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Books for Prisoners

April 28, 2009

I was going from place to place online this afternoon – I can do that right now, ‘cuz I’m on VACATION! If you can call a weeks worth of organizing, laundry & garage cleaning (pics coming soon…) “vacation.” Anywhoo, I went to Hey! It’s Free, one of my daily visits – when I remember – and clicked a link for free “Nature’s Source Cleaner.” After filling out the form, I was offered a coupon for $1 off as well. I’m all about dollars off!

You: “ How exactly does this have anything to do with books or prisoners..?”
Me: “I’m getting to that, just don’t get your panties in a wad!”

Now, where was I…oh yeah, it wanted me to download a coupon printer, which I didn’t want to do, so went back and clicked on a link that said “7 ideas for recycling your clutter. One of the suggestions (you’ll hafta go yourself if you want to see the rest of the suggestions) was to donate books – there’s a link for donating to soldiers, and one to donate to prisoners. The one to donate to soldiers wants you to fill out a PAPER form and MAIL it. Now I’m not paranoid, not much anyways, but really? Why do I have to fill out a paper & send it to the government in order to donate books..? I’m just sayin’…

So I went to the other one, where you can donate to prisoners. (No paper form required!) and at the top of the list – ok not THE top, but the top of the Fiction & Others list – I saw a request for Pagan books…in bold even. So I thought I would put it up here so my three readers (yeah YOU) can consider going through your shelves, and maybe donate…just a thought…





Books Needed

Books To Prisoners is a Seattle-based, all-volunteer, non-profit group that sends free books to prisoners in the U.S.


Book donations needed!

Books To Prisoners needs the following paperback books.

Note: Please limit box weight to 15 pounds maximum.

Most needed books

  • Dictionaries (English and Spanish/English)

  • Thesaureses

  • Small business and real estate – Running and starting a business

  • Law dictionaries and legal self help

  • Trades (plumbing, electricity, carpentry, construction, auto mechanics)

Reference and text books

  • Dictionaries (including English, Spanish, French, German, Swahili)

  • Dual language dictionaries (particularly Spanish/English)

  • Almanacs (non-current year still great!)

  • Foreign language textbooks (particularly Spanish)

  • Biology, chemistry, and physics text books

  • American Sign Language manuals

  • Legal self-help and legal dictionaries

  • GED prep and high-school level textbooks in all subject areas

  • Vocational, technical, and "how to" books, such as electrical repair, home repair, etc.

  • Small business guides or handbooks (including management)

African-American and Hispanic studies

  • African-American non-fiction (including Black Panther and related material)

  • ANY Mexican or Latino non-fiction (including  Mexican Revolution and Aztec history)

  • World history, especially ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, and military history

Fiction and Other

  • Wiccan, pagan, mythology, and occult materials

  • Westerns

  • Mystery, thriller, and horror

  • Fantasy

  • True crime

  • Classic literature

  • Philosophy

  • Blank journals/diaries (some pages ripped out is fine)


Spoutwood Fairie Festival!!!

April 17, 2009

I’m pretty sure Anne, over at The Gods Are Bored has many, many more readers than I do, but on the off chance someone from here has never been there, I am going to go ahead and put this up for her…It’s a safe bet I won’t be able to make it – there’s a lot of distance between Indiana & Pennsylvania, and nowheres near enough money even close to my bank account to finance such a trip as much as I really, really, REALLY need a vacation….aw well, such is life…no point whining – Goddess knows that won’t fill my bank account!


The 18th annual May Day Fairie Festival will be a feast for the senses! A sensory overload is more like it! Once you walk through the gate:Your ears will be moved by glorious sounds of all types: drumming…harps…flutes… guitar …beautiful singing…the giggling of children…laughter…happy conversation…gasps of wonder…birds twittering and chirping…Wondrous aromas will fill your nose: exotic incense…fresh farm air…delicious diverse foods…fragrant herbs and spices…floral scents released by fresh spring flowers…Let your eyes be treated to: amazingly creative costuming…the lush verdant nature of the trees in Spring bloom…colorful flags and banners… flowers bobbing in the sunshine…swirling dancers performing for your enjoyment…smiles…sparkly trinkets…a rainbow of colors…Treat your body: feel the lush grass beneath your feet…caress a soft alpaca…move your body to the beat of the drums…indulge in a bellylaugh…try a yoga pose in Natureplace…let a breeze soothe your soul… Once again, the Festival will celebrate the ripening of Spring with:

  • ·Maypole Dancing
  • ·Lively Music
  • ·Parades and Processions
  • ·Coronation of the Royal Court
  • ·Artisan Marketplace
  • ·Hands-On Crafts
  • ·Fairie and Gnome Village Tours
  • ·Bubbles and Fairie Dust
  • ·Spirited Dancing
  • ·Storytelling
  • ·Fairie and Nature Spirit Workshops
  • ·Fairie Tea Parties
  • ·Diverse Food Vendors
  • ·Drum Circles
  • ·And Much More!

When: May 1st, 2nd and 3rd 2009

Where: Spoutwood Farm Center 4255 Pierceville Rd Glen Rock PA 17327 717-235-6610 http://www.spoutwood. org

Admission: May 1st: Children 12 and under are FREE Adults: $15 May 2nd and 3rd: Adults: $15 Children 12 and under: $5 Children 2 and under FREE Three Day Adult Pass available at gate for $30.

Volunteers who sign up for and complete a two hours shift will get their admission refunded. Parking: $5 per car in lots on Pierceville Rd Handicapped parking available at entrance (first come, first served).

About Spoutwood Farm: Nestled in the rolling landscape of York County is Spoutwood Farm – a family owned farm and part of the Community Supported Agriculture program, supports more than 100 families with organically grown food throughout the year. Spoutwood Farm supports sustainable living practices and offers workshops and classes in streamside ecology, mead making, medicinal herbalism and more.

Spoutwood is a 501©(3) non-profit organization. 

Anne also says: This is a “viral” campaign to promote the May Day Fairie Festival at Spoutwood Farm! Please pass this information along to everyone in your email list, post to your blog, send to any organization newsletter you belong to, anywhere it would be appropriate, anywhere LOTS of people will see it! We want to “infect” everyone with the joy and whimsy of the fairies 😉 If you come to the festival, look for the Leader of the Mountain Tribe. That’s me. I want to meet you! Extra jelly rocks to anyone who says they read "The Gods Are Bored!"

How To Plant Your Garden

April 12, 2009

How To Plant Your Garden

First, you Come to the garden alone, 
While the dew is still on the roses… 



For The Garden of Your Daily Living,
Plant Three Rows of Peas:



1. Peace of mind 
2. Peace of heart
3. Peace of soul

Plant Four Rows of Squash:


1. Squash gossip
2. Squash indifference
3. Squash grumbling
4. Squash selfishness

Plant Four Rows of Lettuce:


1. Lettuce be faithful
2. Lettuce be kind
3. Lettuce be patient
4. Lettuce really love one another

No Garden is Complete Without Turnips:


1. Turnip for gatherings
2. Turnip for ritual
3. Turnip to help one another

To Round Out our Garden We Must Have Thyme:



1. Thyme for each other
2. Thyme for family
3. Thyme for friends

Water freely with patience
And cultivate with love.
There is much reward from your garden because
You reap what you sow. 
Happy Ostara

Witchcraft on ABCs "The View"

September 27, 2008

Well, I wasn’t sure whether I should post this here or not, but based on the positive feedback I have received from other areas, I think I will.

I received the following email Thursday, but didn’t actually read it until last night…

Hi all!

Not sure if anyone here saw today’s "The View" or ever watches it. However, the hot topic was about Sarah Palin and her preacher who drove the witch out of the town. Well the Co-host Elisabeth said she was against witchcraft and agreed that it was okay he was preaching against evil and Whoopi agreed that it’s okay to preach against witchcraft or any evil.

I think we should all write them a kind, not nasty letter to let them know they are very misled. You would think in 2008 that the bad stereotypes would be a thing of the past.

This is the link where you could write them.

Write to ABC

Being the curious (and occasionally outspoken & opinionated) creature that I am, it piqued my interest. I clicked the link. It took me a little while to find the referenced segment (click "Video" at the top, then click on the clip titled "Blessing") but I almost wish I hadn’t. I’ll admit I don’t watch The View  I barely watch tv at all, but I am familiar with several of the co-hosts, particularly Whoopi, and I am seriously disappointed.

I followed the "Ask A Question" link at the top of the page, as I felt a need to make my disappointment known. Here is what I sent. I would appreciate any comments or feedback any of you might have.

I recently watched the video of your show from 9/25, the segment titled "Blessing." Up to this point, I have held the members of this panel in a fair amount of respect as well-informed, intelligent and talented individuals. I am therefore deeply disappointed to hear my religion referred to as "evil." Yes, I am a practicing witch. I am also a mother, wife, grandmother, aunt and sister. I am married to another practicing witch. We are both law-abiding, tax paying, GOOD people. I work 40 hours a week, my husband usually 55-60. I have seen my husband spend the last money he would have for some time to come to buy a complete stranger a tank of gas because this man claimed to be stranded and without money. I have seen him work a 15 hour day, then go spend another 8 hours helping someone move, because he was the only one this person knew who had a truck. Until last year, once a week, he would work a 12-15 hour day, then drive to his Grandmother’s house (a good twenty miles from our home) to cut her grass for her as she could no longer do it herself. The only reason he no longer does it is that she has passed away. We constantly receive comments on how kind and polite our five year old son is – not things usually associated with "evil" people. We are striving to raise HIM to be a GOOD person, too. Teaching by example – giving to those who don’t have, even when they are too proud to ask, offering assistance and friendship with no strings attached, being as kind to a stranger as you are to the persons you love most in the world, not passing judgment on someone without knowing all the facts, and attempting to learn about the things we don’t understand, so there is one less thing to fear because of ignorance.  We go to work, pay our bills as best we can, offer what we have, and try to make the world better for having been a part of it. We don’t preach to others, we don’t judge based on skin color – including skin color voluntarily changed (meaning tattoos), clothing, hairstyle, speech pattern, occupation  (regardless of what it may be) – we have friends in many fields including everything from homicide detective to stripper to business owners. We don’t make assumptions based on a person’s sex or sexual preference, nor do we automatically shun people who are ill, regardless of the illness or the cause. And we most certainly don’t pass judgment on others because they believe differently than we do. Our circle of friends includes  Baptists, Lutherans, Catholics,  and I’m fairly certain many other faiths. Different isn’t evil, it’s different.
Because a small minority of people calling themselves something, in this case witches, do things that are not acceptable by any standard, shouldn’t be cause for you to jump to the belief that witchcraft is evil. Following that logic, one could say that all Christians are evil, based on the actions of men such as John Wayne Gacey, Dennis Rader, David Berkowitz, and Jeffrey Dahmer, all of whom were perpetrators of undeniably evil acts on a large scale. All of whom also claimed Christianity as their faith, and several of whom were considered by friends & acquaintances to be "Fine, upstanding community members and good Christian men."
I am personally offended by the remarks made by the co-hosts of this show, as well as offended on behalf of all the citizens of this country, and the world, who have decided (usually based on much research and serious self-examination) that Christianity is not a belief system they can have faith in. Remarks made to an audience of millions, which will be taken to heart by many who saw this show. Remarks which will do much to strengthen the stereotypes and misconceptions already in place and accepted by many people. Remarks with no basis in fact, and which showed a lack of compassion, consideration and knowledge. When a person is in the position these ladies are in, influencing the opinions of many, many people, perhaps it might be beneficial to think before speaking, and make sure one is well informed on the subject being commented upon. It never reflects well to be seen as uninformed, narrow-minded, thoughtless, discriminatory and derogatory.
I truly wish people would take the time to learn about a subject – this one or any one – before they start making blanket statements like "Witchcraft is evil." I am a witch, my husband is a witch, one of my children is a witch, one is not, and the other may or may not be – that is a decision he will make for himself when he has the information he needs to do so. Many of our friends are witches, or Asatru, or Pagan or Heathen or Buddhist or nothing as far as a label regarding faith is concerned. I am not evil. My husband is not evil. My children are not evil, nor are my friends. I feel a public apology would be appropriate, but not sufficient. I also feel the time should be taken to try to lessen some of the misconceptions and superstitions surrounding MY beliefs. Misconceptions & superstitions you have either intentionally or unintentionally strengthened…
I appreciate the time spent on reading this comment, and hope that maybe it will have a positive effect on someone in a position to make a difference.
Thank You

So, whatdya think, was it too much..?




June 7, 2008

Since this blog tends to be more informational and dry, I thought I would do this so any regular readers (HEY! It’s MY fantasy, and if I want to have regular readers in my fantasy, I can! pfft) could get to know a little about me. I found this on Rainy Day Wanderings while trolling through the blogsphere, thought it might be a good way to let you get to know me 🙂

The Basics
Hair Color: Red on top, black on the bottom

Eye Color: Grey
Height: 5’5″ (5’9″ in heels…)
Profession: I work for (da, da dum) The Cable Company (no, I won’t tell which cable company…)
Relationship Status: Have been happily married for almost 10 years

My Favorites
Favorite Color: I don’t really have what I would call a favorite
Favorite Car: Well, for years it was a 1967 Camaro, but I am getting older, and comfort has replaced speed in my priorities…most of the time *grin*
Favorite Movie: Bonnie & Clyde, or Chicago
Favorite Hobby: computing, or sewing
Favorite Song/Singer: Again, I don’t really have a favorite. As long as it’s not Salsa or Rap, I’m pretty much good.
Favorite Book/Author: When Christ & His Saints Slept – Sharon Kay Penman
Favorite School Subject: English
Favorite Vacation Destination: Anywhere I don’t have to cook, clean or yell at any kids
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Favorite Animal: Cat – black please, but I love ’em all
Favorite Store: Unique Thrift
Favorite Celebrity : Angelina Jolie
Favorite Childhood Friend: I have no friends I’ve had since childhood
Favorite Childhood Memory: My Dad changing out of his navy whites in a cemetery in rural Indian at 4 am while going to visit my grandparents
Favorite Person In Your Life: My Mens
This or That: This
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Big Mac or Whopper: Big Mac
Coke or Pepsi : Coke
Beer or Wine: Ewww, neither, Bailey’s please
Coffee or Tea: Coffee first and foremost, but I drink tea, too 🙂
Apple Juice or O.J.: Orange Juice
Facebook or MySpace: Since I don’t have a Facebook page, and I do have a
MySpace page, I’d hafta say MySpace…
Summer or winter: I’m a snowbaby
Windows or Mac: Windows, so far
Cats or Dogs: I like both, but with dogs, they gotta be BIG dogs – I don’t want no yappy wanna be dog anywhere near me
Boxers or Briefs: Boxerbriefs
Rain or Shine: Shine
Chips or Popcorn: Chips
Salty or Sweet: Sweet & salty, together please (Chex Mix has a Sweet & Salty Honey mix that is AWESOME!)
Plane or Boat: Boat
Morning or Night: Night
Movie or Play: Play
Walk or Drive: Drive – I admit it, I’m lazy
Money or Love: Love
Breakfast or Dinner: Dinner, ewwww – who can eat in the morning? Just thinking about it makes me slightly nauseous…
Forgiveness or Revenge: Well now, that’s a tricky one, and my answer will vary depending on the act & the persons involved. I tend not to be a fluffy bunny, forgive all type of witch, and I’m not a bit afraid of taking revenge when warranted. You’ll not find “WELCOME” across my forehead…*grin*
Paint or Wallpaper: I have used both in the past to good effect
House or Apartment: House

Do You?
Have Any Pets: Do husbands & kids count..?
Have Any Children: A girl, Jenetta – 23, a boy, Tony – 22, a boy, Shayne – 5, as well as grandchildren, Jordan – 16 months, and Anakin – 4 months
Smoke: Yep
Drink: Occasionally, if you consider Bailey’s & Coffee drinking…
Exercise: I have a 5 year old…
Play on a Sports Team: Uhhhhh – I am old and decrepit…I consider
getting up & moving every morning a sport…
Belong to Any Organizations:I don’t think so…
Love Your Job: The job..? Not really, although the principle of the job is sound. I do however, love
the company I work for
Like to Cook: Good with cooking, HATE to clean…
Play An Instrument: Sure! Air drums & air guitar…
Sing: Despite not being able to carry a tune in a bucket with a lid & two handles, I do sing alot
Dance: Not too much anymore, but I did it for a living for 14 years – what a great job! (I truly believe EVERY FEMALE should do thid for a year before doing anything else in life – if you can handle a bar full of drunk men, while nearly nekkid, you can handle anything life throws at you…)
Speak Multiple Languages: I took German in high school, does that count..?
Ice Skate: Despite growing up in Wisconsin, I have to admit I don’t (can’t…)
Swim: I love to swim – that part of being from Wisconsin, I did absorb!
Paint: Walls…
Write: Nah, my hands cramp up and fall asleep if I do too much. I do however type a lot *grin*
Ski: Never tried it
Juggle: Yeah, I can keep ’em up for a minit or two…
Have You Ever Stolen Anything: Much as I hate to admit it, I wasn’t exactly an angel as a teen – I was actually labeled “uncontrollable” and spent some time in a girl’s school
Been Drunk before Noon: If you drink all night, and the sun comes up, which is technically before noon, does that count..?
Had Sex in a Public Place: Kinda
Got Caught Telling a Lie: Refer to “Have you ever stolen anything” question – But I will say, I DO NOT lie EVER, FOR ANY REASON, now, nor have I for years
Been Arrested: Yep
Littered: I have, but I try not to – you should see my poor car….
Fantasized About A Co-Worker: Nope
Cheated On A Test: Nope, tests have been extremely easy for me – as a matter-of-fact, I take them for recreational purposes…Queendom has a whole slew of cool ones!
Cheated in A Relationship: Yes, as a teenager
Failed A Class: I always got straight As with one exception – I told a gym teacher to go f*ck herself as a Freshman in high school. Needless to say, I did fail that class….
Screened Your Phone Calls: Always
Eaten Food off the Floor: Does the five second rule count?
Stuck Gum Under A Desk: Yes
Wished You Were Someone Else: Not for a VERY long time. I wasn’t the most popular kid in school (ok, I wasn’t popular AT ALL), so did wish that from time to time as a kid, but time has shown me I am perfect as I am
Cried During A Movie: Yes
Had A One Night Stand: Pass

Describe Yourself In One Word: Different
Biggest Fear:
Biggest Mistake: Well, at the risk of being too philosophical, all of my mistakes have led me to be the person I am today,so were they really mistakes..?
Your Proudest Accomplishment: Surviving it all
#1 Priority In Your Life: Surviving it all….
Dream Job: Something that has to do with reading my choice of material for a living, that pays well enough that I can quit struggling…
Causes You Believe In: Cause I can
Special Talents: No idea – I made it a rule of life that if I’m not good at it, I don’t do it, therefore I am good at everything I do 🙂
Where Are You Right Now: Home
Where Would You Rather Be: Independantly wealthy…
Famous Person(s) You Want To Meet: I haven’t relly given it any thought
Place To Visit Before You Die: All of them…
Song Played At Your Funeral: I don’t know, I was late…

Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions/recipes on this list. It is the reader’s personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog.

From the Grimoire of a Blond Witch

May 29, 2008
How to Turn Your Wardrobe Black

Dark sunglasses
Late at night, close all the curtains and turn off all the lights. In your bedroom, open all your drawers and closet doors. Stand in the center of your bedroom with sunglasses in your hand. Close your eyes and say:

“Hocus bogus Color out of focus!”

Carefully put on your sunglasses and open your eyes. Your wardrobe should now appear black.
*PLEASE NOTE: This spell will only last as long as it is dark.

Giggle Fits

She may already be unintelligent but the giggle fits will rid her of the finer gents And bring to notice your wit and charm. When she is in plain view, spew:

“Giggle wiggle,

Start as a gentle tickle,

Down her ribs to her belly hollow.

Tickle harder and make her holler!”

Proper Hair Removal

If the razor burns and the waxing hurts and still the mustache prevails, then chant this spell that rids all of your woeful hairy ails.

“By dungeon dust
And oxen musk,
I so here decry!
My hairy lip
And legs to slip,
Smooth of pip,
And soft to thine eye.”

Banishing Circles

Casting circles takes little effort for the well bred blond. Unfortunately, we are rarely told how to banish circles once they have set in. Covering circles with a foundation is highly discouraged because of the element of water which would make the circles reappear. To properly banish circles under the eyes, thinly slice an unused cucumber. Place a slice over both (two) eyes while lying down.


Disclaimer: No one involved in this blog or its contents may be held responsible for any adverse reactions arising from following any of the instructions/recipes on this list. It is the reader’s personal responsibility to exercise all precautions and use his or her own discretion if following any instructions or advice from this blog.