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Yes, I’m Still Here!

October 30, 2008

Hey All,

Just a note to let you know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth…I am thoroughly disgusted with Blogger right now, because I changed the template here on accident, and it won’t let me change it back. Apparently I can only change to one offered BY Blogger without getting some kind of funky ":bx" error. I don’t want one offered by blogger, I want my Christmas template back! *pout*

So part of the reason I haven’t been posting here is that I told myself I wouldn’t until I could get it back the way I wanted it (so much for that, "cuz here I am). But in my defense, I didn’t know it would be OVER A MONTH and still not fixed…

Another reason is because of my schedule. All three of you who come here regularly are somewhat familiar with my screwy schedule which was bad enough to begin with. Now it’s even worse…The woman who was putting the boy on the bus for us, with her boy, in the mornings, got a job. Bad. Her husband does car repossessions so is home in the morning, and offered to continue putting the boys on the bus of a morning. Good. He had a court date that Hunny knew about (but didn’t bother to tell me about) one morning at like 10 am, so when we walked down to their house, no one was home. Bad. I was supposed to be at work at 11, the bus comes at 12:15. Worse. No one we usually call to watch him (and there aren’t many – and most of then are "kids") was available, so I called work & said I’d be late. Definitely Not Good. Apparently, whatever Bob (not his real name) went to court for wasn’t good, cuz they kept him. Very, very, very Not Good. So I went to one of my bosses and had my schedule swapped around so I now work (week one) from 1-9 M, T, Th, & F (which is only 7.5 hours per day because apparently I HAVE to take a lunch) and 9-1 on that Saturday. Then I work (week two) 1-9 M, 3-9 T, 1-9 W, 1-9 TH, 1-9 F, and 9-7 on Sat. Can you see where that might mess with a person..? And it’s not like I’m that hard to confuse anymore to begin with…

So, in an effort to somewhat catch folks up, here goes –

School is going great. My boy loves it, and is apparently thrilled with his new found ability to read! He also has a (possibly unhealthy?) love of numbers. Everythings about the numbers. He’s always been one to ask questions, and never the easily answered one, either. School is giving him even more fodder for the old question mill…He did get an award for "Excellence in Listening" about a week ago. He got called up in front of the whole school & presented with a T-shirt. Granted, it looks like half the school got them but still…

Award Shot


I didn’t get to go, because of course it was at 2:00 in the afternoon and I had to WORK. But, Hunny was still on vacation and he DID get to go, which is awesome, as he will more than likely have to miss many events like this as our boy grows up…

Then there’s Karate…not so good. I like the idea of my boy having outside interests so to speak, and Karate, or martial arts, is a good one to have. But when he’s done in Dec, he’s done at this one. I have come to the determination that he isn’t going to Karate so much as he’s going to a money pit…Here, I’ll let you decide:

Base fee for the class from April to December: $995.00
Karate Gi & assorted necessaries: $150.00 more
Each time he gets a patch, another $3 to $4 a piece – and he gets a couple every other week or so
Each time he advances to a new level, and requires a new belt: $30.00 – he’s on his fourth
Any time they have "extra-curricular" activities: anywhere from $40 (to spend the night for a Halloween party at their new building) to $250 (for a DAY CAMP – ONE DAY -  teaching swordsmanship)

Is it just me?

Next up, we have added a new family member. NO I DIDN’T HAVE ANOTHER KID! Curses on you for even thinking it! I’m a GRANDMA for Goddess’ sake!

About two weeks ago I was minding my own business at work, when everyone started acting all "gooey" – everyone up to and including the BIG boss. And her twin sister, who is the head of another department in our company. Of course I had to know what was going on…apparently of our techs got back to the shop and found a kitten in his MOTOR COMPARTMENT. Yeah, you read that right. The little thing had climbed up in the engine compartment, probably in an attempt to get warm, and found itself transported from Goddess knows where to our back lot. It seemed the tech was going to take it and "drop it off" somewhere, and the Big Dogs weren’t having it. But they also couldn’t HAVE it – the kitten that is. So guess who piped up and volunteered..? Yep you guessed it – me. Now I’ve talked about my boy and his ability to know things he shouldn’t, and to arrange fate to suit his purposes before. For two weeks prior to this, he had been on a "Mom can we get a cat?" kick. Go figger, he got his cat…

So without further ado, may I present Jingles….



