENTLY REPAIRED six lane rod that runs in front of the shop), then brought it back because of this.”
Redneck:” Well there had to have been something out there..”
Me: “Well, let’s go for a ride and you can show me the new repairs…”
Redneck: *starting to look uncomfortable*“Nah, can’t do that, gotta stay at the shop.”
Me: “Okay, well then let’s walk over to the car, and you can show me where the tar is at, so I can remove it & make it drive correctly..”
Redneck: “Well, a lot of times, it gets stuck up on the inside of the wheels where you can’t get to it.”
Me: “?”
Redneck: *looking even more uncomfortable, and starting to realize the bumps didn’t affect the brain in this instance**“Well, it happens all the time…”
Me: “Where’s the manager..?”
Redneck: “Ahhhh, he’s not here today.”
Me: “Really..?”

So I took myself up front to the sales service department and asked for the garage manager – who btw WAS there. After a 15 minute conversation, during which I gave him the gist of the previous conversation, he went out to the shop and drove the car a short ways. When he returned he indicated they would need to keep it to determine the problem. And yes, there was a problem. Turns out, in addition to the stereo stuff, it also needed new brakes, rotors & the rack & pinion replaced. Another four week stay. Another four weeks in a rental car.

And so it goes. After about a year of owning this car, I decided once and for all that I don’t like little cars. Did I mention I was backing out of the garage and hit Hunny’s truck..? In my defense, I had three teen-agers in the car with me…insurance fixed it, but a friend that owned a body shop did it as cheaply as possible so I didn’t have to pay the deductible…

Anywho, I went back to the dealership & traded it in on a 1998 Monte Carlo. Much bigger, more comfortable, price about the same. Three months after the purchase it started knocking. Loudly. Essentially overnight. It was “chugging” rather than purring. Down to the dealership I go. It was something to do with the coil pack. Not covered by the warranty (yes, I bought it) as it was considered general maintenance, part of the tune up process. $500 to repair…

Ok, gotta go beat the boy (joking!) who has managed to lock himself OUT of his room, and get ready for work. I will be back – and it’ll be less than 2 months, I promise. so, to be continued…..

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzz

* **** Know you, I have nothing against rednecks in general – Hell, I am one, as is my Hunny, most of our friends, my older children, and the boy is a redneck-in-training. The redneck men around me know not to talk down to me just because I have bumps in my shirt…The ones who have to interact with me may underestimate me initially (an advantage for me!) but soon learn their mistake. Usually I blow it off, but occasionally, as in the above example, it rankles…


Edit: Yes, I know, this has nothing to do with HH Gregg – I’ll get there, eventually – LOL

Unexpected Day Off

December 23, 2008

Guess I spoke too soon about being on a roll…thanks for not pointing out my shortfall 🙂 But here I am. I now have a clean, perfectly shiny kitchen/downstairs bathroom/laundry room/pantry! Well ok, perfectly shiny as long as you overlook the cat paw & butt prints…

What am I doing mopping my floor on a not-my-Tuesday-off you ask? Funny you should mention it. You see, it’s like this….
I got up & functional just like normal for a late Tuesday today. The boy had his breakfast, and spent a peaceful morning watching Sponge Bob. I actually had a bit of peace…got dressed, got the boy dressed, told him to gather up some toys to take out to Uncle Mike’s, and he did it the first time I told him…He asked me to make the label for his DVD, which he’s been asking me to do for several days, so I sat down to do that, just to find that apparently the part of my PictureIt! program required to make labels is yet another victim of the cable installer. And if that wasn’t bas enough, I apparently have every software disc for Works! that came with my computer, except the one that program is on. Yep, that’s right! I have 1, 2, 4 &5, but no 3. Go figger *sigh* I’ll hafta to go to the Microsoft website later to see if I can get it there, without having to pay an arm & a leg…Needless to say, the labels still haven’t gotten made 😦

So, off we go, over the river & through the woods to Uncle Mike’s we go, the horse knows the way…ahem, but we do go over a river & through a woods….I dropped the boy and headed to the nail place to get my nails repolished – no I’m not that lazy, just that unskilled. Besides, in my defense, it is an unusual polish job, see..?


Wow! They say you can tell a person’s age by their hands…I must be about 80….

Anyways, as I was driving to the nail place, I was talking to Hunny, as usual. Mind you it’s a dreary gloomy day in Indiana today, cloudy, and it was just starting to rain – or so I thought. My first stop, as always, was Speedway, to get some iced coffee. (They have the best french vanilla iced latte! Starbucks..? What’s Starbucks..? You mean that over-priced, bitter after-taste stuff that advertises itself as coffee..? Ewww – Speedway’s is much better – and cheaper!)
***Background note – Hunny replaced my front rotors & brake pads back in July because every time I hit the breaks it was like being on one of those old exercise belt machines – are you old enough to remember these..?


My point is, the brakes were just replaced in July. By August, I had the same damn vibration when I hit them. About a week ago, they started grinding. When I told Hunny, he said there’s no way. Be that as it may, they are grinding.
So, as I’m crossing over the interstate on my way to Speedway, the light turned red. I hit the brakes. My car kept going. Oh Shit! It did finally stop 1/2 way through the intersection. Luckily there weren’t any cars coming off 70. Ok, I think, it’s a little slick. I hit the gas, I went fine. Traction control didn’t come on. But at the next light, we again barely stopped.
Me: “Oh great! I have no brakes.”
Hunny: “What..?!?”
Me: “I…have…no…brakes!”
Hunny:”Are you sure..?”
Me: “Well, since I pressed on the brake pedal and the car didn’t stop, it’s a safe bet…”
Hunny: “Are you sure it’s not the roads?”
Me: “I guess it could be, but I can take off fine, and my traction control hasn’t kicked in.”
Hinny: ”Is the button turned on?”
Me: “I don’t think it has a button, I think it’s automatic..”
Hunny: “It has a button…” *it does, he was right*
Me: “Well, it came on the other night when it was snowing, and I haven’t changed anything, so I would say it’s still activated.”

Turns out it was indeed the roads. Although my warranty expired a week ago, so….I limped on into Speedway, then on to the nail place. At about 25 mph. I still had plenty of time to get to work, as it was only about 12:45 at this point – though it is a good distance…see..?


I got in, got done & left. It was about 2:00 or so when I left. I was calling work to tell them I was driving on a sheet of ice and might very well be late when Hunny called to say he hadn’t heard from me & was worried. (side note – any time I am driving & on the phone, I use a bluetooth device, so I don’ wanna hear bout no “hang up the phone & drive” comments from the peanut gallery…) I got voicemail at both numbers I tried, so called Hunny back to let him know I was fine & on my way, and why I didn’t answer. At this point, traffic was moving at about – oh, I dunno, 10 mph..? He said 36 was at a crawl, too. It took me about 15 minutes to get to my turn, but I caught a break and hit it on green – although that’s not really that exciting when you’re going 5 mph…So, I barely hit the break, start to turn right, and my car turns for 1/2 second, then goes straight – straight at the median, and the mini-van just on the other side of it…Of course, I was saying “Shit, shit, shit…” the whole time, and Hunny is on the line going “What?!? What?!?!” then a big thud. I thought sure she was gonna jump the median – it’s just one of those little ones, maybe 2, possibly 3 foot across, and about 8 inches high? – and plow into the mini-van, but she was looking out for me, I guess. We hit the median and stopped. Whew. About that time Hunny’s asking “Did you wreck? You okay? Didja total it?” “Nope, just hit the median while turning at 5 mph…” “Call into work, I don’t want you driving across town on these roads.” I told him I’d be fine if I could make it to the interstate, but he said they were just as bad, apparently 74 was shut down for a 15 car pile up.

I was going to go get the boy, but he had a friend there today so wanted to stay “until Daddy comes”. SO, I am at home, no husband, no kiddo, and taking advantage of it to mop the kitchen/downstairs bathroom/laundry/room/pantry. And so we go full circle & I’m back where I started *grin* I keep telling you there is a method to my madness…LOL

Ok, gotta go, stuffs to do.
See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

winter48blank tree.0007

There’s Birthdays A’Comin’ – And A Bitch Session – LOL

December 11, 2008

Ok, I finally have a couple of unoccupied minutes, where do I start..? We’re in the new house, but I think you all know that already. We’ve added a new family member to our growing menagerie ok, I admit, 2 cats really isn’t a menagerie, I just like the word J The tree is up, and many of the decorations have made it out of their boxes, but many more sit amongst the unopened boxes filling my garage, just hoping they will be found and allowed to bring us happiness. Whether this happens or not, I dunno, I kinda doubt it.

Saturday is the boy’s sixth birthday. Did I mention he has lost another tooth..? Hunny was all worried because one of his bottom front teeth was growing in behind the baby tooth, which was loose but didn’t seem to have any intention of coming out anytime soon. But out it did come, and the other has moved forward right where it’s supposed to be. Back to the birthday…We actually have 2 December birthdays, Shayne’s is the 13th and Tony’s is the 27th. Makes for a busy December, lemme tell ya. And, If I count in “honorary” family members, we have Stacey’s on the 29th (I think…), my best friend D’s on the 19th, and her daughter’s on the 17th…whew.

Last year during “open enrollment” I asked for Saturday off, and got it. So Saturday is his party. I think this is the first time in quite a while that it’ll actually be on his birthday. My little Friday the 13th baby. We planned it that way ! No really, we did I was induced and got to pick the date J He’s also my snowbaby. The day he was born it was miserable outside, cold, windy & gloomy. They had called for snow, but none had been forthcoming. At the very moment my boy decided to join the world, the snow began to fall. And it has snowed on his birthday every year. Yes, I know, I wander a lot in my writing. Sorry, that’s just me. I sometimes wonder if I don’t have adult ADD but that’s a whole nother post *grin*

Back to the party (again). We aren’t doing anything spectacular, just some friends & a cake, but what’s a party without drama? The drama this year is coming from the in-laws (go figger). Apparently since Shayne is now in school (what this has to do with it I have no clue…) they prefer having a “private” celebration to coming to the house for the party. Why is this drama? you ask …welllllll it starts all the way back to when I found out I was pregnant. Well, even before then, really.

Hunny’s sister had made it abundantly plain, in ways I won’t go into here, (but use your imagination), that she was never, EVER going to have kids. Then Shayne came along, and suddenly she was no longer the baby of the family (mind you she was in her 30’s at this time) and center of the universe. Shayne was born in December of 2002. Abby, her daughter, was born in June (or July, I can’t remember exactly) of 2004. All of a sudden, the woman who went to a lot of trouble to NOT have kids has a kid…. I don’t know what all has occurred in this dynamic before I joined it, but I can tell you what I’ve seen since….Hunny’s parents have kept our boy over night 4 times. In 6 YEARS. Never more than two nights in a row. The last time, we found we were going to be about two hours later than originally planned (original plan was to pick him up late afternoon, it turned out it would be early evening), and his parents flipped. The reason for the delay was that we were going to have dinner with our daughter-in-law. When Hunny called to say we’d be a bit later, all Hell broke loose. He left to go get our boy, and from what I later heard, angry words were exchanged between him and his father well, an attempt at angry words was made. Hunny shut him down, telling him it wasn’t an appropriate discussion to have with a 3 year old present.

Now, while just the fact that they’ve only kept him four times is in itself a bit odd for Grandparents, in my opinion, but they rarely keep him at ALL, even for a few hours during the day. He’s been at their house, without us probably a total of 10 times in his life, including the four mentioned above. Abby, on the other hand, is there constantly. Abby is Hunny’s sister’s daughter now there’s a mouthful LOL! Really. Anytime I have taken Shayne to visit in the last 3 years, she was there. They have made one of their spare rooms “her room” They kept her for 2 weeks while her parents went on a cruise or something. They also go to Hunny’s sister’s house a couple of times a week. She lives about the same distance from them as we do probably 25 miles one way. You know how often they come to our house..? They haven’t even seen any of the last three houses we’ve lived in. And apparently they aren’t going to see this one now, either….’cuz he’s in school now (?)

Understand, these are the only biological grandparents my child has both of my parents are dead and have been for years. But like I told Hunny, it’s really okay there are a whole bunch of people in his life, that know him well, that call themselves his grandparents and fill the bill very well. (I can think of three families who’s “patriarch” and/or “matriarch” consider him their grandchild and they have chosen to be in his life, not been thrust there by fate)

Ok, now that I’ve turned this into a bitch session *grin* it’s time to get ready for work. I will try to update more regularly. My computer still isn’t working properly I have missing programs, what I have tends to freeze up, and it just isn’t right. But one of the guys from work is going to come look at it in the next few days, so hopefully all will be well again !

Gotta go, see ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! ! ! !

Some "Stuff"

August 26, 2008

As I am attempting to "clean up" my computer a bit, I ran across this in a document labeled "blog stuff." When I opened it and read what I had written (typed…) I realized I had done this when I was super busy (you know, like usual…) but had stolen a few minutes to record this so I didn’t forget it. (It seems to be a side-effect of one of my medications, that if I don’t do/write down something immediately when I think of it, it’s gone forever. At least I hope it’s a side-effect of a medication. . .) I then promptly forgot about it. Luckily I was smart enough to date it, so it’s not pointless drivel from "sometime." It’s pointless drivel with dates : )

So, without further ado, I will now post it, a bit late (cheat so I don’t have to think today, LOL)

April 4, 2008

So I go downstairs to get some water (and what’s up with that..? Water, not coffee..? At 9 A.M. ish?) and my boy is sitting on the toilet (yes, we have attempted to foster a lack of inhibitions in our child, which includes allowing him to go to the bathroom at home with the door open, It’s a natural bodily function, and shouldn’t be a cause for shame or embarrassment…) Gameboy in his lap looking at his fingers…

Him: “Mommy..?”
“Do you know what 3 plus 2 is..?”
Me: “What is it?”
“It’s 5! ! ! !”

It is five…like him…should he be adding already? I ask myself, as I have on numerous other occasions. He doesn’t go to school…not even pre-school, just to his 2nd Mom’s every weekday (that’s another entry…)

“That’s right, it’s 5…you’re so smart !” and I go and give him a kiss. As I’m walking away, he does one of those THINGS

Him: “Mommy….you smell so good1”
Me: “I do..? Thank you” and I float away to finish getting ready for work…is he really only five,,? Will he retain that ability to make a woman (yes, I am Mom, but still a woman who appreciates compliment, no matter the source) feel special & appreciated?

April 3, 2008

The boy is psychic…not a joke…he has proven this numerous times, both in small ways and large…

Example (small) My morning routine is pretty staid…I get up, stumble to the bathroom, pee, put in teeth, fall downstairs to get coffee, crawl back up to my computer and proceed to try to become human again. After about an hour, I begin to stir, take a shower and get ready for work, if it’s a workday, or go get more coffee if it isn’t. I am NEVER even SLIGHTLY functional when I wake up. However, last night I decided, as I was laying in bed, that I would get up and jump straight in the shower, dragging my boy with me as the wee one was in need of cleaning, I figured if we got in and out very first thing, it would make the morning go smoother. I made this decision in my brain, in the dark, just before I drifted to la la land.

This morning the boy comes in for wake up snuggles. After a minute or two of snuggling, I notice it’s pretty light outside & check the clock…8:27 OH S*&T! So I sit up real quick like, and jr scrambles off the bed, looks at me and says “Mommy, are you ready to shower now..?” I have NEVER, EVER, during this child’s lifetime, gotten straight out of bed and into the shower.

Creepy, no?

Day off..? Yeah Right!

July 29, 2008

Still gotta catch up – it’s on my list, but that list is getting outta hand….
Today is supposed to be my day off…ROFLMAO! Let’s back up a bit…Saturday I got off earlier than usual (5:00), and Ashley had my boy – and wanted to keep him for a while, so I had a few hours to myself – that never happens! So I needed to get my (new!) phone looked at, because I couldn’t close the door over the charger port, it would cut calls off to reboot for no good reason, and half the time when I opened it, it would start loading an email application or Sprint music store application, and I would have to wait for it to finish loading to exit out to do what I needed to do. And, I used it as an alarm last week, while working early, and when it went off Saturday am, the only way to turn off the alarm was to turn the whole phone off – at 6:00 am…
SO I went to Sprint, told ’em my issues, and got in response “Huh. This is one of the best phone we offer (ic902), it’s really unusual to have problems with one of these. I have to get it to reproduce the issue to do anything (which it surprisingly did right on cue). Ok I can swap it out, but I don’t know what I’ll swap it for, these don’t exist anymore (?!?), they are being “revamped” (uh-huh). you can’t get these anymore, (?!? “one of the best we offer???), so I’ll have to swap for a comparable model, which would be the i880 (I’m ok with that)”
Then she went to the back of the store, out of hearing (go figger) for about 10 min, when she came back out she said “We can swap it out, but you’ll need to go to the Greenwood store, We’re out of them, since we’ve been swapping so many of them out (?!? uhhhhhh…did she just tell on herself? If there’s rarely problems with this phone, why are you swapping so frequently you’re out of the replacement..?) So I went to Greenwood store. My point here is I lost 1 1/2 hours of “time to myself” jacking around with Sprint – again (that’s another post I need to get up *sigh* I really need a clone…)
So when done with that I went over to DSW Shoe Warehouse to see what they had that I couldn’t live without (no, 35 pairs of shoes aren’t enough – yet another story to come…) They didn’t have anything, so I figured I’d go across the parking lot to Kohl’s. When I went to start my car (see I DO eventually get back to my original point…), I hit the key, it turned over, but it didn’t catch. *sigh* I hit the key again, this time it caught – sorta. Now I’ve had my share of hoopdie rides. For years I was always having to decide if I wanted my car to go or stop -fixing the motor or tranny so it goes, but the brakes are so bad it won’t stop is usually a bad idea, but fixing the brakes on a vehicle that you can’t get to go over 20mph due to motor/tranny issues is kinda pointless…but in fairness, it’s been a looooong time since I’ve had to deal with that. My Hunny is awesome at keeping me in GOOD vehicles. But….it was like she wasn’t getting any gas, when I hit the gas I could hear the motor sucking air – never a good thing. I finally got it to catch, and held her at a higher RPM to blow out whatever the problem was, and she ran – mostly – fine. Until yesterday (yes, that’s two whole days)
When I came back from lunch yesterday, my dummy light indicating she was hot was on, and the needle was in the red. I only went about 5 miles each way, and didn’t idle at all. I told hunny, so he came by when I got off to follow me home. At least that was the plan…We got about – oh I dunno 3 MILES and she was back in the red. Pulled over, cooled her down, added coolant. (Mind now, the motor is aluminum, so I have to have a “special mix, using only DISTILLED water” per instructions on the cap). A half hour later, I headed for the house and he headed for our boy. Have you ever had to drive a vehicle, with the heat on full blast in 95 degree heat..? Not fun, lemme tell ya!
I got about 6 or 7 more miles, and she was back in the red. We finally limped her home with the help of Mike & Missy. I just wanted to go get my boy, go home, change to swimwear, go to the pool, relax for a bit, and have a nice peaceful evening, then spend my day off just being OFF. Silly me, what was I thinking..? That NEVER happens…We ended up having Stacey keep our boy overnight (yeah, I had to take him back at 9:30 last night), and while I did that, Mike & Missy followed Hunny to the dealership to drop my car off, then he took them home & kept Mike’s truck. He’s really not happy with that – he HATES driving someone else’s vehicle! (So do I, so I understand…)
Oh yeah, did I mention our air conditioning is out..? Again..? So I had to get up at 7 when the air guy called, to let him in – apparently the coil’s leaking. They may or may not have one, so it may or may not get fixed today…here’s our forecast for the next week…
So, here I am, on my supposed “day off” I have to deal with the air guy, deal with the car dealership (although I will say, the man I deal with down there is awesome – he’s the reason I’m willing to take my car 25 miles to be fixed when I could go 5), oh yeah, and the power steering is squalling on the truck (which we bought new in 2006, and have had in the shop about 7 – 10 times…), so even though I dodged having to sit at O’Brien’s all day waiting on my car, I get to go to Skillman’s and sit all day waiting on the truck…
AND I was supposed to go to the doctor’s today. Needless to say that’s been rescheduled.
Ok, now I feel a little better, since I’ve actually posted here. I still have a bunch more to write, but It’s gonna hafta wait a bit. I need to get a laptop, so I can do this shit somewhere other than home, since there has apparently been a new Universal Law added to my list of rules, right under “Can’t leave house without forgetting something“, “Not allowed to buy a vehicle without major issues” and “If reminded of something – anything – it will promptly be forgotten” that says “Not allowed to spend days away from work doing anything other than running around like chicken with head cut off.”
Ok, gotta go run like chicken without head!
See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzz! 

