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Long Night Ahead

April 10, 2009

Something tells me it’s going to be a long night – and an even longer weekend….the boy has had off & on stomach problems for a few months now. I took him to the ER twice for it a while back. The first time they blew it off as a “bug”. The 2nd time, they took an xray and again sent us home. Now it’s back. This time Hunny took him to the doc’s. “Feed him Pepcid and bland food, he’ll be fine in a few days.” That was yesterday. Today is really no better. Maybe worse.

In defense of those who have “seen” him, it does somewhat resemble a stomach bug, Kinda. On the surface…but living with it, I see it differently. For one thing, it hasn’t ever really “gone away.” He gets better, but not all the way. Sometimes he’s fine for a week, but then I get “Mommy, my belly hurts a little.” I give him a Pepcid & he’s ok.

About two weeks ago, he went to stay with friends while Hunny did some race stuff, and I had to work. When I got there to pick him up he was laid out on the couch “in trouble” for not eating. More specifically, in trouble for not eating what everyone else ate. Now a little background is needed, I think. My boy is what many would consider a picky eater. He won’t eat beef. Ever. For any reason. And don’t try to sneak it in…he will know. I don’t know how, but he always does. Every time. He also doesn’t eat pork, except bacon. He loves bacon. Would eat it every day if I let him. Which I don’t. For obvious reasons. Chicken? He’ll eat the Hell outta some chicken.

I’m good with all of that. I will not force a child to eat food he doesn’t want. It was done to me as a child. I ate it. I puked. Apparently not everyone is. So he didn’t eat more than a few bites and got in trouble for refusing to eat more. Not really good with that….He also told them he didn’t fell good. Which they assumed was a kid ploy to get out of being in trouble. I knew better. He has never cried sick or hurt when he wasn’t – and half the time doesn’t even when he is…

When he was sick the two times he went to the ER, Hunny doubted him too. And almost every other time he has claimed sick. One of his few ummmm, shall we say, not so good points. Yes, there are a few…we all have them. Every time the child has done this, it has been accompanied by vomiting. My boy HATES to throw up, so it isn’t something he’s going to do intentionally.

Let me also throw in here real quick – like that his absolute favorite food id White Castle. Trust me, that is necessary information for you to have.

So, I get there he’s laying on the couch, and saying he doesn’t feel well, and not being believed. Again. So I took him and we left. Mind it was nine o’clock on a Saturday night. When we got in the car, I asked if he was hungry, knowing he hadn’t eaten as I gotten the menu of what was served…

gotta go for now. Stay tuned for more – and the story of the Kentucky wedding we attended – with pictures!

Seeee ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz