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Yes, I’m Still Here!

October 30, 2008

Hey All,

Just a note to let you know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth…I am thoroughly disgusted with Blogger right now, because I changed the template here on accident, and it won’t let me change it back. Apparently I can only change to one offered BY Blogger without getting some kind of funky ":bx" error. I don’t want one offered by blogger, I want my Christmas template back! *pout*

So part of the reason I haven’t been posting here is that I told myself I wouldn’t until I could get it back the way I wanted it (so much for that, "cuz here I am). But in my defense, I didn’t know it would be OVER A MONTH and still not fixed…

Another reason is because of my schedule. All three of you who come here regularly are somewhat familiar with my screwy schedule which was bad enough to begin with. Now it’s even worse…The woman who was putting the boy on the bus for us, with her boy, in the mornings, got a job. Bad. Her husband does car repossessions so is home in the morning, and offered to continue putting the boys on the bus of a morning. Good. He had a court date that Hunny knew about (but didn’t bother to tell me about) one morning at like 10 am, so when we walked down to their house, no one was home. Bad. I was supposed to be at work at 11, the bus comes at 12:15. Worse. No one we usually call to watch him (and there aren’t many – and most of then are "kids") was available, so I called work & said I’d be late. Definitely Not Good. Apparently, whatever Bob (not his real name) went to court for wasn’t good, cuz they kept him. Very, very, very Not Good. So I went to one of my bosses and had my schedule swapped around so I now work (week one) from 1-9 M, T, Th, & F (which is only 7.5 hours per day because apparently I HAVE to take a lunch) and 9-1 on that Saturday. Then I work (week two) 1-9 M, 3-9 T, 1-9 W, 1-9 TH, 1-9 F, and 9-7 on Sat. Can you see where that might mess with a person..? And it’s not like I’m that hard to confuse anymore to begin with…

So, in an effort to somewhat catch folks up, here goes –

School is going great. My boy loves it, and is apparently thrilled with his new found ability to read! He also has a (possibly unhealthy?) love of numbers. Everythings about the numbers. He’s always been one to ask questions, and never the easily answered one, either. School is giving him even more fodder for the old question mill…He did get an award for "Excellence in Listening" about a week ago. He got called up in front of the whole school & presented with a T-shirt. Granted, it looks like half the school got them but still…

Award Shot


I didn’t get to go, because of course it was at 2:00 in the afternoon and I had to WORK. But, Hunny was still on vacation and he DID get to go, which is awesome, as he will more than likely have to miss many events like this as our boy grows up…

Then there’s Karate…not so good. I like the idea of my boy having outside interests so to speak, and Karate, or martial arts, is a good one to have. But when he’s done in Dec, he’s done at this one. I have come to the determination that he isn’t going to Karate so much as he’s going to a money pit…Here, I’ll let you decide:

Base fee for the class from April to December: $995.00
Karate Gi & assorted necessaries: $150.00 more
Each time he gets a patch, another $3 to $4 a piece – and he gets a couple every other week or so
Each time he advances to a new level, and requires a new belt: $30.00 – he’s on his fourth
Any time they have "extra-curricular" activities: anywhere from $40 (to spend the night for a Halloween party at their new building) to $250 (for a DAY CAMP – ONE DAY -  teaching swordsmanship)

Is it just me?

Next up, we have added a new family member. NO I DIDN’T HAVE ANOTHER KID! Curses on you for even thinking it! I’m a GRANDMA for Goddess’ sake!

About two weeks ago I was minding my own business at work, when everyone started acting all "gooey" – everyone up to and including the BIG boss. And her twin sister, who is the head of another department in our company. Of course I had to know what was going on…apparently of our techs got back to the shop and found a kitten in his MOTOR COMPARTMENT. Yeah, you read that right. The little thing had climbed up in the engine compartment, probably in an attempt to get warm, and found itself transported from Goddess knows where to our back lot. It seemed the tech was going to take it and "drop it off" somewhere, and the Big Dogs weren’t having it. But they also couldn’t HAVE it – the kitten that is. So guess who piped up and volunteered..? Yep you guessed it – me. Now I’ve talked about my boy and his ability to know things he shouldn’t, and to arrange fate to suit his purposes before. For two weeks prior to this, he had been on a "Mom can we get a cat?" kick. Go figger, he got his cat…

So without further ado, may I present Jingles….



Surprisingly, for having been a stray, he is very affectionate & loving. He is a bit skittish – if you walk towards him he runs – but he’ll curl up in your lap and purr the day away. When the boy falls asleep on the couch, he gets up behind his head and goes to sleep until I motivate upstairs. It’s funny, it was too small to even tell the sex when I brought it home, but has shot up since. I believe we have a boy, although at some point in the (hopefully) not too distant future, "he" will become "it." He looks surprisingly like one of out last cats, originally named Bridget, which somehow morphed into "Pudding Pop" – don’t ask, because I have no answer…

Pudd & Mongo

Pudd & Chai

Pretty eerie, huh..? They actually could be related…We found Pudd at Hunny’s Mom & Dad’s house, stuck in their apple tree, about 6 or 7 years ago. They said she had been running around the neighborhood, and they were afraid she was going to get run over – but they weren’t willing to take her in…so we did. She was also teeny tiny when we got her. We waited and waited for her to reach the weight requirement to get her spayed, and after a year and a half, at 8 lbs she just barely made it. As you can see, she apparent;y wasn’t done growing at 18 months, because she ended up at about 30 lbs, and about 3 foot long from tip of nose to end of tail…

Ok, I’m outta time, gotta go get ready to put my nose back to the grindstone….I’m not gonna say I’ll try to do better here, because every time I say (type?) that, I end up not posting for forever…but, well, yanno!

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!


First Day – A Little Delayed….

August 23, 2008

Here are some pictures from the boy’s first day of school – which, yes, I know, was almost two weeks ago. . . .sorry. . . .

Making friends took all of 2 minutes . . .

With the little boy down the street he rides the bus with

The School

Huh. . ? You means there are girls here. . ?

My little Romeo – we’re so proud !

First Day of School & Wanderings – As Usual :)

August 13, 2008

Today is the first day of school for my boy. We leave for school in about an hour & a half – and he’s driving me absolutely BUGGY! I was woke up by the question

"Do you know what day it is?" posed to me before I even got my eyes open. . . never a good thing. I do mornings very poorly to begin with. And the child hasn’t been more than 2 or 3 feet from me, except when I am at work, for the last month. It’s starting to wear on me. That last statement isn’t an exaggeration, either. I feel like I’ve grown an extra limb. When he’s not up my butt, I hear "Mom?" literally every two minutes. If I get up to go downstairs, he follows on my heels, walking 6 inches behind me while I attempt to do whatever needs doing. He won’t go upstairs alone. He won’t go DOWNSTAIRS alone. He barely will go in his room alone, and I’m about over it.

Not very Mommy-like, huh? Yet another item to add to my things-I-feel-guilty-about list *sigh*

This morning, about every 10 minutes I hear "Mommy? When are you going to get dressed" or "Mommy? How many more minutes until we go?" or "Mommy how many minutes has it been?" This started at about 8:00. It’s now about 11ish, and we don’t leave for another hour – hour and fifteen minutes. AAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH.
I’m very happy that he’s excited about school starting, and hope he retains that desire to go to school for the rest of his school career, and I keep telling myself that this pestering to go is a good thing, but DAMMMM, I’ve heard all I want to! I am nearly as excited as he is, and I’m sure a lot more nervous. I mean c’mon – this is the arena where my (our) parenting skills will be judged, Daily. He’s a good boy, but very energetic. I foresee ADD accusations in his future – with which I will  heartily disagree. I do believe ADD is a real "disease" and that there are children who have to try to function through it. But I also believe there are MANY MORE parents – and schools for that matter – who are unable or unwilling to deal with an energetic child and go looking for this diagnosis so they can medicate said child and therefore have a more pliable and calm child who will no longer challenge them.

The premise – nay the NAME – of ADD is Attention Deficit Disorder. This implies problems PAYING ATTENTION to something – anything. It doesn’t mean a child who is high-energy, intelligent, full of challenging questions,and is basically – though not always – undisciplined. Yet (in my opinion) the majority of kids diagnosed as ADD are exactly that. And the adults in their world can’t or won’t cope with it. I truly fear for the world of these children’s generation. What happens when they become adults? Does ADD go away when you reach a certain age? Or will they be medicated for life? And truly, aren’t the adults who allow this to happen just giving these one-day adults an excuse not to be productive, responsible people? "Oh, I can’t hold a job – I have ADD", " I can’t be bothered to pay bills – I have ADD", "I’m not responsible for my actions – I have ADD" Kinda scary, if you ask me. We already have a generation of "It’s not my fault . . ." adults who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions because they have a million reasons why nothing is their fault which have been spoon-fed to them since childhood.

Wow – I really do have a propensity for wandering from my original subject – that wasn’t what this post started out to be at all . . . and just think – this is how my mind works all the time . . .

Ok, so, back to school and my boy. Who is currently sitting on the floor, leaning against the desk, about a foot from me. And every few minutes trying to crawl up in my lap . . . Don’t go thinking I haven’t paid any attention to him either. I have. A lot. I always do. I answer his questions when possible – even the pointless ones. Well, mostly. Except for the "What happens if . . " questions, which I DID answer for months, but have told him I will no longer answer if they aren’t "real" questions. What are "not real" questions you ask? Let me give you an example.

Stacey lives about 10 miles north of us. We were going to get my car last weekend, which was even further south than our home, and passed a fire truck & ambulance with lights on going south. Here’s the conversation:

My Boy: "Did you see the fire truck and ambulance?"
Me: "Yes . . . " (how could I not? I was driving.)
My Boy: "Where are they going?"
Me: "Well, someone is probably sick and they’re going to help them and maybe take them to a hospital."
My Boy: "Or maybe they’re hurt."
Me: "Yes that’s possible, too>"
My Boy: "Maybe there was an accident."
Me: "Yeah, there might have been an accident, but we just came from that way and didn’t see one."

OK, now here’s where it gets jinky . . .

My Boy: "What happens if they’re going to Stacey’s house?" Now remember they were going SOUTH, Stacey lives NORTH – way NORTH from where we were . .

Me: " I don’t think they’re going to Stacey’s, she lives the other way from where they were going."
My Boy: "But what if they were?".
Me: "Honey, they aren’t going to Stacey’s. Stacey lives that way *pointing north* and they were going that way *pointing behind us – south"
My Boy: "But what happens if they were? What happens if someone is sick at Stacey’s? Or hurt?"
Me: ***starting to get slightly exasperated – mind you this is a very intelligent kid. As a rule, he grasps concepts and knowledge the first time around. He remembers things he was told, or heard, literally YEARS ago, and he’s only five.*** "Shayne, honey they aren’t going to Stacey’s. No one is sick at Stacey’s, and no one is hurt. If they were going to Stacey’s, we wouldn’t have seen them, because they would have been going the other way. Now please drop it."
My Boy: "But what happens if . . ."
Me: "That’s just about enough ‘What happens if . . .’ questions. If you have an actual question, about an actual situation, I’ll answer them all day long. But no more hypothetical questions. I’m done."
My Boy: "What’s hypothetical mean?"
Me: *sigh* and we were off again . .

Ok, well I guess I oughta go clean out my car, since I’m picking Hunny up so he can go with us. Hopefully I’ll be back later with first day pictures 🙂

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzz ! ! ! !

My Day Off

May 21, 2008

Yesterday was my day off – what a joke! I think I work MUCH harder on my days off than I ever do at work! Two weeks ago I made an appointment to have my car tuned up, ‘cuz she really needed it. At that time I didn’t have anything planned. Silly me, to think I could just schedule something like that and be able to do it unhindered…
Monday night, my hunny says:
Him: “You know they’re registering for Kindergarten…”
Me: “Now..? It’s May, school doesn’t start until September or at least August…”
Him: “Amy took Alec down to register yesterday.”
Me: “So, are you telling me I need register Shayne? Now..?”
Him: “Well…”
Me: “I gotta take my car down to O’Brien’s to get it tuned up tomorrow…”
Him: “Yeah, and..?”
Me: “Uhhh… O’Brien’s is in Greenwood, school is in Plainfield. And I have no idea how long it’s going to take. “
Him: “You’ll be fine.”
Me: “What all do I have to take to register him, I wonder?”
Him: “Amy said you need birth certificate, shot records and a bill in our name at this address.”
Me: “Alrighty then…”
Ok, so the plan is, I take him to Stacey (west side) then go to O’Brien’s (south side) then to Health Dept(near norteast side) to get certified copy of his birth certificate, then to Plainfield (FAR west). That’s the new plan.
Oh yeah, did I mention Tuesday is Karate..? And apparently I didn’t have enough to do, I was volunteered to handle that, too. Goody.
We got moving about 9:30ish. And that was pushing it…I need my morning wake up time. NEED. I am not fit for man nor beast without it.
OH, oh, oh! This is a great opportunity to mention the new addition to my morning routine! I found a great blog, Tom’s Hideaway where they have a trivia contest everyday! Trivia rocks! (That would be my inner geek talking – you know, the same one that does crossword puzzles to wake up..? *grin*) This has become a staple of my mornings. Go check it out – he even has a copy of (the only) picture of me as a child up on the site 🙂
Anyways, I rushed to Stacey’, then down to the car dealership. I told Jeff not to worry about the accel hesitation, as I didn’t have time to mess with it that day.
While sitting there, I gave hunny a call. It was then that he decided to mention that it was “Bring A Buddy” day at Karate, and that he had arranged for Alec to go with Shayne.
Me: “Huh? Why are you telling me this NOW..?”
Him: “I told you about it.”
Me: “No you didn’t…”
Him: “You should know what’s going on there…”
Me : “This is the first I’ve heard of it. How often do I go to Karate? Once every two weeks? How would I know that?”
Him: “I told you about it last Tuesday…”
Me: “Last Tuesday..? The day your boy broke his arm..? You think I heard something beyond “Your boy broke his arm” last Tuesday..?”
Him: *laughter*
Me: “Nice…are they bringing him, or do I hafta pick him up..?”
Him: “I imagine we ‘ll get him there.”
We. He means ME.
So let’s recap – I’ve gone 17 miles to Stacey’s, then 23 to the dealership, I have to go back to the house, 15 miles, to get shot records, either that or add a trip to the doctor’s office (north west side) to my already full day, then go to the Health Dept to get the birth certificate, 27 miles from the house, then out to Plainfield, approx 30 miles from Health Dept, to get him registered. Then back to Stacey’s to pick him up, 20 miles from school, back to pick up Alec, who by the way lives 4 HOUSES FROM OUR HOUSE, another 17 miles, and then back to Karate…
I have approx 4 hours to do this. Keep in mind, none of the above includes the time I have to sit and wait at each place, just the drive distance…
At this point, it was already almost 1:00. Karate starts at 5:45, and the only parts of this I have so far accomplished is the tune up. And a side trip to Shoe Carnival…(they had the cutest white shoes that I didn’t get last week, and I’ve been kicking myself ever since, so I stopped in to get them. And they had a Buy One, Get One 1/2 price sale going on, and I’m not one to pass up a bargain, so I figured I might as well get two pair since the second would be 1/2 price…Then hunny realized I was at Shoe Carnival and gave me the ‘ol guilt trip “I’ve been needing new tennis shoes for months” So I picked him up a pair, then I had to get another pair, ‘cuz I wasn’t gonna waste the 2nd pair half price…*grin*
He was right down the street at Kroger’s, so I picked up some Subway and headed over to meet him for lunch. Of course the shoes didn’t fit…and I got the whole spiel…
Him: “How many pairs of shoes did you buy..? Don’t you already have like 50 pairs..?”
Me: “Hey, I don’t wanna hear it – my three cost less than your one pair.”
Him: *giving a look*
Me: “I’ll be happy to show you the receipt if you want…”
Him: “Whatever…”
Me: *laughter*
We finished eating, he called Alec’s dad, and found they weren’t home yet, so despite having to go back to my house to get shot records, which is 4 houses from where he is, I can’t pick him up yet. So to the house I go. No fax yet. Alrighty. I also tried to print a map to the school where I have to go, no luck. Ok, the new printer is junk too. Great. I unplugged it, gave it 30 seconds and plugged it back in. Still no communication, according to the computer. I did it again. Still no good.
I rebooted the puter, all is well, go figger. Called the doctor’s office and asked them to refax (thanks guys!). Looked for Shayne’s birth certificate, as this was the other reason I came all the way home. I knew where it should be, in the box with the cards from his birth & stuffs. But that box was somewhere in the garage – with all the other still-unpacked-since-the-move-before-last. (In our defense, we moved 7 years worth of stuff from a 3500 sq ft area to 1250 sq ft in the-move-before-last. We now have enough room, but it’s been either cold or rainy anytime we’ve had time to do anything with it….) Scary. But I tackled it, and believe it or not, I found it in like 30 seconds…the box that is. The birth certificate was nowhere to be found, which is why I found the box in 30 seconds…
It’s now 2:30. I still hafta go to the near north side for the bc, but after calling the school, I found that they are only registering until 2:45. Great, now I’ll have to spend ANOTHER day off (*snort*) to do this. I took back hunny’s shoes, and found another pair for me at $5, went & got the bc, picked up the boy, went to the house, picked up Alec, and made it to Karate with 3 minutes to spare – damn I’m good ! ! !
So, that was my day off.
Ok, gotta work 😦
See ya laterzzzzzzzz!