Well Alrighty Then…

June 29, 2008

Well, it seems I placed first in weekly points in the trivia competition over at Tom’s Hideaway this week, which is cool! Tom was kind enough to link to my blog so everyone can come visit, which is also cool. That means I have to post here, or risk looking like a slacker – not cool…Oh well, such is life. I’ll just look at it as motivation, to get me to post more regularly than I have been, ‘cuz I really don’t have enough other shit to do to keep me busy *innocent look*

Thanks Tom.

No really, I do appreciate the link, I love to have folks visit, even though I really have been slacking. My other blog, A Witch In Time does get updated daily. Usually. But it is more structured, with a particular subject matter each day, and I feel like a school kid not doing their homework if I don’t update it….I expect my 2nd/3rd/4th grade teacher to come knocking on my door: "Jodi…do you have your homework from yesterday’s assignment..?" That would be Mrs. Kinnenninen (No names are being changed to protect the innocent, as there are no innocents here).

When we moved to Kansasville I was in 2nd grade, and she was the teacher. We didn’t really hit it off so to speak. Mrs. Kinnenninen was 350 lbs of bleached out, frizzy afro-having, lime green Cadillac-driving meanness. And that was on her good days. Her idea of classroom discipline was to grab a child by the hair on their head and shake them until their teeth rattled. Lucky me, When I moved on to 3rd grade, she was moved over to teach the 3rd & 4th grade class. (Yes, it was a small school, 3rd & 4th were in one room…).

This was the woman who tried to flunk a straight A student (me, A’s on all assignments, A’s on all tests) because I never took homework home. Huh..? Her logic, as related to my mother when she questioned her about why I brought home all A’s and had an F on my report card, was "Well, the other kids see that she never takes any homework home. They’ll think they can not take homework home and get A’s if I give her an A…" Needless to say, Mom got the grades changed to A’s.

Hmmmm… how the mind does wander….

So, I’ve been kid free since 11:30 yesterday morning. Not that I could really take advantage of it, I had to work from 12:30 to 9:00, and by the time I stopped at Wally World ( speaking of Wally World, The Vinyl Villager has a great post about Wally World over on his blog. Actually he has a lot of great posts…go check it out!) and got home, I had just enough energy to eat and fall out. *sigh* What an exciting life I lead. I didn’t even have the energy to redo my toenails in relative peace. And hunny has just left to go pick him up. Which is good, ‘cuz I miss the little shit darling.

I get to spend today doing laundry, ‘cuz I lost my Tuesday off due to the holiday (My employer has this really screwy policy that if a holiday falls in the week of your "flex day" you have to work it. Not sure how it qualifies as a "flex day" as it ‘s my regular day off, every other week…but if I want a job, I have to do what the company says…) so I don’t have a day off until this upcoming Saturday. And today is the first I’ve had in the last 7 days. Friday is the Fourth, and is a company holiday, but I volunteered to work. How could I not…I got overtime for yesterday, ‘cuz I have to work Tuesday, And I’ll get overtime and holiday pay for Friday.  Doesn’t give me much free time, but hey, the bills never stop!

Ok, gotta go do the laundry shuffle, plus squeeze in grocery shopping, a shower, a bath for the boy in a cast (always fun…NOT), cooking some kind of meal, and dealing with all of the little crisis’ involved in having a stubborn 5 year old and even more stubborn 41 year old home together…should be an interesting day!

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzz!

Oh yeah! I’ve been meaning to put this up, and since I’m here now, I better do it before it flees my mind and never gets done. (Yes, that happens frequently in my world…) I was over at Hey! It’s Free catching up on the freebies I’d missed in the last few days, and came across this – Chacha. It’s a website where you can go and ask anything and get the answer. But that’s not the exciting (yes I know, I have a pathetic existence and I am easily amused) part. The exciting part is they also offer this as a text service. You can send a question – any question, about anything – to 242242, and get a response in just a minute or two. I tested it by asking "who was Carter’s vice president?" (fairly easy) and "When is Lammas?" (not quite as easy) and I got correct answers in about 30 seconds. I also got a bit of background info about the answers ( for example, the answer to "When is Lammas?" was "Lammas Tide -August 1, beginning of harvest cycle & rests in early grain harvest as well as those fruits & veggies ready 4 picking" Now that’s a complete answer!)

Now why does this excite me? you ask…Well, I don’t know about you, but I have found myself in a conversation about some trivial, off-the-wall, not necessarily mainstream subjects. More often, I find myself at a loss for answer to something I know. It is buried so far under all the other crap, stuff, useless information, knowledge I have amassed, I just can’t access it. This would (will) be great in that situation. Standard text messaging rates apply, but since we just changed our plan to unlimited everything, s’not a problem for me : )

Ok, really going now…*grin*

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzz!

I’m Still Alive

June 27, 2008

I feel absolutely horrible not having posted here…I’ve been meaning to – I’ve even started to, a couple of times. But it seems everytime I sit down to write, something else needs done, and it needs done NOW. I wouldn’t know how to act with 2 or 3 hours to myself, uninterrupted – no kid, no hunny, no phone…I’d probably wander aimlessly, looking for someone to holler at me “Hey! I need….” I can just see me wandering the neighborhood, “Excuse me, do you NEED something..?”

I sit my boy down with breakfast, and think “Ok, I have a few minutes to myself” I sit down at the computer and start to type and I hear “MOOOOOM” (‘cus he’s hollering at me from downstairs, so of course it has to be at the top of his lungs…) “Yes, son” And then he pops off with some out-of-left-field-has-no-relevance-to-anything kinda question. And you HAVE to answer, because my son is nothing if he isn’t persistent. IF you try to collect a few moments by not answering he will ask again. And again, and again, until you DO answer. And don’t try to blow him off with some simple-quit-asking-questions kinda answer. No sirree Bob, that won’t cut it. The kid is very logical, and if your answer doesn’t make sense logically, or is too simple, well then it becomes a conversation, not just a question. The kid wears me out – not just physically, but mentally as well.


The Perils of Parenthood.

Well, we still have a cast. The appointment is for Tuesday. Hopefully it’ll come off then. Not that it has really hampered the little shit darling, other than that he can’t go swimming. Not that he has kept the damm thing dry – oh no, can’t have that! But he still plays just as rough, fights with the big kids and goes to Karate.

Speaking of Karate, this week was “Crazy Hair” week at Karate. I wanted to do him up with bright orange hair (it is his favorite color) but couldn’t find any orange : ( So I got bright green and neon blue, and did it half and half – kinda like Mommy’s. Uhhhh, no wait, my hair isn’t green & blue, although…NO strike that thought. But my hair is two-tone. It is red on top, and black on the bottom. It’s pretty cool if I do say so myself ! At least, I get lots of compliments on it, so I can convince myself it’s cool…

OK, back to the boy. Here’s a pic.

Well, it’s that time again – the slave drivers – aka work – call. Gotta go get ready to be “professional” like (ugh). But at least I popped in to say Hi. I just feel so bad – I haven’t even really gotten to check in on the blogs I follow…Ah well, such is life…

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzz!

Didja Miss me..?

June 17, 2008

Ok, I’ve been neglecting you again. I’m sorry. It’ll never happen again (please note the crossed fingers when this statement is made). Things have been a bit hectic, and I’ve been busy just trying to keep up. I had to work this past Saturday, and as Hunny went racing, the boy stayed with Aunt Missy & Ashley. I got out late (about 9:30ish) so I called when I got off to let them know I was on the way. They were having sound issues with the Wii (The surround wasn’t on…) which I corrected, then hung up. Then I had a brilliant idea. Let’s save Mommy some time on Sunday by doing grocery shopping tonight, without the boy! I called Ash back & asked if she could stay a bit longer so I could shop and she was good with it, so to Walmart I headed.

The one by the house is open now, so I didn’t have to go out of the way at all! Woohooo! I got a new watch, since my old one died (surprised it lasted as long as it did! Watches tend to have "issues" when they are anywhere near me – losing time, gaining time, stopping completely, losing time, then gaining it back. I’ve had them lose like 15 minutes, then when I take them off, they go back to the right time, or vise-versa, gain it, then go back to right when I take it off. Also, the ones that stop completely usually start back up within a day of me removing them…really weird stuffs). So anyway, I got a watch, got groceries, and as I was heading to the checkout, Hunny called. Apparently they went to the Speedrome here in Indy, rather than where they had originally planned, and were already heading home. (Hell, he ended up beating me home.) But it was all good, ‘cuz I didn’t have to haul groceries in by myself 🙂

So, the plan was to save time on Sunday, right? So I could not have to run around like a chicken with no head on Sunday, right? Whatever – like that’ll ever happen! My Sunday list included a haircut for my Duran Duran looking boy (did you see the hair in the pics from where he got his cast..?), get my oil changed, which I found out that day, courtesy of my hunny, meant I had to clean my car out because part of the service was vacuuming the car, picking up prescriptions, doing laundry (hard when you’re not home), having some links taken out of my new watch, because it was waaaaaaay too big, and required a little, bitty, teeny, tiny screwdriver (what happened to just popping out the pins, removing the links, and putting it back together? Oh yeah, that was too easy!), getting the Aveeno stuff I bought Saturday replaced, because it was no where to be found when I got home, and, at the last minute, taking hunny with, so he could get a haircut, too.

Well crap! My new fabric is dry, so I need to go iron & sew. My dandelion boy has already outgrown his Karate pants, so I am going to (attempt to) make him a new pair. I’ll be back, hopefully soon….

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzz!