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Catch Up…

May 18, 2009

This is an apology for not posting regularly the last little while. I had to take my 6 year old to the doctor twice more in the last two weeks – the last time was a new doctor, who has made a completely different (but much more logical) determination regarding the stomach problems he has been suffering with. He also has some funky allergies on top of the stomach stuffs (chocolate, apples & bananas) When we took him to our usual doctor again they told me his stomach problems are stemming from being allergic to milk (probably his favorite drink, really!) and wheat – you know, bread to make PB&J sandwiches, breading on chicken nuggets (one of his fav foods) the crust on pizza, most cereals. While this made no sense to me (if these allergies are causing the problem, why didn’t the problem start YEARS AGO when he first started ingesting these items..? AND they DIDN’T check to confirm the stuff we have had reactions to.  And backtracking for a minute, they made this determination by testing his blood. We have had a standing order to get his blood drawn for testing for respiratory allergies for a while. We just hadn’t gotten it done due to scheduling issues. When there for the stomach (again, I might add) it was determined this needed to be done to also check for possible causes of the pain. Luckily Hunny was with me, and even more luckily (for the nurse) he was between me & her.

She initially brought out an adult blood draw syringe. I mentioned to her that my veins, while looking like a junkies dream are actually a phlebotomist’s nightmare, small, and "rolly"  They play Hell trying to start an IV or draw blood from me. They have to use a "butterfly" needle, made for drawing from infants, to succeed on me. She (finally, after a bit of "argument" with me) got a butterfly. Then she missed. Yep, she missed his vein. And instead of just saying "Oops, I missed, let’s try the other arm." She then proceeded to "dig" in his arm for the vein (those of you who have had blood drawn know what I mean – they pull the needle part way out then push it back in, several times, in an effort to find the vein they missed…) He’s SIX. And in tears & shaking, from pain & fear. As I said, lucky for her Hunny was physically between me & her. Or she’d have been on the floor & I’d have been in jail. She ended up having to use the other arm any ways, after all that…

There is a point to this, I promise…

When they called 10 days later with the results, I asked what the respiratory results had been and was told they results weren’t back yet. Four hours later I received another call – they didn’t order the respiratory tests and want me to get his blood drawn again….Somehow I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

So Friday when He was again having stomach pain & vomiting, I called a different doctor. They got me in that day (in like an hour!). We did the history stuffs, and I went over everything above with her. She said instead of trying to draw blood again right away, she wanted to try Zyrtec. Back to being related & similar reactions amongst family members, I mentioned my experience with that particular medicine – not good. Can we say Zombified..? As a child, he is still in the stage where the adult reactions seem to be opposite, so we’re looking at a possible reaction of super-hyper – in a kid who doesn’t stop as it is, and sleeps very little…she agreed it might not be the right thing, but asked me to try it "on a day I could be with him all day to gauge the side-effects. But then she also suggested nasal spray. The stuff for allergies, prescription, and gave me a sample. She also said the one I have at home (that was for Hunny but that he says his allergies aren’t bad enough to need…) is the same thing and can be used. The difference is AMAZING! For a kid who goes through a box of Kleenex a week, constantly sniffling, sneezing & coughing – just WOW! No sniffles, no sneezes, no need for Kleenex, and his cough has diminished tremendously!!!! She also said that all of the drainage from the allergies could be contributing to his stomach problems…Then she sent us across the way to get an X-ray of his tummy, and said something about possibly needing to go to Riley Hospital for Children’s GI dept if it didn’t provide an answer… But it did – or at least a good possible. Apparently, despite the fact that he uses the bathroom usually twice a day (I know, I know, TMI) his bowels are completely full of old stool. She has him taking a very mild stool softener twice a day in an effort to get it emptied out and put an end to the pain being caused by his body not having anywhere to put new waste when he eats.  They had done a similar X-ray in Jan when I took him to the ER the second time, so they had a reference. Our doctor had those results, too.

Now I have to wonder, why didn’t our regular doctor do these things, try these options – things that seem to be having a positive impact on my boy? That office has XRay equipment IN THE OFFICE, why didn’t it occur to them to do an X-Ray? Why was I given "Oh, just give him a Pepcid everyday and he’ll be fine."? Why wasn’t that modified the 2nd, or even 3rd time he was there for THE SAME ISSUES? Why did I have to go to a different doctor to be taken seriously? (at least  that’s how it feels, like I was getting the old "Mom’s over re-act, it’s not that serious" I’m not a doctor, but I am my child’s mother – not my first go round, if you’ll remember I also have two adult children – and yet when I told them "The child had a broken arm & refused any pain meds, saying it didn’t hurt that bad, but is IN TEARS over the pain in his belly")

I’m fairly certain I have found a new doctor for my boy…add to that my Hunny, who is diabetic, has had sugar readings lately in the 350-400 range, who will also lose his job (he is a truck driver, holds a CDL)  if he has to start taking insulin, as federal law says insulin=no CDL. He meds have been increased, and he’s gone back to the proper diet, and reduced the stress he had – a whole nother post, which may eventually end up on The Life & Times… – and it is coming down, but still isn’t where it needs to be…But now I have another problem – he sees the same doctor my boy was seeing. Has he messed up regarding Hunny..? 

All of that on top of the medical crap I have to deal with, as well as work, bills, and general living, well, I haven’t kept up with posting like I should. Things seem to be calming down some, so hopefully I will be back in my routine soon. Until then, please be patient with me…




Doctor Follow-up

April 30, 2009

-I’d like to thank The Vinyl Villager for this post. I started to reply to the comment he left on yesterday’s post and about the time I got to *** I realized I wasn’t “commenting” I was essentially writing a post…LOL

Here’s his comment:

Hope you all have a clean bill of health! I friggin hate going to the doctor…

Unfortunately for me, I have several "ongoing issues" – the fibromyalgia, and headaches that apparently have no basis in anything any kind of test can find, but that essentially never go away :(. I do however take a medication that, for a short time, make them ALMOST gone…of it’s a narcotic, and despite having taken it for almost 20 years now, but NONE while pregnant with the boy 🙂 – when I move from Terre Haute to Indy it took a while to find a doctor who believed I wasn’t a drug addict. When he moved about 7 years ago, it took another two years, maybe three, to find my current doc, and we had several run-ins before I finally convinced him I wasn’t hooked on it or abusing it. It took me not taking any for two months (confirmed by blood tests), and me almost (and really, really, realllllly wanting to) literally coming to blows with one of the other providers in the office to do it (that incident may be an upcoming post, actually…). Wow, that was more than you were looking for, huh..? Anywhoooo, he added a high blood pressure med for me (no idea why my blood pressure would be high…) and refilled all the other crap I needed (I take about 8 or 9 different meds).

Hunny, on the other hand, not so good*** (a bit much for a “comment, huh..? although I have left longer ones…*grin*). For those who don’t know Hunny is diabetic. This is a recent discovery (about a year & a half ago, when he went for his DOT physical, his sugar was high, so they refused to ‘stamp’ it & sent him to the doctor. The test they do to determine what the average has been for like the last 2-3 months, called an A1C That’s A one C) came back at like 10% or 11% . According to Diabetes Health “The normal level of A1C in people without diabetes is approximately 4% to 6%. In 1994, the ADA began recommending specific A1C treatment goals based on the results of the DCCT. From that time on, the goal for most people with diabetes has been less than 7%. Each 1% change in A1C represents a change of approximately 35 mg/dl in average blood glucose. Not good. He was started on Janumet & Actos, changed his diet, and was doing very well. His blood sugar readings were running between 85 and 140ish – not GREAT but not really bad either. But then, shit happened, and happened some more, and of course, much most of the rest of the general population, we are having the regular how-the-Hell-do-I-pay-all-these-bills-with-this little-bit-of-money? stuff going on. They’ve cut hime back to about 40 to 45 hours a week (Hunny is your atypical, 1950’s sorta guy. Even though I work, and we have more of a partnership than most in a lot of ways, in his head it’s still his responsibility to not only pay all the bills, but also support me in the style I’d like to become accustomed to…) SO, the stress went up, and his attention to his health went down….He finally decided to start checking his sugars again MONDAY – ‘cuz we had doctor appointments on Wednesday. The first reading..? 465!!!  For those who have no clue what that means, an average person’s sugars run 80 – 90 on average. See a problem here..? So he now has another medication, and a bunch more stress. Stress raises blood sugar. Vicious cycle. Why stress..? Well, to begin with HE COULD DIE FROM THIS. In addition (‘cuz yanno that’s not enough…) if he has to start taking insulin shots, he could lose his job. The Federal government say that if you are diabetic, and you take insulin shots, you can’t hold a CDL…although there is a small glimmer. It seems that if you don’t go out of state/over the road (he doesn’t) you can get a waiver. “That’s Wonderful” you say. Did I mention that the waiver has an associated cost (because what government related anything doesn’t?) $2700 a year. Every year. Where’s my bailout..?

*sigh* why do all my “pots of gold at the end of the rainbow” turn out to be filled with coal..? Oh well, such is life. Either we’ll get by or we won’t : )

There’s more…the boy got a Z pack & a blood draw (still waiting on results), and seems to be doing much better, as I said, more to come : )

Gotta go, the boy gets off the bus in about 10 minutes & I’m sitting here in my underwear, letting the new ink air out *grin*

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!   

New Tattoo!!! Well, ok, a start on a new tattoo/cover up

April 30, 2009


Here is what we are starting with…



Here is just the basic outline…about 45 minutes in



Here is the black work – the part that is cover-up, the rest will follow in the next sitting, maybe…



Here is where I had had enough for one sitting…this is about the 2.5 – 3 hour mark. Now, I wait for healing ( 2 – 4 weeks), and time for another sitting, to go on to the next stage.

Cool, huh..?!?!?


I will continue to post pics from future sittings. Hunny is getting a new one tomorrow…

Ok, going to bed, I’m whupped. Doc put me on high blood pressure meds, and they boy has been given a Z-pack, in liquid form. I didn’t know they made such a critter! Hunny’s blood-sugar is ridiculous )running between 300-450, his urine had over 2000 parts(?) Am going to bed now.

See  ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!


April 29, 2009

We’re going doctoring today. Hunny I both have appointments, and the boy’s throat & stomach have started acting up again : ( So he’s going with us – our doctor’s office has a wonderful walk-in policy. The problem being Hunny & the boy see the same doctor & I see a different one. Why is that a problem, you ask..? Hunny can just take him in with him and be done! Yeah, ok. Problem..? Hunny isn’t the most, shall we say sympathetic..? when it comes to the boy being ill…

He tries, don’t get me wrong. He just doesn’t succeed real well… Oh well, we’ll figger it out, and I’ll letcha know how it works out…I’m supposed to be getting tattooed today, too, but with the boy sick, I dunno what’s going to happen with that, either : (

Anyways, I’ll catch ya up when I get home to stay 🙂

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

A Kentucky Wedding – and Other Ramblings

April 13, 2009

As I mentioned in a previous post, we attended a wedding on Friday. In Kentucky. Hunny’s aunt Anti got married to her long-time honey Jigger. Again. I think she’s been married almost as many times as I have…hopefully this one will be as good for her as my last one is for me 🙂

We were a bit flustered when we found out the wedding was at 1:00 on a Friday. I mean we do have jobs and all. But luckily we had (almost) enough notice that it really wasn’t a problem, at least not a big one. Hunny gets 3 weeks vacation, and I get two, none of which either of us had used any of so far this year. We also get personal days – although his are much better, as they really are personal days – he can call in for any reason, on any day, an hour before his start time, and he’s good. I, on the other hand, have to schedule all days off – except sick days of course. You might know that day was “closed” so I had to give up my day off, and work for someone else, so she would work for me on Friday. I got the day off, but it wasn’t easy. Which is probably good, because if it had been easy, I would have spent all the time between approval & the day of wondering what was gonna happen….and of course “it” happened anyways, my boy was/is sick.

Anywho…we figgered about 2 hours for the drive, each way – wedding at one means leave about 10. I was a bit hesitant about taking the boy, for all the regular reasons there are for not wanting to spend two hours trapped in a vehicle with a six-year-old, expect him to then behave in a church, and be again trapped for 2 hours… And once he started having problems, my reservations grew. I considered staying home with him, but he was excited about going, and he seemed basically ok that morning. I dosed him with Motrin & Pepcid, taking both with us, along with his bucket, his big (32 oz) cup of ice water & his Gameboy. Other than my Speedway STILL not having the iced coffee machine fixed (I’m addicted to the French Vanilla) the trip down was pretty uneventful. We did get a phone call about 50 miles into the trip to tell us we had the wrong directions….but in spite of all, we made it with time to spare.

I had asked Hunny the day before what he was planning on wearing. His response..? “Jeans! I ain’t dressing up! This is what her 20th wedding..?” Yep, that’s my Hunny the epitome of tactfulness…he also made the comment that they were getting married on Good Friday, cuz Jigger was getting hung out like Jesus did on the same day…like I said, tactful…(he actually shared that comment with Anti) Back to the subject at hand – when he said jeans I said woohoo! that makes my life much easier. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of dress up clothes – scads of them, actually, since I have to wear the “monkey suits” (as I call it) to work most days. Which is why I was thrilled with wearing jeans. Besides, Anti & Jigger are way more redneck than we are, and that’s saying sumptin’. We fully expected casual (we’ll get to that in a few) church not withstanding. Yeah. We were wrong. Mostly…We did wear nice jeans, & dressy shirts, but Hunny had the boy dress himself while I was getting ready, and, well, his outfit wasn’t even close to dressy – as you’ll see here shortly.

Dad had called to tell us about the wrong directions & give us new ones, which included “yellow building” and “antique shops” and the information that Mom’s car would be parked in front of the church sign. In his defense, he did well, we found it no problem. They got married at a pretty little Pentecostal church in the burbs of Louisville. Yes, I entered a church & survived to blog about it 🙂 But everyone we encountered, including Miss Mom (unfeminine sister-in-law) was dressed. Not just wearing clothes, but dressed. In dresses & suits. Except the bride – she was still in jeans (mind you, we arrived about 30 mins before the wedding was due to start).

This is the point where we found out she wanted the boy to be her ring bearer. Huh?!? Are you sure about that..? She was sure. Blue jeans, Batman shirt and all…


Did I mention Hunny also let him spike his hair himself..?

Anyway, other than the Maid of Honor (Anti’s daughter) deciding she needed to go to Walmart 3 min before the wedding was due to start, it went very well. Once the ceremony was over, the cake was cut and the food was eaten (coldcuts, crackers, chips and “chocolate meatballs, as our niece called them). I did start to feel better about our attire once I got a good look at some of the other attendees. I thought I taken more pics than I did of the outfits on display, but I only got this one…

wedding shoes

Yep, that’s shower shoes with socks, along with a button-down shirt & suit pants. We also had plus sized zebra stripes, flowers galore, and an almost-mini skirt (there really wasn’t even enough material to qualify as a mini skirt…). There were two cakes, a regular cake & a redneck cake…




It says “Now all you can do is run to the end of  your chain.’

The ride home was rather bad – the boy fell asleep about 10 minutes into the ride. “That’s good” you’re thinking, I can hear it, but no, not so much. For several reasons, the first of which is that when he falls asleep in the car, unless he stays asleep until we get where we’re going, he usually wakes up whining & crying. Almost every time. Add to that he wasn’t really feeling well to begin with, and had had drunk a can of Sprite before we left. He was also getting grumpy just before we left. So was Hunny. You see, the boy wanted to play. Kid logic says if I don’t feel bad right at this moment, I’m fine until I’m not. Nowhere in kid logic lives the knowledge that a temporary reprieve is not justification for running, yelling, jumping & generally being a kid, because this will cause the misery to return. Which it did. 2/3 of the way home. Not only did we have the “I hate waking up in a moving vehicle” attitude, but we also had “my belly is starting to hurt again” and “my neck hurts” and finally, once we hit Indy’s rush hour traffic (we got back to Indy about 5:30) “I need to pee.” We mixed that up with Hunny’s mounting frustration with the idiots around us, and it was not fun.

We survived, but as you saw from Friday night’s post, we didn’t survive it well. The boy was up & whiny every 30-45 minutes Thurs, Fri & Sat nights, so while I got up with him, Hunny was still woken repeatedly, and he’s not used to not sleeping, like I am, so yesterday wasn’t very pleasant, either 😦 He did go to work today, which is a relief to all involved, and he did sleep last night. I called the doc Saturday and he called in some antibiotics for the boy. Despite Hunny’s assertion that the boy’s “neck” hurt from heartburn, by Sat afternoon, his neck felt like there were two robin’s eggs inside it.

Rest assured, despite a slight fever this morning, he is just about back to his normal self. Lucky me. Well, gotta go. He’s demanding food. If I weren’t so glad to see him eating again (he really didn’t eat Friday, Saturday or Sunday, and ate only some Mac & Cheese Thursday) I’d be getting upset…

he still doesn’t feel good

he still doesn’t feel good

he still doesn’t feel good

As long as I keep telling myself that, I won’t throttle him *grin*

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! ! ! ! !

Where Have I Been..?

July 18, 2008

Ok, I guess this is what I get for daring to say things had been "slow". *Slap in the face* That’ll learn ya! Let’s start with the boy & his tooth…

As you know, we’ve had a loose tooth for quite some time now. Well, It finally came out Tuesday. Lemme tell ya – that boy was excited! And of course he had a bazillion questions…as usual! Which I really wasn’t up tp answering…

You see, this is where the "keepyourmouth(keyboard?)shutandNEVERsaythingsareslow" comes in. I had a doctors appointment Tuesday. Nothing major, just an Rx fill, and having a couple of skin tags removed on my neck. Which I wouldn’t have bothered with, except they happened to be right where my necklaces hang, and right where my tags hit my back, when I wear a shirt with a tag (I try not to – there are so many tagless options now, and I LOVE THAT!). But they were irritating, so I figured I’d have the doc take ’em off. No biggie, I mean really – how bad could it hurt? I’ve given birth!

So I took my boy to Stacey’s and dropped him off about noonish, and proceeded to the doctor’s. I actually got my car most of the way cleaned out, since I got there early! That’s a feat! My car creates shit…anyways, I went in, paid sat for a minute or two (they’re really good about not making you wait if you have an appointment – now coming as a walk-in is a different story). After about 5 min id the room, the doc came in explained what he was going to do, and did it. Not bad at all, kinda felt like having hairs plucked out. He rubbed some antibiotic ointment on the spots, gave me my prescription and I was done. In and out in about 25 minutes total.

I had gotten a coupon for a $25 gift card from CVS for a new or transferred Rx, so I headed on down to CVS to get it filled, since it was in the area (I usually – almost always – go to Walgreens…). As I was driving down there, I was talking to Hunny, and telling him how easy it had been.

"Hell, they don’t even hurt, it’s more like an itch where they took them off" That would be me tempting fate again…

I got to CVS, and as I was walking in, my hands, palms and inside of wrists, began to itch. "Cool! I’m coming into money somewhere!" Yeah, right…I went back to the counter, gave her my card & id, all the while scratching my hands & wrists surreptitiously. She said it would be about 10 mins, so I figured I’d stroll the aisles and see if I could find anything I couldn’t live without. But then I got a little light-headed, and my scalp started itching pretty bad – and scratching was BAD. I went over to the waiting area and sat down, and told hunny I was going to go. I was feeling pretty bad, and didn’t want him freaking out…he was at work nothing he could do. By now I was thinking it might be a bit more than a sign of incoming income. My hands were starting to swell, and my whole body was turning bright red.

They called me up to get my medicine, and the little gal asked me "Are you alright..?"

"I don’t think so."
I went and sat back down for a minute, then asked directions to the restroom, pretty sure I was about to hurl all over their waiting are. Now mind you I NEVER vomit. Ok, not never, but in 41 years, 14 of which were spent as a dancer who got paid by the drink, and another good 10 as a bartender, which means I DRANK, I’d bet I’ve only gotten physically ill 10 times. EVER. So this feeling keyed me to the fact that I might be in serious trouble. I didn’t actually get sick, but it was a near miss. I went back to the waiting area and called the doctor’s office. I had only been gone 15 minutes max, and I was only about 3 miles down the road.

Me: "Hi, this is Jodi, I just left there, I really, really, really need to talk to Linda or Dr. _____" My voice sounded a bit shaky to my ears…

Receptionist: "I’m guessing this is an emergency..?"
Me: "Yeah, I think so…"
Linda came on the line momentarily…

Her: "Hey Jodi, what’s up?"
Me: "What was the stuff the doc put on my neck>"
Her: "It was just a triple antiboitic, why?"
Me: "I think I’m having an allergic reaction to something in it…"
Her: " Have you ever used it before? Ever shown any reaction?"

Me: "I’ve used antibiotic ointment on every tattoo I have (please understand what I am saying when I say that – I quit counting tattoos when I get to 40 – and there are still more to go…), and I’ve never had any problems with it."

Her: "Well do you think a couple of benedryl will help? What’s happening with you..?"

Me: "Well, I’m shaky, I itch everywhere, my body’s turning red, and it’s kinda hard to breath…"

Her: "So you’re having trouble breathing? Is your throat closing up?"

Me: "Starting to.."

Her: "You might want to think about coming back up here, how far away are you?"

Me: "Just down the road at CVS."
Her: "You better come on back…"
Me: Ok, on my way."
I went up to the counter to get my stuff, and the gal asked for my CVS card. I was shaking so bad, she took the ring out of my hand and said she’d find it. She also said that she wasn’t sure she was comfortable letting me leave in the state I was in (and truly..? She probably shouldn’t have) But I told her I was going to the doctor’s office up on 56th St. we were at 34th St. and she let me go.

I got back to the doctor’s, and they whisked me in the back. I ended up getting two shots of Epinephrine AND a shot of cortisone, to reverse the reaction… My skin was bright red, swelling (the rings that usually are trying to fall off my fingers left marks where the skin swelled around them), and itching to beat Hell. The whites of my eyes even turned red. Scary shit. But within 45 minutes of getting back to the office I was pretty much fine, not 100%, but probably 80%.

Apparently at some point, I have acquired a sever allergy to bacatracin(sp?)

Meanwhile, my boy was busy losing his tooth during a water fight *grin* He was so excited when I got there he could hardly stand it! And, he got his first bee sting – the same way I got my first bee sting, running through a sprinkler and stepped on it. I’m fairly certain he took it much better than I did. I HATE bees. I actually broke my tailbone some years ago trying to back away from a bee…
Damm! Gotta go for now, but will try to get back soon! Work calls again…
See ya laterzzzzzzzzz!

The Day Has Arrived (I hope)

July 1, 2008

We’re off to the doctors today, to see if we get to be cast free. I hope so. Do you have any idea how hard it is to bathe, or even shower, a five year old in a cast, and not get the cast wet..? Can you say impossible? Yet it is stressed how important it is to keep it dry. *sigh* Not in this house…

OK, I’ll be back after the dr.

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzz!

***Edited to add*** We no longer have a cast. Woohooo! We do still have a wrist brace for another 3-4 weeks, but doc said he can sleep without it in about a week, and it can come off for baths, swimming & sprinkler running. I now have one happy little boy. He has already figured out how to slip it off over his hand, rather than undoing it – not sure if that’s good or bad…but I guess it is what it is 🙂

Ok, back to the grindstone…

See ya laterzzz!!!

Popping In

June 30, 2008

No time for a real post this morning, but I wanted to pop in and say all is still well. Today begins my Hell-weeks at work. Because July 4 falls in a week that I have Tuesday off normally, I don’t get it off. I think the theory is that they’re giving us the holiday off, we don’t need a regular day off….So I work M-F this week (yes, I volunteered for the 4th) then M-S the following week. and I worked M-S last week, Ugh,

My boy has a little mark on his forehead. I’ve asked him about 5 times what he did, and I’ve gotten 5 answers, not the least of which went like this:

Me: "What’d you do to your head?"
Him: "Where?"
Me: running my fingers lightly over the spot "Right here."
Him: "Ow, ow, ow, ow." Mind you, this is just a teeny, tiny little scab, bout 1/4" round – it almost can’t be seen….
Me; "So it hurts..? How’d you get it?"
Him: "You did it."
Me: "I did it..? When did I do that?"
Him: "Yep, you did it. "
Me: "When did I do it..?"
Him: "Yesterday."
Me: relieved "How could I have done it yesterday? You were with Rosa all day."
Him: "Oh yeah, I was, wasn’t I?"
Me: "So how’d you do it?"
Him: "If I’m really, really good while we’re at the store can I get a toy?"

And that was the end of the conversation. Oh yeah, did I mention we were at the return counter of Wally World when this conversation took place..? There I am being accused by my child of hurting him, while all the neighborhood biddies listen in. How many do you think actually heard the whole conversation, and how many just the part about "You did it"?

Oh well, such is life. This mornings questioning about it got me the response that Buster or Bandit (Stacey’s pets) must have done it. I guess I’ll never know. Well, gotta go put my nose to the grindstone (or ear to the idiots as the case may be…)

Oh yeah, wanted to add tomorrow’s the big day. We go back to the doctor’s. Hopefully the little guy will get that cast off. It’s gotta suck, being in a cast most of the summer : ( Oh, and we’re still awaiting the falling-out of the loose tooth.

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzz!