Surprisingly, for having been a stray, he is very affectionate & loving. He is a bit skittish – if you walk towards him he runs – but he’ll curl up in your lap and purr the day away. When the boy falls asleep on the couch, he gets up behind his head and goes to sleep until I motivate upstairs. It’s funny, it was too small to even tell the sex when I brought it home, but has shot up since. I believe we have a boy, although at some point in the (hopefully) not too distant future, "he" will become "it." He looks surprisingly like one of out last cats, originally named Bridget, which somehow morphed into "Pudding Pop" – don’t ask, because I have no answer…

Pudd & Mongo

Pudd & Chai

Pretty eerie, huh..? They actually could be related…We found Pudd at Hunny’s Mom & Dad’s house, stuck in their apple tree, about 6 or 7 years ago. They said she had been running around the neighborhood, and they were afraid she was going to get run over – but they weren’t willing to take her in…so we did. She was also teeny tiny when we got her. We waited and waited for her to reach the weight requirement to get her spayed, and after a year and a half, at 8 lbs she just barely made it. As you can see, she apparent;y wasn’t done growing at 18 months, because she ended up at about 30 lbs, and about 3 foot long from tip of nose to end of tail…

Ok, I’m outta time, gotta go get ready to put my nose back to the grindstone….I’m not gonna say I’ll try to do better here, because every time I say (type?) that, I end up not posting for forever…but, well, yanno!

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!


I’m Still Alive

June 27, 2008

I feel absolutely horrible not having posted here…I’ve been meaning to – I’ve even started to, a couple of times. But it seems everytime I sit down to write, something else needs done, and it needs done NOW. I wouldn’t know how to act with 2 or 3 hours to myself, uninterrupted – no kid, no hunny, no phone…I’d probably wander aimlessly, looking for someone to holler at me “Hey! I need….” I can just see me wandering the neighborhood, “Excuse me, do you NEED something..?”

I sit my boy down with breakfast, and think “Ok, I have a few minutes to myself” I sit down at the computer and start to type and I hear “MOOOOOM” (‘cus he’s hollering at me from downstairs, so of course it has to be at the top of his lungs…) “Yes, son” And then he pops off with some out-of-left-field-has-no-relevance-to-anything kinda question. And you HAVE to answer, because my son is nothing if he isn’t persistent. IF you try to collect a few moments by not answering he will ask again. And again, and again, until you DO answer. And don’t try to blow him off with some simple-quit-asking-questions kinda answer. No sirree Bob, that won’t cut it. The kid is very logical, and if your answer doesn’t make sense logically, or is too simple, well then it becomes a conversation, not just a question. The kid wears me out – not just physically, but mentally as well.


The Perils of Parenthood.

Well, we still have a cast. The appointment is for Tuesday. Hopefully it’ll come off then. Not that it has really hampered the little shit darling, other than that he can’t go swimming. Not that he has kept the damm thing dry – oh no, can’t have that! But he still plays just as rough, fights with the big kids and goes to Karate.

Speaking of Karate, this week was “Crazy Hair” week at Karate. I wanted to do him up with bright orange hair (it is his favorite color) but couldn’t find any orange : ( So I got bright green and neon blue, and did it half and half – kinda like Mommy’s. Uhhhh, no wait, my hair isn’t green & blue, although…NO strike that thought. But my hair is two-tone. It is red on top, and black on the bottom. It’s pretty cool if I do say so myself ! At least, I get lots of compliments on it, so I can convince myself it’s cool…

OK, back to the boy. Here’s a pic.

