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A Kentucky Wedding – and Other Ramblings

April 13, 2009

As I mentioned in a previous post, we attended a wedding on Friday. In Kentucky. Hunny’s aunt Anti got married to her long-time honey Jigger. Again. I think she’s been married almost as many times as I have…hopefully this one will be as good for her as my last one is for me 🙂

We were a bit flustered when we found out the wedding was at 1:00 on a Friday. I mean we do have jobs and all. But luckily we had (almost) enough notice that it really wasn’t a problem, at least not a big one. Hunny gets 3 weeks vacation, and I get two, none of which either of us had used any of so far this year. We also get personal days – although his are much better, as they really are personal days – he can call in for any reason, on any day, an hour before his start time, and he’s good. I, on the other hand, have to schedule all days off – except sick days of course. You might know that day was “closed” so I had to give up my day off, and work for someone else, so she would work for me on Friday. I got the day off, but it wasn’t easy. Which is probably good, because if it had been easy, I would have spent all the time between approval & the day of wondering what was gonna happen….and of course “it” happened anyways, my boy was/is sick.

Anywho…we figgered about 2 hours for the drive, each way – wedding at one means leave about 10. I was a bit hesitant about taking the boy, for all the regular reasons there are for not wanting to spend two hours trapped in a vehicle with a six-year-old, expect him to then behave in a church, and be again trapped for 2 hours… And once he started having problems, my reservations grew. I considered staying home with him, but he was excited about going, and he seemed basically ok that morning. I dosed him with Motrin & Pepcid, taking both with us, along with his bucket, his big (32 oz) cup of ice water & his Gameboy. Other than my Speedway STILL not having the iced coffee machine fixed (I’m addicted to the French Vanilla) the trip down was pretty uneventful. We did get a phone call about 50 miles into the trip to tell us we had the wrong directions….but in spite of all, we made it with time to spare.

I had asked Hunny the day before what he was planning on wearing. His response..? “Jeans! I ain’t dressing up! This is what her 20th wedding..?” Yep, that’s my Hunny the epitome of tactfulness…he also made the comment that they were getting married on Good Friday, cuz Jigger was getting hung out like Jesus did on the same day…like I said, tactful…(he actually shared that comment with Anti) Back to the subject at hand – when he said jeans I said woohoo! that makes my life much easier. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of dress up clothes – scads of them, actually, since I have to wear the “monkey suits” (as I call it) to work most days. Which is why I was thrilled with wearing jeans. Besides, Anti & Jigger are way more redneck than we are, and that’s saying sumptin’. We fully expected casual (we’ll get to that in a few) church not withstanding. Yeah. We were wrong. Mostly…We did wear nice jeans, & dressy shirts, but Hunny had the boy dress himself while I was getting ready, and, well, his outfit wasn’t even close to dressy – as you’ll see here shortly.

Dad had called to tell us about the wrong directions & give us new ones, which included “yellow building” and “antique shops” and the information that Mom’s car would be parked in front of the church sign. In his defense, he did well, we found it no problem. They got married at a pretty little Pentecostal church in the burbs of Louisville. Yes, I entered a church & survived to blog about it 🙂 But everyone we encountered, including Miss Mom (unfeminine sister-in-law) was dressed. Not just wearing clothes, but dressed. In dresses & suits. Except the bride – she was still in jeans (mind you, we arrived about 30 mins before the wedding was due to start).

This is the point where we found out she wanted the boy to be her ring bearer. Huh?!? Are you sure about that..? She was sure. Blue jeans, Batman shirt and all…


Did I mention Hunny also let him spike his hair himself..?

Anyway, other than the Maid of Honor (Anti’s daughter) deciding she needed to go to Walmart 3 min before the wedding was due to start, it went very well. Once the ceremony was over, the cake was cut and the food was eaten (coldcuts, crackers, chips and “chocolate meatballs, as our niece called them). I did start to feel better about our attire once I got a good look at some of the other attendees. I thought I taken more pics than I did of the outfits on display, but I only got this one…

wedding shoes

Yep, that’s shower shoes with socks, along with a button-down shirt & suit pants. We also had plus sized zebra stripes, flowers galore, and an almost-mini skirt (there really wasn’t even enough material to qualify as a mini skirt…). There were two cakes, a regular cake & a redneck cake…




It says “Now all you can do is run to the end of  your chain.’

The ride home was rather bad – the boy fell asleep about 10 minutes into the ride. “That’s good” you’re thinking, I can hear it, but no, not so much. For several reasons, the first of which is that when he falls asleep in the car, unless he stays asleep until we get where we’re going, he usually wakes up whining & crying. Almost every time. Add to that he wasn’t really feeling well to begin with, and had had drunk a can of Sprite before we left. He was also getting grumpy just before we left. So was Hunny. You see, the boy wanted to play. Kid logic says if I don’t feel bad right at this moment, I’m fine until I’m not. Nowhere in kid logic lives the knowledge that a temporary reprieve is not justification for running, yelling, jumping & generally being a kid, because this will cause the misery to return. Which it did. 2/3 of the way home. Not only did we have the “I hate waking up in a moving vehicle” attitude, but we also had “my belly is starting to hurt again” and “my neck hurts” and finally, once we hit Indy’s rush hour traffic (we got back to Indy about 5:30) “I need to pee.” We mixed that up with Hunny’s mounting frustration with the idiots around us, and it was not fun.

We survived, but as you saw from Friday night’s post, we didn’t survive it well. The boy was up & whiny every 30-45 minutes Thurs, Fri & Sat nights, so while I got up with him, Hunny was still woken repeatedly, and he’s not used to not sleeping, like I am, so yesterday wasn’t very pleasant, either 😦 He did go to work today, which is a relief to all involved, and he did sleep last night. I called the doc Saturday and he called in some antibiotics for the boy. Despite Hunny’s assertion that the boy’s “neck” hurt from heartburn, by Sat afternoon, his neck felt like there were two robin’s eggs inside it.

Rest assured, despite a slight fever this morning, he is just about back to his normal self. Lucky me. Well, gotta go. He’s demanding food. If I weren’t so glad to see him eating again (he really didn’t eat Friday, Saturday or Sunday, and ate only some Mac & Cheese Thursday) I’d be getting upset…

he still doesn’t feel good

he still doesn’t feel good

he still doesn’t feel good

As long as I keep telling myself that, I won’t throttle him *grin*

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! ! ! ! !

Wow! A Year of Our Lives Remembered!

April 7, 2009

It is simply mind-boggling to me to think I have been “blogging” for over a year! I have met some marvelous people who have taken my on exciting – & not so exciting, sometimes – adventures with them. I have chronicled the last year of my life – mostly. I admit, if I were good at this, I’d currently have 368 posts, and I don’t. In my defense, I think about blogging every day. That counts for something, right?

We’ve acquired new family members, lost teeth, been visited by fairies & fat jolly men. We’ve moved. I hated that part…We’ve had run-ins with banks & cell companies, bad drivers & stoopid people galore! I haven’t really “poured my heart out” per se, but I’ve come mightily close. Closer than I would have thought. I’m really not the heart-pouring kind, yanno.

My other blog, A Witch In Time has 318 posts – I put myself on a structured schedule over there, and if I think people are “depending” on me, I am much more likely to try to keep up. Plus it wasn’t “born” until April 21st, so hasn’t yet reached it’s first birthday…but it’s coming 🙂

My son has gone from a pre-schooler to a Kindergartener, to an almost first grader – wow! almost a first grader! Next thing you know he’ll be in high school! Our grandbabies have become grand boys. We’ve had ups & downs and even sideways’. But we’re still going strong! Hunny and I are getting ready to celebrate 10years on the 16th, and looking forward to 40 more.

I have a job I like – mostly. Well, I work with & for people I like. Life isn’t particularly easy at this point, the ends really can’t even see each other, let alone meet, but it is good. We are (mostly) healthy, we have each other, we have a home, dependable vehicles, food in the pantry, clothes in the closet, Spring is coming, and it’ll get better. The Lady looks out for her own.

Ok, that’s about it for today. Yes, I know, I still haven’t finished the whole HH Gregg story. I’m aware. I think I keep putting it off because anytime I “brag on” something, it becomes unbragworthy, if that makes sense? So I am somewhat afraid that if I finish the story, I’ll jinx any future interactions with them….we’ll hafta wait & see what happens 🙂

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!


April 1, 2009

Welcome all to the new (potential) home of The Life & Times! I am trying things here at wordpress, as it offers some cool features that blogger doesn’t. It also, however does not give clear & concise help. At least not that I can find 😦

If anyone reading this knows how to change the, template to something other than what is available though the set up page I would really appreciate your sharing that information with me… I found several I like, but have no idea how to make em work – go figger, lol

Ok, going to finish my morning stuffs. I will try to be a little more consistent about posting. You may also notice I removed all the Puzzle postings from this location. I am considering doing a blog dedicated to them, but based on the interest they (didn’t) generate, it may remain a thought 🙂

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

The Birthday

December 15, 2008

The party is over & the mess is cleaned up…and as you can see, the comment left by the wonderful person on my last post lead me to what was necessary to fix my font issue in Live Writer! What a man (or woman…you can never tell…) Either way, wlwbrandon is my hero of the day!

Ok, on to the party. I actually have pics on the puter & am going to post them. That’s gotta be some kind of record….

Party Ppl1

Party Pll2

Here are some of the guests. No, none of them are in-laws…these are family members by choice. Don’t get me wrong, I like my in-laws, they’re good people, and some of the horror stories I have heard about in-laws…I’m thankful for the ones I have. There are just underlying issues, and I don’t always agree with their actions – which is okay, because they probably don’t always agree with mine. But they know I’m and ex-titty dancer & are good with it. They know I am a practicing witch & seem to be good with that, too. That’s more than a lot of people get.

Ok, enough wandering….

Ben10 is a hit 

We got him Ben10 for the DS, and a DS kit – which the guy at the store assured me would work with his DS even though it said it was for DS Lite. He was very adamant that the only difference between the two was the size. My boy needed a car charger, which said kit included. Which (of course) didn’t work with the DS. You know, that’s twice we’ve been misled by store employees, who ought to know what they’re talking about, and bought the wrong thing for that stupid game. Last year one of the demon store’s (Best Buy – but that’s a post for another day…) employees was absolutely positive that DS games played in the Advance, which was what he had at the time. They don’t. Not even close. So on Christmas morning, much like Saturday, my poor boy got something he really wanted, but couldn’t use…GRRRRR


Pokemon Always a hit


More Pokemon

As you can see, Pokémon is also a big hit. Anything Pokémon. That’s the little boy from down the street, from the First Day of School in the pic with him. I wasn’t about to have a house full of kids – never a good idea – but I did want him to have a buddy over. There were other kids, but older. Who he considers older siblings.

Boxing Gloves

Hulk boxing gloves…as you can see, another big hit with my boy. Not so much with me… All in all, a good time was had by everyone. We decided to watch a movie after the gifts were opened. Of course, Hunny couldn’t stand it that the surround was not yet connected to the DVD player – sound through the TV..? No way! – so spent a goodly amount of time messing with that…you can see him in the background of a few of the pics, but here’s one just for him…

How Hunny spends Bday

“It’s only two cables – just the RC jacks” he said, and realistically, it should have only taken about 2 minutes – that’s how long it would have taken me. But with my darling, it has to be a production. I think he was trying to use my psychology on me (any time I want him to do something, and he puts it off, and puts it off, I have found that if I start doing it, he’ll come do it, because I couldn’t possibly do it properly. That would be because I am not quite as ANAL as he is….but whatever! It works, and as long as it works, I’ll continue to foster that opinion…) by starting to do it, hoping I’d come hook it up real quick-like. Which I didn’t. LOL

And finally, since we are indeed rednecks, and our friends are rednecks, and we live amongst rednecks, here is the first picture in what will probably become an ongoing theme…How Many Rednecks Does It Take To..?

In this, the first installment, the operative question is “How many rednecks does it take to get the cat out from under the dishwasher..?”

Birthday Rdnck

Birthday Rdnck2

Apparently more than we had (there were three more “coaching” & giving advice that aren’t in the pics…) They never did get him….As a matter-of-fact, I had a freak-out moment about an hour later, five minutes after I started the dishwasher & realized I still hadn’t seen Jingles, and that they had said he was “up inside it.” He’s fine, stretched out on the floor behind me as I type.

Ok, time to get ready for work. Gotta go!

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! ! ! ! !


Computer back soon!

December 3, 2008

Cable scheduled to be connected tomorrow, so I will have my computer back – WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO! ! ! ! Hopefully an update will be shortly forthcoming!


November 22, 2008

Still alive & kicking, not necessarily happy, but here. Too much shit left at other house, and no time to get it moved…when you work 6 days a week it makes it a bit hard. Hunny & I both ended up taking a day off – well he did, I had to trade my Tues off to get Sat off & eat 2 hours, and on top of it, I had to call in on Wed to take my boy to the doctor – beginning stages of bronchitis(sp?). But I couldn’t MOVE anything unless I wanted to haul a sick child back & forth in the cold… *sigh*
And Goddess only knows when I’ll get my cable/phone/internet transfered. Apparently, in order for the person who “does” employee service requests/changes to even PLACE THE REQUEST, HR has to confirm that the address I’ve given is actually my address per the new website-update-information-place. Mind you, I changed it there last Thursday or Friday. Yeah, that’s a week. Note the NEW – translation, still probably has bugs…AND apparently, HR only deigns to “update” that info when we get paid. Every two weeks. A week from now. So in a week, if she feels like it, our liason will contact the person at the other cable company in the area (because of course I don’t live in OUR service area, instead I live in theirs…not that that is necessarily bad…) and request my service be scheduled to be moved. Then we get to try to find a date someone can be there, because despite I spend all day every day troubleshooting & fixin people’s CABLE SERVICE, I’m not capable of hooking up my own equipment….
AND, IPL (our electric company) has decided that November is when we have to “even up” our budget billing (voluntary, I like paying the same amount every month & prior to this it has always worked out well). When we moved into the house we’re moving out of, we went from about 1200 sq feet to about 2300. But according to the woman I spoke with to do the transfer, the budget amount was the same. Huh? 1200 & 2300 sq feet of space use the same amopunts of electricity..? In what parallel universe..? But, realisticly, the bigger house was much newer, and I let her convince it was due to it being much more energy efficient… I questioned this statement repeatedly, but she assured me it was so. Now I have a $450 deficit I have to pay up by Dec 11…
So, shall we just say I’m not exactly the happiest – or nicest for that matter – person on the planet at this point in time..? So, it’ll be a while before this is regular again…(ahem, that sounded suspiciously like a fiber commercial…). Well, as regular as it gets *grin*
Gotta go work – ewwwwwwww
See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! ! !

The Latest Word…

November 14, 2008

Here I am. So far, still kicking, haven’t killed anyone yet, although the urge has made itself felt a time or two in the last few days…I’m hesitant to write this, for fear of jinxing it, but I’m pretty sure we  found a house. Right down the street. There are good and bad points…


  • I don’t have to change my boy’s school.
  • We only have to move ALL OUR SHIT (and it’s a bunch, I swear! I have no idea how it happened that we can fill a 50 foot car hauler TWICE and still not get it all…For most of my life, everything fit in my car, with room for a passenger…) about two blocks.
  • The last tenants were there 4 years with no rent increase (don’t get me wrong, I it’s not the increase by itself I have issues with, rather the increase combined with lack of, well, everything a landlord should do.)
  • Our newest family member is welcome
  • There aren’t any holes in any walls or doors
  • There (why can’t I start a sentence properly, with a capital letter, with the second letter being capitalized, too..? Grrrrrrrr my typing is pathetic!) is already a garage door opener. Yes, I know that sounds petty & lazy but look at it from my side…at $925 a month for rent, don’t you think I should be able to open the garage without getting rained or snowed on? And they aren’t cheap. And why should I invest the time, money & effort to install one when the property owner isn’t willing to invest any of the above..?
  • The driveway is almost level – again, seemingly petty, but yanno, repairs on brakes & transmissions are costly…
  • It has a gas/wood combination fireplace
  • The rent is only $875, and he is amenable to weekly deposits from Hunny’s employer, so we never have to jack with making sure rent is paid (what happens is this***Listen up Landlords, this is actually a plan that is VERY BENEFICIAL for YOU****we fill out the direct deposit form from his work to have $201.14 deposited into the property owner’s designated account, and the balance deposited into ours. The amount is determined by taking the monthly rent ($875) and multiplying it by 12 (months in a year, obviously) and then dividing it by 52 (pay periods in a year). Having it done this way means we never see it, so don’t really miss it, I know rent is always paid, I don’t have to worry about getting it to him, the property owner knows his money is always going to be there, he’ll never hear "The check is in the mail." And I assure you, even thought the base amount stays the same, $201 a week is easier to work around than $875 a month – If it’s in my account, waiting to be paid out, it’s too much of a temptation to say "I’ll just use a little here & put it back" resulting in having to give up basically a whole paycheck one week, and being flat-assed broke for the rest of that week.
  • I don’t have to change my boy’s school.


  • We’re losing about 600 sq. feet
  • Uhhhhhhhh…that’s really the only bad….unless you consider living within walking distance of the house you moved out of on bad terms bad. (I would truly not be surprised to see them (the new owners) move into the house…that could be awkward, or even possibly cause jail time to become a factor, NO, NO, NO
  •   *breathe…breathe* "I will not physically assault anyone else, no matter how badly they deserve it…I will not physically assault anyone else no matter how badly they deserve it…I will not kick the living shit outta that lying bitch…oh, ahem…I will not physically assault anyone else no matter how badly they deserve it *breathe…breathe*)
  • Theoretically, neither Christmas nor birthdays (Shayne will be 6 December 13, my older boy Tony will be 23 on December 27) will be ruined again

Ok, that’s pretty much it for today. Hunny is meeting him this afternoon to sign papers & give him money. Until then, please keep all fingers & toes crossed that nothing unforeseen interferes… meanwhile, here are the pics from the flyer. Sorry about the poor quality, but they were printed onto regular paper by the property owner, then scanned onto my computer from there…







Ok, gotta get ready for work.

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! ! ! !

Yes, I’m Still Here!

October 30, 2008

Hey All,

Just a note to let you know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth…I am thoroughly disgusted with Blogger right now, because I changed the template here on accident, and it won’t let me change it back. Apparently I can only change to one offered BY Blogger without getting some kind of funky ":bx" error. I don’t want one offered by blogger, I want my Christmas template back! *pout*

So part of the reason I haven’t been posting here is that I told myself I wouldn’t until I could get it back the way I wanted it (so much for that, "cuz here I am). But in my defense, I didn’t know it would be OVER A MONTH and still not fixed…

Another reason is because of my schedule. All three of you who come here regularly are somewhat familiar with my screwy schedule which was bad enough to begin with. Now it’s even worse…The woman who was putting the boy on the bus for us, with her boy, in the mornings, got a job. Bad. Her husband does car repossessions so is home in the morning, and offered to continue putting the boys on the bus of a morning. Good. He had a court date that Hunny knew about (but didn’t bother to tell me about) one morning at like 10 am, so when we walked down to their house, no one was home. Bad. I was supposed to be at work at 11, the bus comes at 12:15. Worse. No one we usually call to watch him (and there aren’t many – and most of then are "kids") was available, so I called work & said I’d be late. Definitely Not Good. Apparently, whatever Bob (not his real name) went to court for wasn’t good, cuz they kept him. Very, very, very Not Good. So I went to one of my bosses and had my schedule swapped around so I now work (week one) from 1-9 M, T, Th, & F (which is only 7.5 hours per day because apparently I HAVE to take a lunch) and 9-1 on that Saturday. Then I work (week two) 1-9 M, 3-9 T, 1-9 W, 1-9 TH, 1-9 F, and 9-7 on Sat. Can you see where that might mess with a person..? And it’s not like I’m that hard to confuse anymore to begin with…

So, in an effort to somewhat catch folks up, here goes –

School is going great. My boy loves it, and is apparently thrilled with his new found ability to read! He also has a (possibly unhealthy?) love of numbers. Everythings about the numbers. He’s always been one to ask questions, and never the easily answered one, either. School is giving him even more fodder for the old question mill…He did get an award for "Excellence in Listening" about a week ago. He got called up in front of the whole school & presented with a T-shirt. Granted, it looks like half the school got them but still…

Award Shot


I didn’t get to go, because of course it was at 2:00 in the afternoon and I had to WORK. But, Hunny was still on vacation and he DID get to go, which is awesome, as he will more than likely have to miss many events like this as our boy grows up…

Then there’s Karate…not so good. I like the idea of my boy having outside interests so to speak, and Karate, or martial arts, is a good one to have. But when he’s done in Dec, he’s done at this one. I have come to the determination that he isn’t going to Karate so much as he’s going to a money pit…Here, I’ll let you decide:

Base fee for the class from April to December: $995.00
Karate Gi & assorted necessaries: $150.00 more
Each time he gets a patch, another $3 to $4 a piece – and he gets a couple every other week or so
Each time he advances to a new level, and requires a new belt: $30.00 – he’s on his fourth
Any time they have "extra-curricular" activities: anywhere from $40 (to spend the night for a Halloween party at their new building) to $250 (for a DAY CAMP – ONE DAY -  teaching swordsmanship)

Is it just me?

Next up, we have added a new family member. NO I DIDN’T HAVE ANOTHER KID! Curses on you for even thinking it! I’m a GRANDMA for Goddess’ sake!

About two weeks ago I was minding my own business at work, when everyone started acting all "gooey" – everyone up to and including the BIG boss. And her twin sister, who is the head of another department in our company. Of course I had to know what was going on…apparently of our techs got back to the shop and found a kitten in his MOTOR COMPARTMENT. Yeah, you read that right. The little thing had climbed up in the engine compartment, probably in an attempt to get warm, and found itself transported from Goddess knows where to our back lot. It seemed the tech was going to take it and "drop it off" somewhere, and the Big Dogs weren’t having it. But they also couldn’t HAVE it – the kitten that is. So guess who piped up and volunteered..? Yep you guessed it – me. Now I’ve talked about my boy and his ability to know things he shouldn’t, and to arrange fate to suit his purposes before. For two weeks prior to this, he had been on a "Mom can we get a cat?" kick. Go figger, he got his cat…

So without further ado, may I present Jingles….



Surprisingly, for having been a stray, he is very affectionate & loving. He is a bit skittish – if you walk towards him he runs – but he’ll curl up in your lap and purr the day away. When the boy falls asleep on the couch, he gets up behind his head and goes to sleep until I motivate upstairs. It’s funny, it was too small to even tell the sex when I brought it home, but has shot up since. I believe we have a boy, although at some point in the (hopefully) not too distant future, "he" will become "it." He looks surprisingly like one of out last cats, originally named Bridget, which somehow morphed into "Pudding Pop" – don’t ask, because I have no answer…

Pudd & Mongo

Pudd & Chai

Pretty eerie, huh..? They actually could be related…We found Pudd at Hunny’s Mom & Dad’s house, stuck in their apple tree, about 6 or 7 years ago. They said she had been running around the neighborhood, and they were afraid she was going to get run over – but they weren’t willing to take her in…so we did. She was also teeny tiny when we got her. We waited and waited for her to reach the weight requirement to get her spayed, and after a year and a half, at 8 lbs she just barely made it. As you can see, she apparent;y wasn’t done growing at 18 months, because she ended up at about 30 lbs, and about 3 foot long from tip of nose to end of tail…

Ok, I’m outta time, gotta go get ready to put my nose back to the grindstone….I’m not gonna say I’ll try to do better here, because every time I say (type?) that, I end up not posting for forever…but, well, yanno!

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

First Day of School & Wanderings – As Usual :)

August 13, 2008

Today is the first day of school for my boy. We leave for school in about an hour & a half – and he’s driving me absolutely BUGGY! I was woke up by the question

"Do you know what day it is?" posed to me before I even got my eyes open. . . never a good thing. I do mornings very poorly to begin with. And the child hasn’t been more than 2 or 3 feet from me, except when I am at work, for the last month. It’s starting to wear on me. That last statement isn’t an exaggeration, either. I feel like I’ve grown an extra limb. When he’s not up my butt, I hear "Mom?" literally every two minutes. If I get up to go downstairs, he follows on my heels, walking 6 inches behind me while I attempt to do whatever needs doing. He won’t go upstairs alone. He won’t go DOWNSTAIRS alone. He barely will go in his room alone, and I’m about over it.

Not very Mommy-like, huh? Yet another item to add to my things-I-feel-guilty-about list *sigh*

This morning, about every 10 minutes I hear "Mommy? When are you going to get dressed" or "Mommy? How many more minutes until we go?" or "Mommy how many minutes has it been?" This started at about 8:00. It’s now about 11ish, and we don’t leave for another hour – hour and fifteen minutes. AAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH.
I’m very happy that he’s excited about school starting, and hope he retains that desire to go to school for the rest of his school career, and I keep telling myself that this pestering to go is a good thing, but DAMMMM, I’ve heard all I want to! I am nearly as excited as he is, and I’m sure a lot more nervous. I mean c’mon – this is the arena where my (our) parenting skills will be judged, Daily. He’s a good boy, but very energetic. I foresee ADD accusations in his future – with which I will  heartily disagree. I do believe ADD is a real "disease" and that there are children who have to try to function through it. But I also believe there are MANY MORE parents – and schools for that matter – who are unable or unwilling to deal with an energetic child and go looking for this diagnosis so they can medicate said child and therefore have a more pliable and calm child who will no longer challenge them.

The premise – nay the NAME – of ADD is Attention Deficit Disorder. This implies problems PAYING ATTENTION to something – anything. It doesn’t mean a child who is high-energy, intelligent, full of challenging questions,and is basically – though not always – undisciplined. Yet (in my opinion) the majority of kids diagnosed as ADD are exactly that. And the adults in their world can’t or won’t cope with it. I truly fear for the world of these children’s generation. What happens when they become adults? Does ADD go away when you reach a certain age? Or will they be medicated for life? And truly, aren’t the adults who allow this to happen just giving these one-day adults an excuse not to be productive, responsible people? "Oh, I can’t hold a job – I have ADD", " I can’t be bothered to pay bills – I have ADD", "I’m not responsible for my actions – I have ADD" Kinda scary, if you ask me. We already have a generation of "It’s not my fault . . ." adults who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions because they have a million reasons why nothing is their fault which have been spoon-fed to them since childhood.

Wow – I really do have a propensity for wandering from my original subject – that wasn’t what this post started out to be at all . . . and just think – this is how my mind works all the time . . .

Ok, so, back to school and my boy. Who is currently sitting on the floor, leaning against the desk, about a foot from me. And every few minutes trying to crawl up in my lap . . . Don’t go thinking I haven’t paid any attention to him either. I have. A lot. I always do. I answer his questions when possible – even the pointless ones. Well, mostly. Except for the "What happens if . . " questions, which I DID answer for months, but have told him I will no longer answer if they aren’t "real" questions. What are "not real" questions you ask? Let me give you an example.

Stacey lives about 10 miles north of us. We were going to get my car last weekend, which was even further south than our home, and passed a fire truck & ambulance with lights on going south. Here’s the conversation:

My Boy: "Did you see the fire truck and ambulance?"
Me: "Yes . . . " (how could I not? I was driving.)
My Boy: "Where are they going?"
Me: "Well, someone is probably sick and they’re going to help them and maybe take them to a hospital."
My Boy: "Or maybe they’re hurt."
Me: "Yes that’s possible, too>"
My Boy: "Maybe there was an accident."
Me: "Yeah, there might have been an accident, but we just came from that way and didn’t see one."

OK, now here’s where it gets jinky . . .

My Boy: "What happens if they’re going to Stacey’s house?" Now remember they were going SOUTH, Stacey lives NORTH – way NORTH from where we were . .

Me: " I don’t think they’re going to Stacey’s, she lives the other way from where they were going."
My Boy: "But what if they were?".
Me: "Honey, they aren’t going to Stacey’s. Stacey lives that way *pointing north* and they were going that way *pointing behind us – south"
My Boy: "But what happens if they were? What happens if someone is sick at Stacey’s? Or hurt?"
Me: ***starting to get slightly exasperated – mind you this is a very intelligent kid. As a rule, he grasps concepts and knowledge the first time around. He remembers things he was told, or heard, literally YEARS ago, and he’s only five.*** "Shayne, honey they aren’t going to Stacey’s. No one is sick at Stacey’s, and no one is hurt. If they were going to Stacey’s, we wouldn’t have seen them, because they would have been going the other way. Now please drop it."
My Boy: "But what happens if . . ."
Me: "That’s just about enough ‘What happens if . . .’ questions. If you have an actual question, about an actual situation, I’ll answer them all day long. But no more hypothetical questions. I’m done."
My Boy: "What’s hypothetical mean?"
Me: *sigh* and we were off again . .

Ok, well I guess I oughta go clean out my car, since I’m picking Hunny up so he can go with us. Hopefully I’ll be back later with first day pictures 🙂

See ya laterzzzzzzzzzz ! ! ! !

Quick Update My Car

July 31, 2008

After spending the day at one dealership or another, the determination (so far) is that the cooling fan module went bad in my car, which is what caused it to overheat.

My car overheated, which blew the head gaskets.

The head gaskets blew, which warped my (aluminum) heads….

So, I am in a rental car for Goddess knows how long this time. Essentially they have to tear my motor apart. At this rate, by the time the warranty is up (THANK GODDESS FOR WARRANTIES!) I’m going to basically have a new car, motor-wise.

It just flabbergasts me that this car gives NO WARNING! When the tranny went out last summer, it happened like this:

Tuesday on the way to work, about 10:30ish, my check engine light came on. I called the dealership & made an appointment to bring it in and get it checked WHILE STILL ON MY WAY TO WORK. It went the rest of the way to work, and back home, a total of about 25-30 miles.

Wednesday on my way to work, as I was going from one interstate to another, at roughly 50 (ok, 60) mph, my jumped out of gear and stayed that way. I had to have it trailered to the dealership. They had it for 6 weeks.

This time really wasn’t much different –

Monday on my lunch break I ran over to KMart – about 3 miles – and then back to work. When I pulled in the parking lot, the dummy light for the temp was on and my guage was in the red. The only place it went from there was home & then to the dealrship (again) All the damage was done in a matter of about 20 miles – from first warning to being "broke"

See..? No warning! Most vehicles, the dummy lights come on, and you’ve got a bit of time to get it checked out & fixed before it becomes major. Not my car – oh no, that’d be too easy! By the time my dummy lights come on, it’s too late, the car is already essentially broken!

*Sigh* Oh well, such is life! This too, shall pass 🙂

Ok, gotta get ready for work.

See ya laterzzzzzzzzz!