Playing Catch Up

June 11, 2008

I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but apparently I have a small bit of time to myself – kinda. The boy is (temporarily) engrossed in a Pokemon movie, and the cast repair took lees time than expected, so here I am. I am going to try to catch up on all the stuff going on in our world….


I am now the parent of an official white-with-yellow-stripe-belt-holder. That’s right, my boy has moved up a level, broken arm and all! And he’s thrilled. Almost as thrilled as Daddy is proud! Hunny took his original belt, with all the stripes, and put it up. He wants to put it in a shadowbox for display. Nope, no pride there *grin*. They did a whole ceremony thingie at the dojo, presenting certificates & belts. Well, that was the plan. But the belts hadn’t arrived from the shipper, so they presented the certificates, and gave out the belts when they came in. Which is fine, really. I think the ceremony & honoring the kids in front of God & everyone, letting them know what a good job they’re doing, is way more important than a piece of fabric.
Here are a few pics:


We went to the doctor’s two weeks ago, but despite waiting for 2 1/2 HOURS (I will say, that was an anomaly though), we didn’t get the new cast my boy so desperately wanted. Yesterday was The Day. We have a new cast,

But as I said in last night’s short post, it was too long.

My boy was very happy to have his elbow back. Not so much for the elbow itself, but more for the ability to get to all the itches, since there is no longer a bend to try to navigate! We had a few “hairy” moments, during cast application & forming, but it seems like it wasn’t nearly as bad as the first one. He actually cried for a minute or two the first time. This time he just kinda grimaced…

When we left the doctor’s office yesterday he was high spirits. Well, he’s always in high spirits, but more so than average. But then it started hurting in the bend of the elbow. Stacey stuck some gauze in it, to try to cushion it a bit, but you know that boy of mine. No chance it would stay there unmolested! He had to take it out & re do it, if he moved (which he does pretty much constantly…) it came out and had to be put back. And of course it was a bit of a tight fit, so there was pinching. And he had Karate yesterday.
Needless to say, by the time Mom got home, he wasn’t a real happy camper. But I will say this for him, while he is fully capable of being whiney, and gets that way on occasion, it’s rarely about anything serious. He never really bitched about it being raw, just said it hurt, then tried to move it as little as possible.

I called the doctor’s office this morning, and they had me bring him in so they could cut it down, and it seems (so far) that all is now well. He was playing “avoid the plants” as we left. Yes, my child can turn even this:

into an appropriate (in his mind) place to play. As he was very careful not to step on any plants, I let him. The game was kinda like an obstacle course, from what I could make out – left side of one, right side next, left side next, and so forth & so on.

Being the boy that he is, when I wanted to take pics of the rubbed area, he

  • a. wouldn’t hold still for 2 SECONDS, so they are a bit blurry. and
  • b. insisted I take pics of his Pokemon tattoos (no surprise he wants to show off tattoos, I have over 40, and Dad is coming up on 10 or 15…

I figured I’d go ahead and put ’em up.


Life isn’t great, the price of gas, and subsequently everything else, is starting to put a hurt on us. It does help greatly that the Wal-mart across the street opened today (WOOOOHOOOOO) so I no longer have to drive 10-15 miles to shop, or pay an extra $50 on a purchase of $150. Charter One is still insisting that they have every right to do whatever they want with my money, regardless of the facts of the matter, so I will pursue it via the Office of The Comptroller of The Currency. Oh yeah, and tell everyone I can possibly conceive of a reason to brooch the subject with. I talk to A LOT of people every day…
The new Walmart has a bank in it, so I will be going there to open a new account & change over our direct deposits, providing they can assure me that their policy is different than Charter One’s policy of theft.
One a positive note, I was graced with this view out my car window coming home the other night.

I had to stop & take a pic – isn’t it beautiful..?

Ok, probably oughta get my butt headed towards works, the natives (translate to the (usually) sweet (monster) boy) are getting restless. I knew it was too good to last…..

See ya laterzzzz!!!!

Step 3 – We Have a Cast

May 15, 2008

Again, this is just a quick update, I hope to post more in depth with details later to day. We have a Bright Orange (go figger…) cast up to almost his armpit. He seems to be doing well, and hasn’t really slowed down too awfully much – he kept me hopping I can tell ya!

I have a couple of pics in the cast. Hunny and I were talking last night, and both could kick ourselves for not getting pics of his arm without the cast or sling – sheesh, why did we BUY the picture phones..? Doh!

Ok, here’s a coupla pics…