Well, it’s that time again – the slave drivers – aka work – call. Gotta go get ready to be “professional” like (ugh). But at least I popped in to say Hi. I just feel so bad – I haven’t even really gotten to check in on the blogs I follow…Ah well, such is life…

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzz!

Didja Miss me..?

June 17, 2008

Ok, I’ve been neglecting you again. I’m sorry. It’ll never happen again (please note the crossed fingers when this statement is made). Things have been a bit hectic, and I’ve been busy just trying to keep up. I had to work this past Saturday, and as Hunny went racing, the boy stayed with Aunt Missy & Ashley. I got out late (about 9:30ish) so I called when I got off to let them know I was on the way. They were having sound issues with the Wii (The surround wasn’t on…) which I corrected, then hung up. Then I had a brilliant idea. Let’s save Mommy some time on Sunday by doing grocery shopping tonight, without the boy! I called Ash back & asked if she could stay a bit longer so I could shop and she was good with it, so to Walmart I headed.

The one by the house is open now, so I didn’t have to go out of the way at all! Woohooo! I got a new watch, since my old one died (surprised it lasted as long as it did! Watches tend to have "issues" when they are anywhere near me – losing time, gaining time, stopping completely, losing time, then gaining it back. I’ve had them lose like 15 minutes, then when I take them off, they go back to the right time, or vise-versa, gain it, then go back to right when I take it off. Also, the ones that stop completely usually start back up within a day of me removing them…really weird stuffs). So anyway, I got a watch, got groceries, and as I was heading to the checkout, Hunny called. Apparently they went to the Speedrome here in Indy, rather than where they had originally planned, and were already heading home. (Hell, he ended up beating me home.) But it was all good, ‘cuz I didn’t have to haul groceries in by myself 🙂

So, the plan was to save time on Sunday, right? So I could not have to run around like a chicken with no head on Sunday, right? Whatever – like that’ll ever happen! My Sunday list included a haircut for my Duran Duran looking boy (did you see the hair in the pics from where he got his cast..?), get my oil changed, which I found out that day, courtesy of my hunny, meant I had to clean my car out because part of the service was vacuuming the car, picking up prescriptions, doing laundry (hard when you’re not home), having some links taken out of my new watch, because it was waaaaaaay too big, and required a little, bitty, teeny, tiny screwdriver (what happened to just popping out the pins, removing the links, and putting it back together? Oh yeah, that was too easy!), getting the Aveeno stuff I bought Saturday replaced, because it was no where to be found when I got home, and, at the last minute, taking hunny with, so he could get a haircut, too.

Well crap! My new fabric is dry, so I need to go iron & sew. My dandelion boy has already outgrown his Karate pants, so I am going to (attempt to) make him a new pair. I’ll be back, hopefully soon….

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzz!

Playing Catch Up

June 11, 2008

I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but apparently I have a small bit of time to myself – kinda. The boy is (temporarily) engrossed in a Pokemon movie, and the cast repair took lees time than expected, so here I am. I am going to try to catch up on all the stuff going on in our world….


I am now the parent of an official white-with-yellow-stripe-belt-holder. That’s right, my boy has moved up a level, broken arm and all! And he’s thrilled. Almost as thrilled as Daddy is proud! Hunny took his original belt, with all the stripes, and put it up. He wants to put it in a shadowbox for display. Nope, no pride there *grin*. They did a whole ceremony thingie at the dojo, presenting certificates & belts. Well, that was the plan. But the belts hadn’t arrived from the shipper, so they presented the certificates, and gave out the belts when they came in. Which is fine, really. I think the ceremony & honoring the kids in front of God & everyone, letting them know what a good job they’re doing, is way more important than a piece of fabric.
Here are a few pics:


We went to the doctor’s two weeks ago, but despite waiting for 2 1/2 HOURS (I will say, that was an anomaly though), we didn’t get the new cast my boy so desperately wanted. Yesterday was The Day. We have a new cast,

But as I said in last night’s short post, it was too long.

My boy was very happy to have his elbow back. Not so much for the elbow itself, but more for the ability to get to all the itches, since there is no longer a bend to try to navigate! We had a few “hairy” moments, during cast application & forming, but it seems like it wasn’t nearly as bad as the first one. He actually cried for a minute or two the first time. This time he just kinda grimaced…

When we left the doctor’s office yesterday he was high spirits. Well, he’s always in high spirits, but more so than average. But then it started hurting in the bend of the elbow. Stacey stuck some gauze in it, to try to cushion it a bit, but you know that boy of mine. No chance it would stay there unmolested! He had to take it out & re do it, if he moved (which he does pretty much constantly…) it came out and had to be put back. And of course it was a bit of a tight fit, so there was pinching. And he had Karate yesterday.
Needless to say, by the time Mom got home, he wasn’t a real happy camper. But I will say this for him, while he is fully capable of being whiney, and gets that way on occasion, it’s rarely about anything serious. He never really bitched about it being raw, just said it hurt, then tried to move it as little as possible.

I called the doctor’s office this morning, and they had me bring him in so they could cut it down, and it seems (so far) that all is now well. He was playing “avoid the plants” as we left. Yes, my child can turn even this:

into an appropriate (in his mind) place to play. As he was very careful not to step on any plants, I let him. The game was kinda like an obstacle course, from what I could make out – left side of one, right side next, left side next, and so forth & so on.

Being the boy that he is, when I wanted to take pics of the rubbed area, he

  • a. wouldn’t hold still for 2 SECONDS, so they are a bit blurry. and
  • b. insisted I take pics of his Pokemon tattoos (no surprise he wants to show off tattoos, I have over 40, and Dad is coming up on 10 or 15…

I figured I’d go ahead and put ’em up.


Life isn’t great, the price of gas, and subsequently everything else, is starting to put a hurt on us. It does help greatly that the Wal-mart across the street opened today (WOOOOHOOOOO) so I no longer have to drive 10-15 miles to shop, or pay an extra $50 on a purchase of $150. Charter One is still insisting that they have every right to do whatever they want with my money, regardless of the facts of the matter, so I will pursue it via the Office of The Comptroller of The Currency. Oh yeah, and tell everyone I can possibly conceive of a reason to brooch the subject with. I talk to A LOT of people every day…
The new Walmart has a bank in it, so I will be going there to open a new account & change over our direct deposits, providing they can assure me that their policy is different than Charter One’s policy of theft.
One a positive note, I was graced with this view out my car window coming home the other night.

I had to stop & take a pic – isn’t it beautiful..?

Ok, probably oughta get my butt headed towards works, the natives (translate to the (usually) sweet (monster) boy) are getting restless. I knew it was too good to last…..

See ya laterzzzz!!!!

Another Day Off *Snort*

June 3, 2008

Ok, ok, I know it seems from my posts that I have a lot of “days off,” but it’s an illusion, I swear. My two week schedule looks something like this:

  • Monday work 12:30 – 9:00
  • Tuesday work 11:00 – 8:00
  • Wednesday work 11:00 – 8:00
  • Thursday work 11:00 – 8:00
  • Friday work 12:00 – 8:30
  • Saturday work 12:30 – 9:00
  • Sunday – Off
  • Monday work 12:30 – 9:00
  • Tuesday Off
  • Wednesday work 11:00 – 8:00
  • Thursday work 11:00 – 8:00
  • Friday work 12:30 – 8:00
  • Saturday Off
  • Sunday Off
  • Rinse, lather, repeat.

So today is my Tuesday “Off” Today I get to relax and enjoy the day, do whatever I want, and just basically recover from the last coupla weeks – Yeah, right, whatever! I can only wish for that kind of day off.

In the real world, since I didn’t get the boy registered for school on the last weekday I had off I get to (try) to do it today. But apparently, since I didn’t get it done last time, I now have to go to the school he’ll be attending, rather than the Plainfield Kindergarten Center to get it done. On a positive note, I did get his shot records & birth certificate on the last day off, so I won’t be driving quite as much…

If only that were all I have to do *sigh* I also have to do laundry, and this is quite a trick to accomplish when you aren’t at home, where the washer & dryer are! I have to get the patches sewn onto Shayne’s Karate Gii (sp?), so that he is presentable when he gets his new belt presented to him tonight (pictures will follow after the event). I have about 7 or 8 pairs of pants of mine that I have to take in so I don’t like like I’m wearing a potato sack to work.

Stacey, our babysitter (and the boy’s 2nd mom – we’d be lost without her!) is having computer issues. Well, she always has computer issues, because her computer is junk, has AOL loaded on it, is connected to a dial-up connection (didn’t even know that was still an option!) and there is no one in the house who is even the least bit “non-computer challenged” In other words, a pop-up pops up, and they think “Cool1” and click on it. Almost every time. So there are Goddess only knows how many viruses, spyware and adware programs on it. And now it doesn’t want to work. And of course, I’m the one who can fix it. The only one they know, who won’t charge them. But…it’s gonna be an all day project, if not several days. What she really needs is to wipe the hard drive completely and re-install windows – well, no, what she needs is a new computer. But I don’t see that happening as her husband is a controlling, manipulative, verbally abusive jerk, and he’s not going to allow her to get a new computer, and possibly a little freedom. If he didn’t work a lot of hours away from the house, I don’t think I would allow my boy to spend any time there, as I don’t want him learning that kind of behavior.

If I had any spare money, I’d buy her a new computer, but I don’t. So I’ll try to fix the one she has. But as slow as it is, if I can get it to work, backing up her files to disc to wipe the hard drive could actually take days. I mean, it literally takes 3 minutes for a page to load when you try to go to a site – and that’s a page with minimum content and pictures. It drives me NUTS to try to do anything on it…

ok, where was I..? Laundry, sewing, computer…oh yeah – I haven’t been grocery shopping yet, either. I will be SOOOOOOOO glad when the new Walmart (right around the corner – walking distance!) opens! I was told it was scheduled to open on June 11th – that’s only a few more days! That means I won’t hafta drive 10 miles (each way) to get groceries any more! WooooooHoooooo!

And it all has to be done before Karate at 5:45…

Alrighty, looking at this list, I need to get my butt motivated. If I do have any free time (hahahahahahahaha) I will try to pop in, but I imagine my next post will be about the Karate belt presentation. Gotta go!

See ya laterzzzzzzzz!

Picture from home safety

Catch Up

May 28, 2008

I want to apologize to all two regular readers (I might have two…) for not updating. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, I just haven’t got any time in which to say it. Sorry.

This is just a quick note to let you know I am still here, and I really do want to post about stuffs. There have been several things I want to write about.

Monday was spent cleaning my boy’s room. I have pictures. It was almost a whole day ordeal. I really don’t care if his room is messy (I mean c’mon who am I to talk – my room was so messy as a kid my Dad finally threw ALL of my stuff out the back door to make me clean it…really!) It is his room. But when I can’t get to the dresser to put stuff up (3 steps from the door, maybe) then we have a problem… So I told him we had to do it! That was as much a chore as the actual deed. But mission was accomplished!

I also had to go to the grocery store on Monday. I’ve gotten to where I dislike this chore anymore…load up the cart, wait forever to check out, rearrange the stuff the cashier puts in the bags – what kid of logic are they using anyways..? Frozen stuff in with magazines? Meat in with dry goods? I put everything on the belt the way I want it bagged, but does it get done that way..? Noooooo. I really prefer the self-scanners, then I can bag it how I want it, but the Walmart I’ve been going to doesn’t have them, grrrrrr. I’ll be glad when the one around the corner (YES! A Walmart within walking distance from home!) opens. I’ve heard June 11, and I’m counting the days.

So after doing all that, I have to load it into the cart again, now in bags, unload into the trunk, unload FROM the trunk and carry into the house, and then put it all away. Ugh. But, that mission too, was accomplished. Another supposed “day off”.

Last night at Karate, he got another band on his belt (that’s 4 ! ) and he graduated to a yellow belt! He also got a card, IN THE MAIL WOOHOOO! from one of the instructors saying what a good job he’s been doing and keep up the good work. He was thrilled that he got mail, lemme tell ya! It now has a place of honor on his bedroom wall. No pics of that yet.

Ok, I think I’ve caught you up to date. Work has been crazy, the phones haven’t stopped in two weeks, so I haven’t been able to post from there, either : (

Okay, gotta get ready for work ewwwww.

see ya laterzzzzzz!

Official First Broken Bone…

May 14, 2008

Yep, that’s right. He’s only had ’em for 5 years and already he’s breaking ’em. My boy has managed to break both bones in his right arm, and it wasn’t even the Karate – he fell off a bike…

More to come later….

My Little Psychic…

April 30, 2008

I had mentioned in an earlier post, or maybe in my profile, that my boy is a bit psychic…ok, maybe more than a bit. Why do I say this, you ask? Well, there have been numerous instances during which he has made it perfectly clear. I also believe he is either unaware of it, or at least unaware that not everyone can do this.
The first true example was back in the last week of October, 2005. He wasn’t quite 3 yet. My mother-in-law had called my cell while I was at work, earlier in the week to ask if they could pick the boy up on Saturday to take him to the Pumpkin Patch. They were taking Abby, and wanted Shayne to go, too. I told her I didn’t see any reason why not, but that I needed to check with Mark & call her back. I gave my Hunny a ring on his cell, ‘cuz he was at work, too. No problem. So I called her back, said we were good to go, and that was the end of it. Hunny & I didn’t discuss it after that – why would we?
Well, Saturday rolled around, bright & sunny. At this time in his life, our boy usually slept until about 9ish. Hunny & I were both up, sitting at the dining room table (which happens so rarely, the poor table didn’t know what to do) enjoying our coffee and the beautiful morning. Honey boy came out of his room, big sleepy smile on his face (his usual morning demeanor) and asked “Are Mamaw & Papaw here yet?”
Hunny & I looked at each other, and I then asked the boy “What makes you think they would be here?” His response was “Cuz we’re going to da Punkin’ place.” Huh..? I looked at Mark.
Me: “Did you say anything to him..?”
Him: “No, it was going to be a surprise, why would I tell him..?”
Me: “Well, I didn’t say anything…”
Little Psychic: “Mommy..?”
Me: “Yes, baby?”
LP: “Are they here yet..?”
Me: “Not yet baby, they’ll be here in a little bit. How did you know they were coming?”
LP: *thinks a minute* “I dunno.”
Me: “OoooooK”
No one had mentioned it to him – Hell nobody knew but me, Mark & his parents, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t phone up the not-quite-3-year-old to tell him. He just knew.
Moving into the future, we were coming home from visiting “Christmas At The Zoo” this past December, about 9ish at night. Daddy was driving, I was riding shotgun, and our boy was in the back in his booster seat. It had been a successful visit, Santa was visited, Mrs. Claus was hugged (as were most of the females, big & small, within range *whew* he’s sumptin’), Blitzen was petted, and the dolphins had been a big hit as well.
So, as we headed up Lynhurst Ave, and neared the intersection where the Speedway is,
My Hunny says: “Tell Mommy what you saw here…”
Shayne: “Huh..?” as he looks up from something he was studying.
Hunny: “What did we see here, coming home the other day..?”
Shayne: “Oh yeah, we saw a car had hit a truck.”
Hunny: “Very Good.” He then went on to tell me they had seen a wreck coming home a few days back. From the back seat came

Him: “There was another wreck, too.”
Me: “There was..? Where”
Him: “On 70…”
Me: “What happened?” I was basically humoring him at this point, as I was sure it was something he had imagined, or seen on TV or heard about.
Him: “There was a truck & a car and a smaller truck, and it was upside down, and they all crashed together.”
Me: “I see…when did this happen?”
Him:” I dunno.”

And that was the end of it…until the next morning. When I got up, I fumbled through my usual routine. As I was going through the local news on WTHR, there it was…the night before, early morning actually, about 3 or 4 am, a car had crossed the median on I-70, crashed into a semi, which in turn had sideswiped a pickup. There was a picture. It showed a mashed up little car, a minimally damaged semi, and a pickup – on it’s roof. Yeah, it gave me a bit of a chill. Hell, just typing it, thinking about it again, gave me a new chill.
The last incident was much less serious, but “spooky” just the same. Any of you who are regular readers know how my mornings go. If you aren’t a regular, you can read about them here. I don’t do morning well, and I try to shower in the evening so I don’t have to mess with it in the morning. And my morning routine is pretty well set in stone – I don’t try to function in any meaningful way until I’ve been up at minimum about an hour. Need coffee, first & foremost. Always.
But one night about a month ago, Shayne didn’t get a bath one night, and I hadn’t managed to squeeze in a shower either. The next day was one of my “early days”, and the boy was going somewhere or doing something that required squeaky cleanliness (have no idea what it was now…LOL). So as I was laying in bed, almost asleep, I decided I would get up & immediately jump in the shower with the boy. That way we could both get clean, and doing it first thing, though NEVER DONE BEFORE during Shayne’s lifetime, would (hopefully) allow us a little extra time to get everything else we needed to do done. After making my decision, I drifted off to no-dreamland (I never remember them, so I’m not convinced I have them…). I didn’t talk to my hunny (he was already out, takes him all of about 30 seconds to fall out). I just thought it and fell asleep.
The next morning, my boy comes in and snuggles up to me about 8:30ish. I looked at the clock and realized I had slept later than I should have. As I sat up in bed, my boy hopped out of it, turned around to look at me and said
Him: “Are you ready to get in the shower now Mommy?”
Me: “Huh?”
Him: “Are you ready to get in the shower now, Mommy..?”
Me: “Why would you ask me that? I’m not even out of bed yet” While thinking to myself *there he goes again*
Him: *shrugging* “I dunno, I just did…So are you?”
We did get up & shower, but how did he know? I NEVER shower straight out of bed NEVER. He’s never asked that before – or since, I might add.
These are just a few examples, there have been many more little things, things I can’t even think of right now.
OH OH OH Speaking of Things, I’ve determined another of my Things. You know how some rooms have two entrances and two light switches? Or the stairs have two top & bottom? Well, apparently it bugs me to have the switch in the “incorrect” position – you know, up and the light is off, or down when it’s on? I found myself crossing my laundry room to turn off the light, just so I could cross back – in the dark – to turn it back on and put the switch in the up position. Man I’m weird…LOL
Oh yeah, and my boy, who attended his 3rd (yes third) night of Karate class tonight, earned a red stripe on his belt already! Daddy was with him, but when I asked what it was for, he just said “I dunno, he was kicking…” Men! I’ll hafta find out Tuesday when I’m off and I can go.
Ok, I’m going to bed now, the letters on the keyboard are blurring….
See ya laterzzzzzzzz

April 24, 2008

It’s been pretty much the same ol same ol lately. The test at the doctor’s office came back pretty normal, so we are still in search of the underlying cause of the “Musical Pains”. My boy is going to his 2nd Karate class tonight. The classes are Tues & Thurs at 5:45. That sucks, ‘cuz I don’t get to go 😦
That rocks ‘cuz it gives Shayne & Daddy something to do together on a regular basis. And Daddy was told “No coaching from the sidelines.” I think he may have problems with this….but he’ll be ok, I’m sure, I mean seriously, those folks are fully capable of putting him in his place – they teach Karate! I like that they have something positive to do together that, while my hunny is involved, he’s not really involved.
I love my hunny, and he’s a great dad, I would never say, or even think, otherwise, but in the discipline department he has a bit of a “drill instructor” mentality. In his defense, before our boy came along, he had never been truly exposed to kids. He has one sister, no nieces or nephews, well we have a neice now but that doesn’t really count, because she came after. It’s been a long time since he was a kid. He doesn’t understand that kids hafta run, jump, yell, talk, ask questions, try not to go to bed, etc. They don’t have any choice in it, it’s in their nature…and our boy is unstoppable. He has more energy than a lot of kids, truly he does. He sleeps little – 6-7 hours a day. I know he should need more, but how do you force a kid that isn’t tired to sleep? You can put him in bed, and he will lay there awake for hours. Every time. It worries me a bit, but I’ve told his doctor, and he doesn’t seem concerned, so…
Anyways, Daddy will be the one taking him to & from most classes. I may get every other Tues, when I’m off, we’ll see.
In other news *grin* I have been given a new med for the pain. It’s called Lyrica – anyone out there that is familiar with it, I’d appreciate info on how it affected you. It makes me a bit loopy for a while after I take it, but then I get tired.
Oh, oh, oh – I actually slept ALL NIGHT the first night I took it! Woohoo! I didn’t last night, but we’ll see what transpires 🙂
Ok, that’s all for now – gotta work ewwww!
See ya laterzzzzz!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…Home At Last

April 23, 2008

Whew, what a day…Nothin’ is ever “easy” in my world…I’ve come to the conclusion that is a Universal Law, it’s right there under the one that says I can’t leave the house without forgetting something, and right above the one that says if there is a stoopid person anywhere near a telephone, and I am on the other end, they answer or dial as the case may be. It should have been a relatively simple day. Drop Shayne off, go to the doctor, go to the thrift store, go get Shayne & go to the Martial arts place. See, simple.

But no, at the doctors office, I did the test, then found out that instead of seeing my usual dr, I was seeing Dr Chris. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Dr Chris, and my boy LOOOOVES Dr. Chris. But this is another of my Things. I don’t feel that I am getting the best possible care if I don’t see the same Dr at every visit. I know they’re all good, or they wouldn’t be there. I also know they all have access to the same records. They know what meds I take, they know what tests I’ve had, and they know who I am (a VERRY good quality in Dr working in a multiple practice.) But they don’t know what was said in the conversations during prior appointments…

Then it turned out I was due for my Depo shot. I was unaware of this so didn’t get the prescription filled before I went. So I did the appointment, went to Wal-Mart down the street to get the Rx filled, should be simple, right? Nope. Not in my world. Wal-Mart pharmacy was closed for lunch…go figger. So I went to Meijers, waited 15 minutes, got it filled, drove ALL THE WAY back to the Dr’s office & got my shot. This cut into my shopping time…

I rarely get to shop without my boy, so I intended to take full, meandering advantage. Except now, instead of having 3 hours, I only had about an hour and a half. It’s a thrift store, you can’t find all the good stuff with time constraints like that…

Then it was off to get the boy. For a change, he was ready to go. He actually was standing at the door, coat in one hand, Gameboy in the other, practically dancing, waiting for me. I was tugged unceremoniously to my car, and barraged with “How far to the Karate place? How many minutes? Will Daddy be there? (he was) How much further? How many more minutes…

We did have a little fun on the way. I had all the windows down & the sunroof open, so it was rather windy in the car. He sat in back with his arms raised to the breeze, just laughing & having a good ol time 🙂

We got caught in construction…I tried to go around it like I usually do, only to find that when I got across from where the studio is, the road was closed and I couldn’t get across. Backtrack time…

But we got there with a little time to spare. He had a blast! OK, going to bed now to toss & turn, then fall asleep so I can do my nightly wake-up-every-houd-on-the-half-hour. (actually it usually on a “7” 1:47, 2:37, etc)

I will leave you with some pics from today

Lookit that foot! And he doesn’t even seem to notice it’s not in a natural position…can you do that?

He’s in his element here – not only does he get to learn Karate, he has a pretty girl to teach him…

Here he is, proud as punch in his new uniform

Here is the back of the uniform…he’s a Little Dragon…how appropriate is that..?

Ok g’night 🙂

See ya laterzzzz!